11 February, 2022

Looking to enjoy the super bowl with alittle help from your friends? Here at Hikei we have everything youll need to enjoy the game to the fullest. You can visit our flagship store located conveniently located at 3940 Home Ave, or call in your order to be delivered.

Superbowl pregame ideas:

  • PREROLLS : Any great superbowl party need prerolls. We have a wide selection to choose from!
  • BLUNTS : Our favorite EL BLUNTO will be on promotion and make a great product to share with your friends!
  • DRINKS : Looking to avoid the hangover? Cannabis drinks are a great alternative to have a good time and be pain free.
  • GUMMIES : You cant have a superbowl party without some great munchies. We have many chocolates and gummies that will help you sink deep into that couch.
  • CANNABIS SAUCES : Cannabis Salsas and Buffalo sauces make for one amazing dip or sauce for chicken wings . We recommend both!!

Have a safe and fun super bowl!!!

See below for some of the promotional offers we will be running on many of your favorite products. All promo items are limited in quantity and will be while supplies last.

** hikei exotics flower deal on SUPERBOWL sunday