28 February, 2023


Cannabis cultivation has existed for centuries, and the modern industry continually evolves. With the ever-expanding variety of strains available and the complexity of the cultivation process, it's no surprise that cannabis enthusiasts are always on the lookout for reliable and up-to-date advice.

Enter Hikei; as cannabis cultivation experts, we have developed a comprehensive strain guide to help everyone- from novices to experienced cultivators- understand and make the most of their cannabis cultivation experience.

Read on and explore the comprehensive strain guide from the cannabis cultivation experts at Hikei.

White XMAS Strain

The White XMAS Strain is an exclusive indoor sativa-leaning hybrid that combines two favorites; Christmas Trees and Animal Mintz. With a pleasant, euphoric, and uplifting high, you can expect to feel relaxed and focused while experiencing improved creativity.

Other benefits include improved stress relief, better sleep, and reduced fatigue. This strain is perfect for those looking to enjoy a peaceful day.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato Weed Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid from Hikei Exotics, made by crossing Sunset Sherbet with another unidentified strain. It has richly aromatic flavors, fragrances of delicious sweet lemon and cherries, and an intense herbal flavor making it both sweet and sour.

Lemon Cherry Gelato produces a relaxing body high, inducing feelings of calm and euphoria. Other beneficial effects include improved stress relief, better sleep, and reduced fatigue—an excellent strain for anyone looking for relaxation or dealing with the loss of appetite.


Runtz strain is a 50/50 hybrid balance of Indica and Sativa, created by crossing two of the most popular cannabis strains, Zkittlez and Gelato. Runtz has a broad spectrum of phenotypes with various flavors, THC content, and terpene profiles. These include:

  • Regular Feminized Runtz
  • Auto-flowering Runtz Marijuana
  • Forbidden Runtz
  • White Runtz Auto-flower Marijuana
  • Runtz XL

All the Runtz strains give you an uplifting yet relaxed high, combined with a sense of creative inspiration. The aroma varies but includes sweet, fruity and earthy, with complex, delectable fruity flavors of tropical citrus with hints of sour berries.

Runtz's many benefits include stress relief and pain relief, as well as a boost in creativity and focus.

Apple Cake

Apple Cake strain is a 50/50 hybrid balance of Indica and Sativa, originating from a three-way crossing of Animal Cookies, Sour Apple and Sunset Sherbet. This strain has sweet earthy, spicy, apple, candy-like flavors, with a complex aroma reminiscent of spicy black pepper and notes of pungent diesel.

Apple cake's effects are well-rounded, providing mental clarity and relaxation. Its cerebral high gives you a strong sense of euphoria, creativity, stress and pain relief.

Other benefits include increased focus, enhanced creativity, and a boost in energy and mood.


Gumbo strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, made by crossing two unknown strains and named for its signature bubble gum flavor. It has a potent piney aroma and is known for its uplifting and euphoric high. The Gumbo strain has 65% Indica and 35% Sativa, with 18-20% THC levels.

Gumbo strain leaves you feeling relaxed, creative, and happy after a toke, with improved focus and enhanced mood. Gumbo is great for stress and pain relief while also providing a boost in energy and appetite.

Gary Payton

Gary Payton strain is an uplifting hybrid created by crossing Y Griega and The Snowman strains. It has an earthy and gas-like aroma with sour, lemon and funk notes. The strain's unique flavor profile is even sweeter than its smell.

Gary Payton is known for providing a calming but energetic effect on users and is also popular for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic benefits.

Mango OG

Mango OG is an Indica-dominant strain created by crossing Mango Cannabis and Hindu Kush. It has a unique aroma with notes of mango, spice, and earthy notes. Mango, sweet pine and earthy and spicy notes dominate the flavor profile.

Mango OG provides an uplifting cerebral high that elicits a sense of happiness, relaxation, and social desire. It’s also known for its medicinal benefits, including stress relief, pain relief, and aiding in insomnia.

Cheetah Piss

Cheetah Piss is a 50/50 hybrid strain of cannabis that combines the genetic lineage of Gelato 42, Lemonade, and London Poundcake 97 parent strains. Its aroma is a complex mix of sour citrus, nutty, diesel-like notes, with a hint of ammonia in the background.

Cheetah Piss flavor is described as creamy and fruity with notes of apricots and lemon. Its effects are noted to give feelings of euphoria and arousal, coupled with a boost in creativity and focus. It provides relief from chronic pain and helps manage anxiety and stress.

Banana Cream Cake

Banana Cream Cake is an Indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain with a THC content ranging from 22 to 26 percent. It is a cross between Banana OG and Cookies & Cream and has a sweet, creamy, earthy, fruity aroma and flavor.

Banana Cream Cake's effects include mood-lifting and stress relief, productivity boost, and relief from chronic pain, tremors, and muscle cramps. It also provides a pleasant body buzz.

Grape Gas

Grape Gas is a balanced hybrid strain made by crossing OG Chem X Grand Daddy Purple and The Truth strains. Its flavor is candy-like and spicy, with grapes, gassy diesel, and citrus notes. Its aroma is dank with sour diesel and grape notes.

Grape Gas strain's initial high is energizing yet followed by a feeling of euphoria and full-body tingliness. It can help manage chronic pain, fatigue, appetite loss, insomnia, mild depression, and chronic stress.

Animal Mintz

_Animal Mintz _is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain made by crossing Fire OG, Animal Cookies, and Thin Mint Cookies. It has an earthy, spicy, sweet aroma and a nutty, minty, cookie-like, and spicy coffee taste.

Animal Mintz strain's effects include relaxation, euphoria, a tingly sensation, physical high, and couch-lock. It can help with inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, stress and depression, and insomnia.


Jealousy is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing the Gelato 41 and Sherbet Bx1 weed strains. It has a sweet, creamy aroma with notes of citrus, lavender, and candy and a taste that blends kush spice, orange, pepper, and ice cream.

Jealousy strain's effects can be stimulating and blissful, lifting energy and creativity and relieving fatigue, pain, and headaches.

Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a sweet, fruity profile of berry, cherry, and creamy pine. It boasts a broad terpene spectrum that includes humulene, ocimene, phellandrene, and limonene, giving the strain various delectable scents.

Crown Jewels strain offers a relaxing and calming high perfect for evening socialization. It provides relief to users with ADD/ADHD, depression, fatigue, mood swings, stress, and appetite loss.

Purple Goat

Purple Goat is a hybrid strain created from the Trainwreck and Blueberry Skunk parent strains. It has a rich aroma and flavor profile with a fragrant mix of orange, berry, grass, and spice. Purple Goat produces a mellow physical high and cerebral buzz with a long-lasting euphoric effect, along with a boost in creativity and confidence.

The uplifting mood can help reduce stress, PTSD, and depression, while it may also act as a painkiller to reduce chronic pain and body aches.


_Biscotti _is an Indica-dominant strain with sweet vanilla and almond flavors. Its fragrant notes of earthy, gas, buttery, and sweetness are thanks to its parent strains, Gelato #25 and South Florida OG. Its high THC level of up to 30% gives users a blissful effect and brain buzz—feeling relaxed, stress-free, and possibly couch-locked.

Biscotti's mood-boosting and sedative effects may help manage symptoms of PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, arthritis, and insomnia.

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