Lost Farms Edibles Guide

Cannabis edibles are a memorable way to ease your mind and body after a long day. Akin to how smoking cannabis can help you unwind, eating cannabis has a matching effect on your body. Once consumed, cannabinoids in the raw form of cannabis are broken down by enzymes in the digestive system and absorbed into the bloodstream through lipids called oils. The end result is that you feel relaxed; which is why eating weed is so popular as an alternative to taking prescription drugs.

Typically, edibles contain activated cannabis with substantial levels of the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), known to give you an extended intense high. If you are an experienced cannabis consumer, you have probably tried and tested some edibles. For a novice, it’s best to ingest them with caution as they can take you by surprise and be intoxicating.

Lost Farms Edibles are made from the freshest top-quality cannabis strains, harvested and transformed into amber nectar called live resin, which experts then combine with fruity flavors. This gives them their unique appeal and extra strength resulting in one of the most euphoric highs you’ll ever experience.

Here’s a guide to our versatile and top-line edibles that you should try out when you want the cannabis experience and don’t want to smoke or vape.

Gummies and Chews

All the Lost Farm Gummies and Chews come in various sizes, shapes, flavors, and potency levels but are all guaranteed to give you an intense high. The THC gummies and chews contain complex aromas and various terpene profiles extracted from 100% live resin to provide you with a broad spectrum of ultra-fresh flavors.

Say you have a bit of a sweet tooth, the Lost Farms’ creative variety of gummies and chews will take you sky high when you consume them for leisure and relaxation. On top of the euphoria you experience, the edibles increase your appetite and offer various medical benefits, such as providing relief from fatigue and preventing anxiety.

The all-new and extensive Lost Farms Edibles Catalog includes:

**Blood Orange – Chem Dog Chews: **these chews are made from the Chem dog strain and have a tart berry-like blood orange flavor combined with the distinct loud earth diesel signature aroma.
Honey Apple – Sunshine OG Gummies: these gummies are made with the Sativa-dominant Sunshine OG strain. They have a spicy and herbal flavor combined with sweet and sour citrus notes, infused with a fruity sweet honey flavor.
**Dragonfruit – Grape Pie Cookies Gummies: **these gummies are made with the live resin of the Indica-dominant Grape Pie Cookies strain and have an aroma reminiscent of freshly baked goods and have a bright dragon fruit and pomegranate flavor with sweet grape overtones.
Citrus Spritz – Pineapple Express Gummies: made with the Pineapple Express hybrid strain, these gummies have a tropical earthy citrus flavor and exude sweet fruity aromas.

Guaranteed Different High Experience

All Lost Farms edibles are known to give you a different exhilarating high experience which is less intoxicating compared to smoking. This is because the THC in the edibles is broken down in the liver and not the lungs, thus giving them more potency.

Moreover, due to digestion, the effects last longer since the THC is released over a longer period, sometimes up to 12 hours, considering the dosage you ingest.

**Benefits **

Consuming cannabis as edibles has several benefits as compared to smoking it since:

Edibles do not affect the lungs, your airway epithelium, or mucus production; therefore, you aren’t in danger of lung infections when you consume Lost Farms Products.
Edibles give you sedative highs that are therapeutic, pain-alleviating, and relieve discomfort. The Lost Farms Edibles leave you with an energetic high, lifting your spirits and relieving stress.

Dosing and Tips for First Timers

Lost Farms Edibles dosage is indicated in the package, but if it is your first time trying out edibles, you should keep in mind that several factors, such as how high you wish to get and your tolerance levels, determine the amount you should consume. In other words, gauge yourself and measure your dosage, depending on whether you wish to elucidate mild, moderate, or strong effects from these edibles.

Plus, you should understand that latency is not uniform for all users, and the response time for the high kicking-in is affected by factors such as your height, weight, and gender. So, do not be tempted to ingest another dose when the effects take some time, as you might be at risk of overdosing.

Find the Right Edibles Only at Lost Farms

Browse Hikei’s website for a whole new experience of endless gummies and chews that will definitely match your tolerance level. Lost Farms edibles enable you to enjoy cannabis discreetly without exposing you to risks associated with smoking or vaping. Click here to buy!