Purple Goat Strain

Beautifully crafted in 2010, the purple goat strain is a flavorful hybrid cannabis strain that makes for an excellent companion on gloomy days. Here’s everything you need to know about this weed strain, from its effects and benefits to its growing period.

About Purple Goat Strain Purple goat strain is a lovechild of two-parent strains, namely Trainwreck(S) and Blueberry Skunk(I). Cannabeizein, a not-for-profit organization comprising Oregon cannabis cultivators, can be traced to its origin. This weed strain has a predominantly Sativa growth arrangement and thick indica-leaning buds with dark purple hues and translucent trichomes that intensify its beauty.

Parent Strains

Trainwreck(S) x Blueberry Skunk(I)


Multiple phenotypes

Growing difficulty



Relaxation Happiness Mood lifter Creativity booster Pain relief Confidence booster Aroma

Fruity, herbal and spicy


Purple hues, translucent trichomes, thick stalk


Sweet, herbal and fruity

Flowering period (indoors)

7-9 weeks

Flowering period (outdoors)



Approximately 6 ½ feet


14% – 19%

Yield (indoors)

12-16 ounces

Yield (outdoors)

Atleast 16 ounces

Best growing conditions

Mediterranean climate

Aroma and Fragrance Purple goat strain fragrance consists of oranges and berries overtones. When crushed, it gives off a grass-like aroma and finally a spicy scent when smoked. After the first draw, you’ll notice a herbal overtone with spice hints that slowly manifest into fruity flavors. Upon exhale, you’ll experience an aftertaste of oranges and sweet berries.

Effects Purple goat strain effects are all thanks to its parent strains.

Trainwreck strain. A Sativa dominant hybrid with an average 18 to 25 per cent THC level gives its users a mellow physical high and cerebral buzz that boosts creativity. Blueberry Skunk strain. An indica dominant hybrid with a 22% THC level offers its users a distinct long-lasting high that produces euphoric, relaxing and pain-free effects. Purple goat strain has an average THC level ranging between 14% and 19%, making it ideal for novice and OG tokers. A few puffs are all you need to begin experiencing its pleasant high. The cerebral buzz leaves users in a happy and uplifted mood. You might also become chatty due to its confidence boost, so you may want to try smoking it in social settings. This strain later drives a creativity surge coupled with mental clarity. These effects also make it an ideal wake and bake choice for some users.

Potential Side Effects While mild, you may experience some adverse reactions from this strain. Some users have reported cottonmouth and dry eyes. These effects may last for several hours. It would be wise to drink loads of water to help manage these effects if this happens. On rare occasions, you might green out, i.e., experience a keen awareness that sometimes results in anxiety and paranoia., it’s best to take it in moderate amounts and slowly build a tolerance to avoid this reaction.

Medical Benefits While purple goat strain is for recreational use, it also offers its users specific therapeutic effects. Its mood-boosting and euphoric effect may help reduce stress and relieve mild PTSD and depression.

In high doses, it may act as a painkiller. As a result, it may help reduce chronic pain and body aches by relaxing the muscles. You may also experience sedative effects, thereby improving your quality and quantity of sleep.

Growing Like its effects, the purple goat strain is forgiving of novice cultivators. It’s got sturdy branches, and the cultivation process is relatively straightforward. If you wish to grow it outdoors, it’s worth noting that it flourishes in the Mediterranean climate.

However, the purple goat strain may still grow in cold climates thanks to its sturdy nature. Even so, you will need to install an enclosure during harsh winters to prevent frost from destroying your plants.

If you choose to grow this weed strain indoors, we recommend using the Screen of Green method. Therefore, you will install a screen above your plant then weave branches in phases to allow budding, translating to better yields.

It’s best to start implementing this technique when the strain is at the vegetative stage as it is pliable. Moreover, consider topping it as it can grow quite tall, which is not ideal for indoor growing.

This strain is also not picky when it comes to growing media. You can either opt for soil or a more concentrated terpene profile. Alternatively, you can decide to use hydroponics which quickens bud production.

Flowering Indoors- Purple goat strain takes seven and nine weeks to produce flowers. Expect a yield of 12-16 ounces per square meter.

Outdoors- This strain will take a shorter flowering period. Expect to harvest 6 ½ feet tall plants either on the last week of September or latest mid-October.

The purple goat strain is for you if you wish to grow your delectable strain collection. It offers a pleasant, not overwhelming smoking experience. Instead, it will have you ready to seize the day.