07 September, 2022


Finding a favorable way to ingest cannabis has been a constant concern for weed lovers. Whether you’re looking to ease your anxiety or simply want an alternative to smoking, the options just haven’t been as plentiful as we’d like them to be. Luckily, that is finally changing, with the Flav brand jumping on the gummy bandwagon with some of the best CBD gummies.

Cannabis-infused gummies are becoming more and more popular every day. They’re a great way to enjoy cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) without smoking or eating it. As a result, there are now cannabis gummies available for purchase in most places with a reliable supply of legal cannabis.

Ever wondered why there’s so much hype behind gummies? Let’s take a quick look at the Flav Brand gummies and why they are such an excellent choice for you who wants to access your weed discreetly.

1. Flav CBD Mango Belts

Flav CBD Mango Belts are made from premium organic cannabis extract and infused with a natural mango fruit to give them a sweet delicious flavor. These gummies come in 14 delicious 100mg and 250mg packaging varieties.

Ideal for you when you want that classic laid-back CBD high since they are THC-free. Flav gummies come enclosed in child-resistant pouch packaging with ten pieces for controllable dosing.

2. Flav CBD Peach Rings

Flav CBD Peach Rings are made using high-quality cannabis extract and the delicious peach fruit native to Georgia to give them a perfect delicious taste and well-balanced high. These gummies are all-natural vegan and gluten-free and available in 14 varieties, all coming in 100mg and 250 mg child-resistant packaging.

Flav CBD Peach Rings are ideal for your chill sesh as their high is non-psychoactive and provides a relaxing and uplifting mood.

3. Flav CBD Pink Lemonade Belts

Just like your favorite lemonade from your local lemonade stand, the Flav CBD Pink Lemonade Belts are flavored with natural citrus extract. Each of these gummies is infused with sweet and sour crystals and premium organic CBD to ensure you experience euphoric highs each time you consume them.

Flav CBD Pink Lemonade Belts come in 14 varieties in 100mg/250mg child-resistant pouch packaging for easy dosage.

4. Flav CBD Rainbow Belts

Flav CBD Rainbow Belts contain the sweet and fruity goodness unique to Flav products that are guaranteed to make you pucker with delight. These sugar-dusted gummies send your taste buds on a wild trip thanks to their sweet and sour flavor combination, providing you with a relaxing high and satisfying your sweet tooth.

Flav CBD Rainbow Belts are carefully formulated and infused with premium organic CBD to guarantee the ultimate experience with no psychoactive effects. They come in 14 varieties in 100mg and 250mg child-resistant pouch packaging.

5. Flav CBD Strawberry Banana Belts

Flav CBD Strawberry Banana Belts come in 14 varieties, all tasty fruity flavored and infused with highly concentrated organic CBD that will see to it you get a euphoric high. These gummies give you a relaxing high that comes with a sense of calm and general wellness.

These gummies are ideal for novice cannabis edible consumers since they have 0 THC content and thus no psychoactive effects. The Flav Strawberry Banana Belts are 100% vegan and all-natural, coming in 100mg/250mg compact child-resistant packaging.

6. Flav CBD Cotton Candy Belts

With a sweet and fluffy cotton candy taste reminiscent of a carnival, the Flav CBD Cotton Candy Belts are organic vegan and gluten-free gummies that are as delicious as they are uniquely formulated. Made using high-quality premium cannabis extract and infused with terpenes, these gummies provide you with a balanced high that leaves you energetic with your spirits uplifted.

They come in 100mg/250mg compact child-resistant packs with ten individually infused pieces per pouch for exact dosing each time you want to take a classic CBD trip.

7. Flav CBD Blue Raspberry Rings

Looking for a fast-go-to-tasty gummy? Then the Flav CBD Blue Raspberry Rings should be your top choice. These sweet, fully vegan organic gluten and dairy-free gummies have a combination of blueberry and raspberry flavor guaranteed to delight your senses and deliver one of the best experiences ever.

Made with high-quality premium cannabis extract, these gummies come in 14 varieties, and you can consume them for recreational or medical purposes. As they are THC-free, they have no psychoactive effects, and they come in controllable dosing packages.

Flav Brand Edibles Catalog

All the Flav brand edibles in the catalog are made using only the best ingredients, high-quality cannabis extract, natural fruits, and vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO products. All these gummies deliver a chill relaxation and euphoric experience.

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