Puffco Ultimate Guide

16 May, 2023

Puff Co Ultimate Guide

Puffco boasts some of the most cutting-edge electronic dabbing devices available in the market today. Our intuitive and hassle-free products aim to create an all-out enriching experience unlike any other.

We believe the hash industry has so much potential, and the Puffco Proxy pipe, our most recent innovation proves how dedicated we are to propel the hash culture to kite levels. You're probably wondering what's all the hype about this Sherlock-style pipe. Here's everything you need to know, from the features to the benefits. And why the Puffco Proxy should be your next cannabis-related purchase.

What Is the Puffco Proxy Pipe?

Not to toot our own horn, but the Puffco Proxy dry pipe is the first handheld modular vaporizer to hit the cannabis market. This concentrate device offers a customizable experience and can handle various cannabis extracts like crumble, wax, and shatter. It's hard to miss the classic pipe design resembling traditional tobacco pipes while delivering a modern aesthetic, and that's not even the best part.

Reasons Why You'll Love the Puffco Proxy Pipe

It's Modular

So what does this mean? The Puffco Proxy pipe contains two primary components, the glass, and the base. And the former is the mouthpiece, while the base is where you place your extract. This top-tier pipe is modular because you can separate the glass component from its base. This unique aspect allows you to swap out the glass and use any compatible piece that handles dry and water dabbing.

The overall design of the Puffco Proxy is well conceived. The pipe is about five inches and 70 grams when fully assembled, so holding it in your hand feels natural. The glass section has a flat bottom, allowing you to place it on a flat surface when charging or storing it.

The base is the heart of this concentrate device, and it includes 1350mAh Battery Capacity, 4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings, USB-C Connection, and a button. The Puffco Proxy also features an LED light ring visible in darker/ shaded settings. You'll also notice the removable 3-D chamber at the top for cleaning or replacement. This sealed chamber offers even heating thanks to the tracers on its wall. Moreover, the glazed ceramic makes cleaning a breeze.

Let's not forget the packaging. If you visit our site, you'll see that the Puffco Proxy comes in a kit containing a sleek zippered case with the two main components of this pipe and the chamber: the loading tool, cable, and dual tool.

Heating and Battery

The Puffco Proxy dry pipe uses a USB-C connection and emits three colors while charging to designate battery levels. You'll know it's ready for use when the light goes off approximately after 1.5 hours. The device also has a 15-Heat Cycle Average Battery Life and only requires 30 seconds to heat up, which is pretty impressive.

Simple To Use

You don't need to be an OG dab rig user to enjoy a few hits of your favorite extract. With only a single button to switch between settings and a stylish yet simple modular design, inhalation is the most straightforward.

The button lets you choose any of the four pre-programmed heat settings. Blue is the lowest heat setting and is perfect for when you're keen to experience the most flavor, and green offers an ideal mix of the two. Red offers higher vapor and good taste. White, the final heat setting, provides the most intense vapor, perfect for huge dabs. Once you place the concentrate on the chamber using the loading tool, set the carb cap to seal the 3D chamber. Double-click the button to heat the pipe. Your Puffco Proxy will be ready once it vibrates and flashes thrice.

Unmatched Extraction

Unlike the standard dab rig, the Puffco Proxy pipe does not use water. For this reason, the hits are smooth. And, since it doesn't use water, the vapor path is short, enhancing the flavor of every puff. Some of our customers point out that the hits are so flavorful that they have never had to use the highest heat setting(white). Instead, the medium heat option, green, offers the ideal hits. Moreover, the wide mouthpiece allows the vapor to cool before dabbing, providing a pleasurable experience.


The Puffco Proxy does not need you to fill the base with concentrate; any amount works fine. Also, there's typically minimal residue left after your session as long as you don't overfill the chamber. We recommend regular cleaning of the device to prevent a build-up of the vapor pathway. You only need a cotton swab, a glass jar and isopropyl alcohol. Submerge the chamber and glass in isopropyl alcohol for about thirty minutes. Rinse the glass with water, then leave both to dry fully before use. Do not submerge the base in any solution. Instead, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the residue. Ensure always to do this maintenance process when the pipe is cool.

Why You Should Snag the Puffco Proxy Pipe

The Puffco Proxy pipe is a game-changer and will undoubtedly convert even the herb purists. First, its straightforward interface allows even the newbie hash dabber to get the hang of it within the first few minutes of use. Secondly, we can't express how unique the modular feature is, as it allows you to swap out the glass with a water piece to dab the old-school way. Let's not forget the work that went into the design. The classic tobacco pipe look gives it a timeless appeal. Moreover, it has the perfect weight and height, making it portable.

Thanks to every hit's smooth and flavorful nature, you no longer need to rely on joints to get the most out of your session. With the four pre-programmed settings, you can experience 15 tasty hits and blow as much vapor as you wish. Unlike in the standard rigs, the absence of water provides a casual feel and does not limit you to at-home use.

The Puffco Proxy is the perfect investment if you're looking for a mind-blowing hash experience. Order your Puffco Proxy kit in black or desert colorways from Hikei's online store today!