One thing we can all agree about the cannabis world is that every few months, you’ll walk into a dispensary or order a strain online that will leave you speechless, and all of a sudden, you have a new favorite weed strain. Well, that’s what will happen once you indulge in the Lava Cake strain. While it doesn’t contain gooey chocolate, its decadent flavor, and aroma make you feel like you’ve devoured the famous dessert, molten lava cake.

What Is the Lava Cake Strain?

Lava Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It stems from a delectable blend of fan-favorite cannabis strains, Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie, thanks to the ingenious breeders Cannarado Genetics. If you’re an avid cannabis user, you know the super qualities these two parent strains possess.

Thin Mint GSC was third place in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup U.S hybrid category and is a mix of the hallowed OG Kush, GSC, and F1 Durban Poison. And thanks to these genetics, this parent strain is potent with an average of 24% THC levels, and features a cookie-like and minty flavor and aroma.

The other parent strain, Grape Pie, is Indica-heavy and a product of the cross between Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie. It boasts an average THC of 20 – 22% and tastes like berries with hints of spice and nuts with a similar aroma upon the initial toke.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The Lava Cake strain is an absolute beauty thanks to its high content of anthocyanin compounds that gives the buds a royal purple hue. The buds are shaped like grapes, featuring burnt orange pistils and a silver-like trichome cover with a lustrous finish.

Smoking a blunt of the Lava Cake strain will transport you to a bakery. It features a tasty profile of warm vanilla, mint, and chocolate. And after a few tokes, you may notice trace amounts of nuts and pine. The aroma is similarly delicious thanks to the following terpenes:

Pinene- features a pine-like scent and has antiinflammation, pain-relieving, and calming properties
Limonene- gives off a citrusy aroma and may offer pain relief
Caryophyllene- has an earthy and spicy aroma and may also help manage pain
Geraniol- features a floral and rosy scent with pain-relieving properties
Strain Effects

Lava Cake contains THC levels of 15 -18%, and once it kicks in, you will experience an energetic buzz coupled with euphoria. These effects later yield a creativity boost, as Lava Cake will make you reflect. You will then experience relaxation and body tingling once this head rush wears off. Finally, you’ll feel a sense of muscle loosening that leaves you in a mild couch-lock state.

These calming effects make Lava Cake perfect for lazy days or after hours when you need a break from life’s worries. It’s also an excellent strain for social events when you need something to kick-start conversations.

Potential Medical Benefits

Lava Cake may help manage anxiety and depression thanks to its calming and mood-boosting effects. This head buzz may also help manage OCD. It is possible to experience pain relief if you struggle with migraines and chronic backaches because of the strain’s anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, Lava Cake may help improve your appetite by inducing munchies. Some users undergoing chemotherapy have mentioned reduced nausea thanks to this weed strain. And because of its mild couch-lock effect, the Lava Cake strain can be a go-to for insomniacs.

Side Effects

Delectable as Lava Cake may be, beginners must take it slow to prevent dry mouth. It also helps to remain hydrated to reduce dry eyes. Some users may experience paranoia and anxiety, but this typically occurs due to overindulgence.

Growing Information

Lava Cake is a rare strain. Therefore, it can be slightly challenging to find the seeds. However, once you do, growers recommend employing the main techniques known to work for Indica cannabis plants. Regular trimming is vital as they tend to produce bushy branches.

The Screen of Green(ScrOG) method is one growing strategy whereby you steer the branches to grow horizontally to receive as much light as possible rather than vertically. This technique is common among indoor growers but can also be used outdoors.

You may also employ trellising. This technique is also helpful in light distribution. It entails adding a frame to support the cannabis tree branches. Expert growers recommend using plastic, but you can still use metal or wood frames. To install, you place posts on each side of your cannabis garden before attaching mesh wire to all the railings.

Your Lava Cake cannabis plant may also benefit from lollipopping. This method entails removing the growth at the bottom section as it is not getting sufficient light. Doing so allows the plant to focus on the buds at the top. This technique also prevents overcrowding and, as a result, reduces the risks of pests and diseases. It’s best to use lollipopping in the flowering stage unless you are growing your plant indoors and have space constraints. Be careful not to cut too many buds at the bottom, as it will affect your yields. Also, if lollipopping, consider using LED or HPS grow lights indoors, as they provide more light than fluorescent ones.

Flowering time and yields depend on where you grow your Lava Cake. It typically requires about nine weeks if grown indoors. And you can expect to harvest anywhere from ten to sixteen ounces per square meter. As for outdoors, Lava Cake thrives in warmer climates, especially during the final growing stage. You can expect to harvest around October with yields between fourteen and eighteen ounces per plant.

Final Thoughts

Exploring new strains is always a pleasant experience, especially when discussing a weed strain packed with a delectable flavor profile that includes chocolate, vanilla, mint, and cookies. Thanks to its legendary genetics, Lava Cake is an excellent Indica-heavy strain that will leave a good aftertaste and an unforgettable head high with calming and euphoric effects.

One thing is clear about the Lava Cake Strain, this sounds like a strain everyone should try. Shop for your cannabis products from Hikei today!