If you have ever walked into our Flagship store on Home Ave the first thing you will notice is our impressive 10 foot wide window displaying our live cannabis cultivation. This window is a view into the Hikei Cultivation center.
You see, Hikei is not just a dispensary that sells weed. The truth is we have been cultivating cannabis for over 20 years. The team at Hikei has been dedicated to the craft way before it was legal. And not to toot our own horn, but we grow some fire!
Our founder “da fireman” is passionate about high testing, high quality cannabis delivered fast and fresh to the consumer. His dream has always been to give our amazing customers the best product farm to consumer. This is why we chose to create Hikei with a vertically integrated business model.
About our Products: The Hikei Product lineup
We will be introducing limited quantity strains from our vault of incredible genetics. You will be able to purchase HIkei flower in the following sizes

“EIGHTR” The classic 3.5g Eighth. This is a great size for anyone looking to test out a new strain or get a small quantity for personal use or to enjoy with friends. This size comes in freshness sealed glass jar. Priced around $39 it is a amazing value for the money.

“ZIP” The 1.0 oz size comes in a fresh sealed mylar bag. This size is great for those smoke more often or want to share with friends! Priced around $225

“BALLER BAG” This 4.0 oz beast comes in a large custom mylar bag. Reserved for the Baller smoker. It is only available with Medical recommendation. This size is great for those looking to roll up to the party and make it rain. A great option as well for customers looking to stock up and get more bulk pricing. Priced around $600

Our flower is in a league of its own. Its High quality at an affordable price point. Our trim crew works around the clock at our Home Ave Cultivation Center to hand trim and prepare all the best nugs for your enjoyment. Hand trimming ensures the nugs retain all THC and won’t compress or destroy the flower like most machine trimming methods.
We will be releasing a variety of strains from our wide range of hitters from past harvests. Check our website for latest fresh drops
For more info come in store and take a look at our selection!!! Our budtenders are here to answer all your questions