It’s been quite the year for cannabis. As time goes on, more and more states are jumping on the bandwagon and finally legalizing this amazing plant. For each state that makes it legal, comes a tidal wave of medical and recreational users that will be buying more due to its accessibility.

Simple supply and demand.

With easier access to the product , consumer usage will increase. Also many people who are new to cannabis will be willing to give it a try now that it’s legal.

Edibles are a great way to consume cannabis. Don’t like to smoke? Eat an edible. Want to be discreet with your cannabis ? Slip a drop into your Starbucks coffee. There are a plethora of different edibles on the market for you to choose from.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll go over all you will need to know about cannabis edibles. In this 7 minute read, well explore what components are needed to make a great edible. Secondly well look at the types of edibles on the market and which ones may be best for your needs. Well finish the article with our 10 top selling edible brands in our store, top products they make, our conclusion on the topic and Frequently asked questions……. Now let’s take a bite.


What components make a great edible? There are 3 we feel top the list : Accurate ingredients, Flavor, and Speed of Effects

LAB TESTED ACCURACY : A great edible is accurately tested to give the user the best understanding of how it will affect them. The breakdown will be displayed on the package. Edibles come in a wide range of CBD – THC ratios. It’s important to know what you’re ingesting. The better each product is tested, the better the user can microdose and control the psychoactive effects. We always recommend microdosing small amounts until you understand how your body reacts to the product before eating too much.
FLAVOR: Great flavor is a huge part of the edible experience. If your cannabis gummy tastes bad, it may ruin your experience from the start. We feel it’s important for each edible to be delicious.
SPEED OF EFFECTS: Edibles will affect each person differently. Some forms of ingesting will have a slower reaction time due to how your body breaks it down and enters your bloodstream. You don’t want to take edibles that take too long to absorb into your body. Many people get impatient and take another edible only to find out that they have taken too much. Making them more intoxicated than they wish. With this in mind we feel that products that deliver fast results are the best.

Which edibles are best for you?

There’s a ton of ways to ingest cannabis with edibles. From beverages, gummies, pills, tinctures, baked goods, and a wide range of salty foods like beef jerky and other snacks. If you can eat it, then most likely you’ll find a cannabis version somewhere. In this section we look at the different types of edibles on the market and why each one may be best for you.

BEVERAGES : There are A LOT of ways to drink your cannabis. There are cannabis sodas, beers , wines , teas & many more that you can drink. You can get cannabis tinctures and drop the fluid right into your favorite beverage of choice to experience a quick lift. One benefit to ingesting a cannabis drink is it provides an alternative to smoking. These beverages also provide an alternative to drinking alcohol. Many consumers of cannabis beverages love to have a social drink with friends and family. The good news about cannabis is you don’t get the same hangover effect from having too many beers.

See later in the article for our top drink beverages we recommend.

BAKED GOODS: Who doesn’t enjoy a good brownie? Baked goods are another category of edible that has a lot of raving fans. There are many amazing baked goods that are lab tested and packaged for you to enjoy. It’s also fun to bake your own . At the bottom of the article we’ll share a few links to our favorite cannabis recipe bloggers & cookbooks. There are also a lot of diabetic friendly recipes and products available in sugar free.
SALTY SNACKS: If Salty snacks are your style, there are once again many of these available to buy. Keep them on hand for a midday pick me up available in many popular strains.
SWEETS: If you have a sweet tooth like i do then you may find the sweet category of edibles to be your fav. Different products like gummies, candies and other sugary treats. These edibles can be stashed in your purse for a quick sugar rush with an added kick. There are also a lot of diabetic friendly recipes and products available in sugar free.
PILLS: Another popular edible type is the pill. If you’re not interested in chewing up your edible, there are many pill brands that come in a wide range of CBD and THC levels. These edibles are ideal for those who have no desire to smoke or chew their cannabis . Just swallow the pill and wait for the results.
TINCTURES: Tinctures are devices that will allow you to ingest via droplets. You can microdose very easily by measuring the amount of drops you ingest each time. The benefit of using a tincture is you can put it into any drink or food dish you like.

Now that we’ve gone over the most common types of edibles , let’s look at the top brands and products in the market.


In this section of this ultimate guide, we’ll explore the top 10 edible brands that we sell here at Hikei. Well touch on what makes the brand stand out from the crowd and what are their most popular products.


PAPA & BARKLEY : Papa and Barkley makes a wide range of cannabis products with different CBD and THC ratios. For their edibles lineup they make tinctures , chocolate and gummy products. The top product from Papa & Barkley is the 100mg Milk chocolate Bar. Its ingredients are solventless fresh-pressed rosin, is soy free .shop

KIVA: Kiva makes an amazing chocolate bar that everyone enjoys. They use all natural ingredients with locally grown cannabis. They pride themselves with providing the highest level of quality in each bar with accurate dosing. Guys pay attention, these are a hit around Valentines Day. The Blackberry Dark Chocolate 100mg bar is one of our top pics for cannabis edibles. shop


BIG PETES: Big Pete’s is a family owned and operated business that has been cooking up baked goods out of Santa Cruz since 2009. Their cannabis cookies are amazing. Each edible is made with their signature cannabutter recipe. We recommend the Sativa chocolate chip 10 pack. shop here


CANN : CANN is a cannabis beverage company . Cann products are great for those looking to substitute their social beer with a cannabis drink. Each Cann only have 2mg of THC which makes it a perfect product for micro dosing. shop cann

GOOD STUFF TONIC: The Good Stuff Tonics infused drinks provide a healthy twist on a popular American beverage. One of thier top flavors in store is the Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade. It uses organic ingredients, are sweetened naturally with honey and organic cane sugar, and include no potentially toxic preservatives like sodium benzoate. A refreshing beverage for any sunny day


KUSHY PUNCH: Looking for the best gummie edibles Kushy Punch makes delicious edible gummies available in INDICA , SATIVA , and HYBRID. shop




PROOF:Proof makes CBD and THC capsules ready to enjoy.
LEVEL: Level makes a wide range of popular CBD & THC capsules. Just swallow the pill and wait for its effects.


CLICK : If your looking for a unique edible product Click has got you covered. They specialize in a cannabis mouth spray that delivers a mist direct to your tongue. Great for those who want a small microdose to give them a boost. Each click delivers 2.5 mg of THC.

If you are looking to find alternative ways to use cannabis besides smoking it, edibles may be your best option. They are discreet and easy to use. There is something for everyone, many are delicious treats and snacks. One thing to remember is that edibles take longer to feel the effects. You should always microdose small amounts before eating a lot of edibles . This way you can better manage the effects of each product and become overly intoxicated.


**Edibles and asthma: **It is recommended that people with asthma not smoke or vape anything. Edibles provide a safer way for those with asthma to ingest cannabis

Edibles and weight loss: There are many ways to cater your cannabis edibles to your diet. For those who seek to lose weight you may find success in using oils in cooking and low sugar options when choosing edibles. There are also studies that suggest that cannabis may lead to overall better whel being and an active lifestyle that can contribute to weight loss.

Cannabis edibles bakery: If your looking for fresh baked cannabis edibles we may recoomend searching ‘cannabis bakerys near me’ on google. As time passes there will be more and more bakeries popping up all over.

Cannabis edibles cookbook: If you are looking to try your hand and cooking with cannabis, a great place to start is the book “edibles” by Stephanie Hua, Corren Carroll, and Linda Xiao. See link to shop

best cannabis cookbook

Cannabis edibles for nausea: There are studies that suggest that the powerful ingredients CBD and THC can relax your nervous system and help reverse the negative effects of nausea.

Cannabis edibles for animals:

There are many people who treat their animal ailments with CBD and THC . This is given to our lovable little friends in small dose edibles. Before treating your pet with cannabis products , do your research and make sure it fits your guidelines

**Cannabis edibles for arthritis: **CBD has shown to provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with arthritis. Many people have found success in treating their arthritis with edibles.

Cannabis edibles diabetic: Many Edible brands make a sugar free version that is safer for diabetics who need to monitor their sugar intake.