10 December, 2021

Mango OG Strain

Are you a fan of tropical and fruity strains? If so, the Mango OG strain is right up your alley. Let’s say you’re experimenting with new mouth watering cannabis strains. Here, it’s highly possible you’ll like the Mango OG strain

About Mango OG Strain

While its origins are somewhat unclear, there is a general agreement that the Mango OG strain is an indica-dominant product that stems from crossing Mango Cannabis and the Hindu Kush strains. Their names indicate what to expect from their lovechild in terms of flavor and aroma.

  • Parent strain #1. The mango weed strain is a full indica variety resulting from crossing KC 33 and mango. It’s one of those strains that takes a while for the effects to kick in, but you get a pleasant high once they do. It has a yellowish-green appearance and smells like mangoes. It has an average THC level of 15 to 24 percent—users like it for its sedative and pain relief benefits.
  • Parent strain #2. The Hindu kush strain is also a 100% indica variety whose origins are in the mountainous regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s well known for its long-lasting effects, ideal for lazy days or managing insomnia. Its THC levels range from 22 to a whopping 32 percent. Its heart-shaped green buds are hard to miss, and the orange pistils and crystal-like trichomes add to its charm. Its flavors consist of earthy, floral, and woody overtones. In contrast, its aroma consists of spicy, floral, and herbal notes.

Here are some quick facts about the mango OG strain

Genetic lineage Hindu Kush(I) x Mango(I)
Indica Sativa Ratio 65% /35%
THC level 11% to 20%
CBD 0.3%
Ideal growing conditions Warm climate
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Giggly
  • Mood boost
Potential adverse reactions
  • Cottonmouth
  • Headaches
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
Aroma Fruity, spicy, and earthy
Flavor Pine, earthy, spicy, fruity, and sweet
Medical benefits Stress and pain relief, improved sleep and headache relief
Flowering type Photoperiod
Flowering period indoors Eight to nine weeks
Flowering period outdoors Late October
Height Short
Growth difficulty Beginner-friendly
Disease resistance High
Indoor yield 14oz/m2
Outdoor yield 450g per plant


The mango OG strain is a short plant, usually five feet tall. Its nugs are thick and light green and have a dense coating of orange pistils.

Aroma and Taste

This cannabis strain has a unique aroma, with mango being the most dominant note. It also has hints of spice and earthy notes. Its flavors are as you would expect—consisting of mango, sweet pine, earthy and spicy overtones


With an average THC level of 13%, this indica strain offers a pleasant body and cerebral high. Mango OG is the ideal after-work or Netflix & chill companion. Its effects start light, causing you to feel happy, giggly, and relaxed. It produces a feel-good vibe that makes users long for social interaction.

This mood boost also comes with a release of body tension that mimics a therapeutic massage. Additional tokes will produce a couch lock effect. Be sure you have your favorite snacks close by because this weed strain leaves users with serious cravings.

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Potential Side Effects

Fortunately, the mango OG strain has fewer side effects than other strains and, they often occur when you overindulge. Typical unpleasant effects include itchy eyes, headaches, cottonmouth, and paranoia on rare occasions.

Medical Benefits

Typically, you expect this strain’s psychoactive properties to attract recreation users. However, you would be surprised to discover that its users boast of its medical benefits as well. For instance, many claim that it is an antidote for stress. This strain accomplishes this role through its giggly and mood-boosting effects.

Moreover, due to its uplifting impact, users say it helps manage mild anxiety and depressive symptoms. What’s more, its sedative effects not only leave you relaxed but may also provide pain relief from conditions such as headaches and joint pains. Finally, it can help manage insomnia, so it’s worth lighting it up on those days where you struggle to catch some Zs.


One thing you’ll love about mango OG is its relatively easy growing process. Note that its cycle is slightly different from other strains. Notably, it displays extensive growth during its vegetative phase. Plus, even though it contains dense buds, its thick stalk makes it sturdy, eliminating the need for support.

You must apply the trimming technique for a successful growth process. Trimming is essential because it eliminates elements such as fan leaves and stems that can be harsh during sessions.

Two options are available: wet trimming or dry trimming.

Wet trimming

This process is doable in one sitting. You’ll cut the buds off then leave them on a drying rack for several days. Those who opt for wet trimming like it because:

  • It’s a more straightforward process
  • If you live in a humid climate, wet trimming is a fantastic mold preventive measure as it promotes fast drying
  • It’s space-efficient because you’ll eliminate most of the plant when trimming. This factor is crucial when growing your mango OG strain indoors.
  • It’s neater and will produce a more aesthetically pleasing result
  • Proponents of this believe that wet trimming does not break down trichomes and will therefore preserve the terpene profile

Dry trimming

This process is more time-consuming, so you may want to save it for the weekend. First, you’ll need to cut the plant and place it on a drying rack for several days. Afterward, you’ll then begin the trimming process, where you’ll remove the buds, sugar, and other parts. Those who opt for this technique prefer it because:

  • Dry trimming makes the most of a longer drying process, especially if you live in arid climates. As a result, this will prevent the terpene loss
  • The two-stage drying process means you don’t have to deal with the sticky mess because the trichomes will have dried then.

Unfortunately, dry trimming may leave the trichomes brittle, potentially leading to terpene loss. Furthermore, the process of hanging them requires more space than wet trimming. And can be tricky if your growing area is small.

Remember, if you are growing your mango OG strain indoors, it will help keep the temperature between 20 and 27 degrees Celcius and utilize the Sea of Green(SOG) technique. This strain is ideal for SOG because it’s short and compact.

Moreover, your plants must have a uniform height. For this reason, it would be best to use initial plants from the tissue culture technique. The SOG helps propel bud development, shorten the vegetative phase, and produce massive yields. We recommend up to 2 plants per square foot.


Indoors, the mango OG strain will produce approximately 14 ounces/m2. Expect a bountiful harvest of about 400g/m2 after eight or nine weeks. Outdoors, the strain flourishes in warm climates. Expect yields of up to 450grams per plant typically on the last week of October.

In a nutshell, the mango OG strain is a fantastic and delicious cannabis strain, ideal for recreational and medical purposes. While it has a modest THC level, it does not give users calming and mood-elevating buzz. That’s not all. It may provide pain relief, reduce stress and come through on those sleepless nights. With its beginner-friendly growing process, this means you too can set up a grow room in your backyard.