How To Roll A Blunt

If you’ve watched that recent video of Seth Rogen where he rolls one in under a minute, it’s probably got you thinking, “this person has mad skills.” Listen, no one’s judging you if you can’t seem to roll a perfect blunt. The good news is that mastering this art is possible- which is why the HIKEI team prepared the ultimate “how to roll a blunt” guide that will have you rolling like a pro.

What Is a Blunt?

A blunt is a cannabis cigarette that uses tobacco leaf wrapping, often from cleaned-out cigars and cigarillos like Phillies and Swisher Sweets. The exterior is always brown, and the size varies depending on the wrapping and contents. Moreover, blunts are longer and fuller than joints. Again, the taste of your blunt will differ based on the tobacco leaf used. Usually, you may need to experiment with a few brands to determine which one’s your favorite.

Why Blunts Are So Popular

Here are several reasons why some tokers prefer blunts over other cannabis consumption methods.

Slow burn. Unlike joints, blunts tend to burn longer, making them ideal for group sessions.
Versatile. There are several flavor options available, including vanilla and the traditional wrapping taste. With these added tastes, blunts offer a unique smoking experience every time.
Higher buzz. Besides containing more cannabis and offering a long-lived experience, blunt wrappings have tobacco. When combined, the nicotine gives the cannabis a boost, hence a heightened buzz.
How Much Weed Does a Blunt Contain?

Usually, a blunt wrap holds about one or up to two grams of weed. However, this will vary depending on the tobacco wrapping you are using. For instance, a cigarillo may require less cannabis.

How To Roll a Blunt

Things you’ll need

Your favorite cannabis strain
Cigars or tobacco leaf wrappings
Weed grinder
Razorblade or small-sized knife
Rolling tray

Here’s a step-by-step guide to rolling a blunt for beginners.

1. Weed grinding

Like your joint, the first step is grinding your bud. While you could break the weed with your fingers, we recommend against doing so unless you don’t have a grinder with you. Besides making the job easier, cannabis grinders break down your bud evenly, providing a much smoother burn. In addition, they help preserve the trichomes- the essential ingredients for a great smoking experience.

To grind your weed:

Place about one or two grams of weed on the grinder and spread them out between the ‘teeth.’
Using the top lid, grind the weed by rotating it severally (about ten times)
Remove the top lid and tap the grinder to ensure the weed is not sticking on the walls
2. Bring out your wrapping

As mentioned earlier, there are two wrapping options available: a pre-filled cigar or new tobacco rolling papers. As for the former, OG tokers rave about the following cigar brands.

Swisher Sweets
White Owl
Dutch Masters

If you opt for unused tobacco wrapping, we recommend these three.

For a slow burn, go for the Zig-Zag Ultra thin King Size papers. These rolling papers are not only unbleached but are also organic.
If you are a sweet tooth, the Juicy Jay’s rolling papers will be perfect for you, and their blueberry wrappings are a must-try.
The RAW rolling papers are an excellent choice for an overall smooth smoking session.

Now for the pre-filled cigars, you’ll need to empty the contents. Start by looking for the vertical bump used to seal the contents. Using a razorblade, run it through the ridge to break the cigar apart and empty the contents.

3. Wet the tobacco wrapping

Moistening the tobacco wrapping makes the blunt more pliable. You could either wet it using your saliva, or alternatively, you could use a brush dipped in water to moisten the wrapping using paint motion.

4. Load the blunt up

It’s time to add your ground cannabis. Here’s where the rolling tray comes in handy. Place it on a surface and use it to collect any weed that might spill when filling your wrap. Hold the moistened wrapping using your thumb and index finger to create a trough. Using the other hand, grab your weed and place it evenly inside the wrapping. Ensure you leave enough space for sealing the blunt.

5. Roll your blunt

Now, this is probably the most exciting part, as you can already visualize the finished product. Begin rocking the contents and tapping the blunt down to ensure the weed is evenly spread. Shape your blunt into a cylinder by taking one end of the wrapping and placing it underneath the other side.

At this point, your blunt should look like a wrapped garment completely covering your weed. To seal your blunt, you will either use saliva or water like before. Take the wrapping on top, run your tongue across the leaf, and press the wrapping down. Place a lighter along the seal to dry out the saliva and encase your weed fully.

Now that you know how to roll a perfect blunt, the final step is to light it up and enjoy!

Ways To Spice Up a Blunt

Once you’ve perfected the art of rolling your blunt, consider switching things up in the following ways.

Add in some kief to your blunt to heighten the cannabis effects
Use THC oil to moisten the blunt
Add concentrates like budder or wax
Do All Blunts Get You High?

It all depends on the strain of choice. A THC level ranging between five and ten percent will get you high if you are a beginner. If you’re an experienced user, you may need strains containing 10% and above.

Is It Okay To Roll Spare Blunts?

If you feel that for some reason you won’t have enough time to roll a blunt during your next session, you could prepare a few extra ones. Ensure you place the blunts in an airtight container, similar to your buds, to maintain potency.

Mistakes To Avoid When Rolling Blunts

You will need lots of practice to become a pro at rolling a blunt. While the process is straightforward, it’s easy to make mistakes that would ruin your experience. Here are the most common slip-ups you should avoid.

Extremely tight blunt. Although you want to secure your favorite strain inside the wrap, you don’t want to overdo the sealing process. When it’s too stretched, it prevents airflow. As a result, it’ll make it more challenging to get a good draw of the weed. Besides that, you might end up tearing the wrapping.
Too loose. Again, while you don’t want to restrict airflow, you don’t need your weed spilling. Even worse, a loose blunt means getting scooby snacks(when weed gets into your mouth). No one wants that.
Less weed. Standard rolling papers allow a max of 2gms of weed. For smaller wrappings, you’ll use 1g. Anything less than this will ruin the experience and probably not give you a buzz.
Manual grinding. Using a grinder is non-negotiable if you want a consistent burn. Doing so prevents your blunt wrapping from ripping.
Skipping the baking process is another mistake to avoid. Running a lighter along your blunt ensures your blunt isn’t moist and that everything is secure.

There you have it! A complete guide to rolling the perfect blunt. All that’s left is to stock up on your favorite strains. Whether you are looking for hybrid or sativas, HIKEI has got you covered. Visit our shop for high-quality cannabis in San Diego.