Grease Monkey Strain Guide

20 June, 2023


With its hefty levels of THC, Grease Monkey is a strain that promises a full-body high, distinctive taste and aroma, plus potentially high-powered medicinal benefits. This post will discuss its parentage, characteristics, effects, and more.

About Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is an Indica-leaning hybrid that stems from a cross between the delicious Cookies & Cream strain and Gorilla Glue #4. This potent strain is a product of Exotic Genetix, whom you might know if you've tried their killer strains, Starfighter and Kimbo Kush.

Its parent strain, Gorilla Glue #4, a.k.a., Original Glue, is also an Indica-heavy strain with super THC levels of up to 32%. It features a distinct spicy chocolate taste with sweet and heavy diesel back notes. The aroma is similar but with hints of pepper. Enthusiasts love it for its prolonged high. It also fills you with happiness and boosts your energy. These effects are soon followed by numbness and, finally, couch-lock. Because of these intense aftereffects, users recommend Gorilla Glue #4 for appetite loss, ADD, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, including headaches and migraines.

The second parent strain, Cookies & Cream, is also a hybrid but an evenly balanced one. It boasts high THC levels of 26%. That's not all. It presents a rich aroma and taste profile that led to its title as the best hybrid cannabis in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. It has dense notes of vanilla, sweetness, earth, and nut upon exhale. And it tastes as its name suggests, i.e., vanilla, creamy butter, and nutty earth. Like the other parent strain, Cookies & Cream boasts a long-lasting high that leads you into a euphoric state followed by an energy boost. You will then end up in a carefree state accompanied by sedation. Users believe Cookies and Cream may help manage chronic stress, muscle spasms, anxiety, and insomnia.

Grease Monkey Terpene Profile

Grease Monkey contains a hefty dose of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. Myrcene is responsible for the couch-lock effect you may experience from smoking Grease Monkey. Limonene, on the other hand, is helpful in the anxiety and chronic stress department. And it also contributes to the sweet flavor of Grease Monkey. Caryophyllene adds its anti-inflammatory properties to create the perfect mix.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

While the appearance of Grease Monkey is like that of an Indica nugget, this does not mean that it does not stand out. Its forest green nugs are long and dense, featuring purple hues and tarnish-orange pistils. Its furry trichomes are perhaps its most distinctive feature that clings to the buds like frost, so you might want to bring out the grinder for this strain.

Now as for its aroma, let's say it's not discreet, so you might want to open your jar in a more enclosed setting. Upon closer inspection, Grease Monkey will hit you with earth notes followed by sweet, funky diesel. Soon your room will have a petrol-like scent with an undercurrent of sweet grapes once you break up its buds. Its aroma is reminiscent of top-tier diesel strains like Sour Diesel, Jet Fuel, and Motorbreath.

The flavor is similarly intense. Expect vanilla and gasoline-like notes upon the first inhale that is also smooth, so no coughing fits. You will notice peppery and spicy notes upon exhale, giving Grease Monkey an overall pleasurable smoke.

Grease Monkey Effects

This strain has high THC levels ranging from 25 to 30%. You will feel light pressure around your eyes after the first few hits. This effect is soon followed by full-body warmth, reducing muscle tension. You may also experience heightened focus, specifically on external stimuli. Expect trippy thoughts and lots of daydreams. As the high spreads on, you will experience a sense of euphoria and calmness. A few more hits may result in sedation.

Potential Medical Benefits

Grease Monkey's long-lasting effects can be helpful for users taking marijuana for medical reasons. Its creeping physical and mental buzz creates a tranquil energy that may help dissipate body aches. This calming effect may also manage anxiety and depression. And once the blanket of relaxation hits, you may experience relief from headaches and nausea. Its serious cravings will come in handy if you suffer appetite loss. And lastly, if you have been struggling with insomnia, an after-hour session could help you catch some Z's.

Side Effects

Grease Monkey's side effects are nothing out of the ordinary. You may experience paranoia and anxiety, especially if predisposed to these feelings. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are other common side effects, so we recommend having eye drops and lots of water nearby. Managing your consumption is always the best way to prevent such unpleasant aftereffects.

Growing and Flowering Information

Thanks to the availability of seeds, cannabis users can grow Grease Monkey at home. One thing to note is that despite being an Indica, this cannabis plant tends to grow tall like sativa, so you may need to employ a few techniques to limit its height if cultivating it indoors.

We recommend trimming and pruning once your cannabis plants start becoming bushy. Ideally, this should happen when the plants are young. Remember to give the plants time after pruning before preparing them for the flowering stage.

Indoor cultivation comes with another consideration besides height: the smell. Grease Monkey is potent and hence requires odor control. Carbon filters are an excellent solution as they work through the adsorption principle. The terpene-rich air in your grow space will pass through these filters, and the activated carbon will capture this cannabis smell before it leaves your indoor grow tent. You can take further steps by connecting these filters to airshafts to release it outside.

The flowering time for indoor-grown Grease Monkey is about eight to nine weeks and can result in yields of up to 18oz per square meter. We recommend outdoor cultivation if you live in an area with a Mediterranean climate. Expect flowering in October with yields of about 21 oz per plant.


Grease Monkey is an excellent strain choice if you want something that is both flavorful and offers a smooth toke. And thanks to its calming and euphoric effects, Grease Monkey has something to provide for newbies and high tolerance cannabis enthusiasts alike.