Since its inception in 2017, STIIIZY has made it its mission to deliver top-tier products to meet current consumers’ cannabis needs. And if you’re familiar with their cannabis concentrates, you fully understand why they have been all the rage. One product that most users may vastly underrate is their battery technology. Below, we’ll let you in on the STIIIZY battery key features, usage tips, and reasons why you need to add it to your vape stockpile.

What’s Included in the STIIIZY Battery Kit?

STIIIZY offers two battery models and comes with a few accessories.



Several colors, including rose gold, purple, and camo
USB charging cable and port
Voltage: 3.4+-0.1V
550mAhRechargeable Battery


Exclusive neon-orange **


**battery dedicated to the Veterans for Veterans support group.


Batteries in over 15 colors, including several neons like pink, yellow, and orange
USB charging port and cable
210mAh Rechargeable Battery
Voltage: 3.2+-0.1V



USB charging port and cable
750mAh Battery Capacity
A Micro USB Power Adapter
Fast charging
Eleven color options
Has a spare space for holding one pod that is not in use (Only utilizable when not charging)
Is the STIIIZY Battery Technology Any Good?

Here’s why STIIIZY batteries are a good buy.

1. Impressive battery life

The STIIIZY batteries boast a 210mAh and 550mAh Rechargeable Battery- providing a better battery life than others in the market. Moreover, the battery offers a complete burn-free and leak-free experience which does not compromise on the flavors. If you are a veteran cannabis user, you’ll appreciate the potent hit and higher temperature offered by the BIIIG 550mAh rechargeable battery.

2. High Quality

STIIIZY batteries’ physical shell contains aluminum alloy, a material more durable than lithium-based batteries. This durability feature means you can expect a longer life cycle. The batteries also come in multiple colors that match the aesthetics of the user. Furthermore, the STIIIZY battery kit also features exceptional-quality ceramic coils and a USB charger and pod. What’s more, it comes with a magnetic base that allows easy pod installation when charging.

Let’s not forget its instant draw detection. Here’s how it works. Start by inserting a pod into the magnetic base before taking a draw to trigger the charging system. You’ll notice a pen with an LED light at the bottom of your STIIIZY battery.

The white light means detection of an inserted pod
Expect the white light to blink twice to indicate proper installation at the magnetic base
Red light indicates two things, wrong insertion, and low battery
You’ll know to switch off the charger when the battery light shifts from red to white
3. Lightweight and discreet

The STIIIZY batteries are lightweight, making them easy to carry and use when you’re traveling. Even better, it’s sleek and does not have a residual cannabis smell, making it discreet for social settings.

4. Exclusive

The STIIIZY brand is not referred to as a lifestyle brand for nothing. There’s a reason why its products are sought after both in California and other states. The premium battery technology promises a memorable cannabis session. Plus, the company has got a verifier method to ensure you are using an original STIIIZY product. To verify, you need to:

Scan the QR code on the product
Submit the serial number on the specific product
Wait for the form field to appear with authentification results
Voilà! Your STIIIZY battery kit is ready for use
Can You Use the STIIIZY Products With Other Pods?

The original STIIIZY BIIIG (550mAh) and the 210mAh only work with .5g and 1g pods from the same brand. And with their wide selection of pods consisting of over twenty terpenes, you wouldn’t need to worry about missing out on your favorite flower strains.

Should You Leave the STIIIZY Pods in the Charging Port When Not in Use?

First of all, we recommend against using the battery when it’s charging. Secondly, leaving pods inside the batteries when not in use is not favorable. If you do this regularly, you’ll realize that it becomes difficult to pull the pod from the magnetic base after a while. Also, when stored poorly, the pods may end up leaking on the battery.

What’s the Best Way To Store Your STIIIZY Battery?

Ensure you always switch your STIIIZY pods before they are entirely out to prevent overheating. Moreover, based on usage, clean the battery by wiping off any spills and spots. And like other batteries, store your STIIIZY batteries away from direct sunlight and on a dry surface.

How Long Does a STIIIZY Battery Last?

Most users say that their STIIIZY batteries, when properly used, last them up to three years. Remember, to extend its lifespan, avoid overcharging the battery. Usually, it takes about 45 minutes to build up a full charge.

Visit our shop today if you wish to buy the original STIIIZY battery kit and other related products. Feel free to call us at 619-517-8605 for troubleshooting or product recommendations.