31 May, 2022

**Hikei Exotics: White Xmas **

At Hikei, we’ve been cultivating cannabis for over 20 years. In addition to growing some of the tried and true highest quality strains with long-standing reputations, we also breed new ones in our Hikei San Diego Cannabis Cultivation Facility on Home Avenue. We’ll be the first to tell you that growing a great hybrid strain requires considerable time, patience, and commitment. In the end, though, there’s only one thing more satisfying than sitting back and taking a nice long toke of high quality cannabis strain you brought into the world—and that’s sharing it. We’re thrilled to share our Hikei Exotics with you.

White Xmas

Pardon us while we wax poetic about White Xmas for a minute—we’re proud of our creation. This exclusive indoor strain from our Hikei Exotics is a rare cut of two favorites: Christmas Trees and Animal Mintz. And what can we say? The magic is real.

White Xmas doesn’t just make us tingle with the satisfaction of a job well done. We love the whole White Xmax experience, from the first peep at the crystal trichomes all the way to the sleepy drifty phase, and all the sensations in between. The pretty little frosty-looking flowers have a strong pine and minty aroma with hints of lemongrass and herbs. When first lit, White Xmas buds give off pungent earthy, herbal, and woody aromas that hail directly from their Christmas Trees lineage. A few minutes in, the Animal Mintz characteristics take over, and the smoke takes on a dark coffee, nutty, and spicy aroma. The flavors follow a similar pattern, starting off woody and piney fresh, then finishing off like a sweet nutty coffee with a twist of mint.

White Xmas is a sativa-leaning hybrid that provides a beautiful happy high, the perfect combination of uplifting euphoria and calm tingly relaxation. Whether you’re up for a leisurely bike ride at the beach, some focused creativity, or a social gathering in the park, White Xmas will give your day a mood boost, a rosy tint, and a little extra sparkle. After a couple of euphoric, energetic hours, you’ll find yourself with a tingly body high, drifting off in a lovely state of relaxation.

The potential health benefits of White Xmas cannabis strain are numerous. The complex interaction between the compounds in the specific strain and the unique biological makeup of the individual may yield different results from one person to the next, but in general, sativa-leaning hybrids like White Xmas are reported to provide relief for:

  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • PTSD
  • Depression

If you’re looking for some stress relief, focused energy, or just a boost of pleasure to top off a sunny afternoon, White Xmas is the one you want. And we’re happy to remind you that this gorgeous cannabis strain was created and cultivated right here in the Hikei San Diego Cultivation Facility on Home Avenue.

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