28 March, 2021

Vape pens are a great way to ingest cannabis.

Discrete, and easy to use.

With the push of a button you'll be on your way to rest, recovery & relaxation.

Today there are a plethora of amazing vape pen options on the market that come in a wide range of popular strains and flavors to choose from. Many people chose to use these devices as their go to for cannabis consumption. They are a great alternative to smoking cannabis flower.

However if you are just getting into this topic , it's important to understand some key concepts about vape pens, how they work, and how to spot fake black market products. You want to make sure you are getting what you're paying for as well as using safe and trusted vaporizers.

In this article we will go over all you need to know to understand the topic. With our help you can skip over the beginner stage and go right to enjoying yourself.



To understand which vape cart is best for you, you'll need to first understand the basics of what a vape pen is and how they work.

So what is a THC Vape pen?

In a nutshell it's a device that vaporizes cannabis oil. With the push of a button the oil turns into a smoke like vapor that can be ingested and instantly enjoyed. The vapor is lighter and less harsh then smoking cannabis flower. Most Vape Pens consist of a battery , a cartridge that holds the oil, and a button that will trigger the process. Common accessories are a usb cable to charge the battery. There are many different types of pens on the market. In the following section we will discuss some different features to consider.


Now that you understand the basics we can talk about the various types of pens to choose from. From this list you may be able to decide which vape pen may be best for you. Some important features are Pen design & Ergonomics, thc and cbd ratios & the differences in oil.


There are 2 pens designs that most brands offer. Disposable pens & Reusable pens .

A disposable pen has the battery built into the vaporizer. These pens are great for on the go usage. They are usually smaller in size and thus more discrete. The integrated battery and cart make it easier to fit into small storage areas . Once you have finished all the oil , you can throw it in the trash and buy another new cart.

Reusable pens have a detached battery that you can interchange with different oil cartridges. The benefit to these pens is that you can interchange oil carts to mix it up it you wish. A very common universal pen in a 510 thread.


Vape pens are available in a wide range of flavors and strains all with different THC Ratios. You can find them in both SATIVA and INDICA. Every package contains the percentage of CBD and THC on the front label. Each batch of cart production must be lab tested to insure the percentage on the box is accurate. This information is important because then you can control the amount of THC you'd like to consume. Some people prefer a lower dose of THC so that they experience less psychoactive effects. Others prefer a higher THC percentage to match their needs. There are many lower THC options on the market with higher doses of CBD. At hikei.com we conveniently display the ratios of each product on our website.


Aside from the different strain options and ratios of THC and CBD , it's important to notate the type of oil you are ingesting. There are 2 main ways that cart brands produce their cannabis oil, Live Resin & DIstillate. (Also see our Best THC Cart Ultimate Guide.


Live resin is produced by flash freezing of live cannabis flowers. It is regarded as the highest quality concentrate you can buy. Most live resin carts offer a full flavor experience delivering the unique characteristics of each strain. The taste is more earthy and true to the terpene profile of the plant. Live resins are produced using costly equipment , which is why live resin is usually more expensive.


Cannabis distillates are produced by a multistage extraction to create the oil. The process is achieved by heating the cannabis plant matter. This process is done in a way that all impurities are removed, however in that process many terpenes and natural flavors are removed as well. It is also considered less costly to produce distillate than live resin.


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Keep in mind that all products at Hikei are AUTHENTIC and Lab tested from the manufacturer. There are many black market vape carts on the market that have poor construction and incorrect ingredients. Make sure you purchase carts from an authorized dealer that is legal, licensed, & lab tested , like Hikei Modern Cannabis.


So now that you have learned the basics of THC vape pens, you can decide which one is right for you. You now understand many terms associated with vape carts and can decide which ones you'd like to try. If you are just getting started you may want to try a cart with a lower THC percentage, this way you can measure your intake and insure you don't get too intoxicated from the THC. Perhaps you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast looking to find a vape that captures the natural terpene profiles of each strain. For this option you may want to try a live resin cart. Either way we hope you found this article helpful to discovering THC VAPE CARTS. See below for Frequently asked Questions about the topic.


What is the best THC Cart for Pain relief?

Many people who ingest cannabis for pain relief find relief in products with a higher CBD ratio. Although there are many pain relieving benefits from THC.

How do I charge my THC pen Cart?

There are two common types of carts, disposable and detachable battery. However the process of charging is usually the same process. Most companies chargers are usb to computer of have a wall charging system.

Why is my Vape Pen clogged?

Cannabis oil can be thick and syrup like. If your cart is clogged turn it on its side so that oil can create breathing room.

How many hits is in my vape cart?

Every Vape cart varies in hits. Depending on how much oil is in the cartridge and whether or not it has a disposable battery or throw away. Most Vape carts come in 0.5g and 1.g sizes.

What is the difference between a THC pen vs CBD pen?

Most all THC pens have ratios of CBD as well . However if you seek only CBD , you can buy specific Pens that have isolated only CBD and will not have as much psychoactive effects.

Why does my vape pen taste burnt?

Each vaporizer creates vapor by heating up the oil with an internal atomizer. If you take to many pulls from the pen in a short time it's possible to overstress the pen and will experience a burnt taste. To fix the issue try taking more time in between hits. Slow your roll.