About Hikei

Cannabis Dispensaries located in San Diego, CA

Our Story

Hikei Modern Cannabis has had its roots firmly planted in Marijuana retail and cultivation ecosystem since the late 90’s. Hikei grew right along with the cannabis industry and in 2016 the founder of Hikei received San Diego’s first Business tax certificate, becoming the first legal marijuana facility in the city of San Diego. In 2019 HIkei Modern Cannabis opened doors, with the goal of providing a truly unique cannabis experience by growing the cannabis you’re buying at the dispensary itself. Every dispensary will have cannabis, but Hikei Modern Cannabis is the only store in town where you get to see the process from plant to jar, ensuring the freshest product, at the most affordable price.

Who are we?

Hikei is a diverse organization, with people from many different backgrounds and walks of live. This diversity, combined with over a 20 years of cannabis expertise, has allowed Hikei to create a best-in-class customer service experience. Our goal is to provide the community we serve with the products they need at the prices the deserve.

Our process

Whether you are new to cannabis or a lifetime consumer, our team at Hikei Modern Cannabis is here to serve you. With over 10 checkout locations, and an online pickup option, we’re able to get a customer in and out rapidly should they be in a hurry. If you are looking for a more hands-on shopping experience, Hikei budtenders are trained to take the time to guide you to the products you are looking for, at a price that fits your budget.