The STIIIZY vapes have always been a crowdpleaser at our dispensary. However, what you may not know is that this premium cannabis brand has perfected not only its cannabis concentrates but also its indoor flowers. According to the STIIIZY website, their LIIIT 3.5G** **collection consists of “hand-selected premium indoor-grown flower that’s bursting with flavor, potency, and purity.” So, if you haven’t copped any of the popular cultivars in their collection, check out this ultimate STIIIZY flower guide to see what to add to your cart next time you’re shopping with us.

Banana Runtz (I)

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then the Banana Runtz strain is perfect for you. Its flavor consists of bananas, trace amounts of black pepper, and sweet candy. You’ll also love its fragrance which is similarly sweet. However, it’s stronger and has a spicy overtone. Expect a well-balanced high, all thanks to its high THC percentage ranging between 20% and 26%. Its relaxation and mood-boosting effects have made it a popular choice for managing depression and chronic stress.

S’mores (I)

S’mores, a.k.a., Smores strain is another delicious strain. Its flavors consist of marshmallows and sweet chocolate with a spicy overtone. Like the Runtz strain, its fragrance is more intense and also contains hints of black pepper. Expect to feel lifted, energetic and happy after indulging in the Smores. This strain also has couchlock effects, so you might want to save it for nighttime. Its THC levels are about 16% to 18%. And, this strain might help improve insomnia and anxiety symptoms.

Black Truffle (I)

This strain is relatively new. The Black Truffle is dense. At first glance, it is easily mistakable for the OG Kush. However, its odor is what sets it apart. It consists of dank pine notes. Plus, its average THC level is 26.95%. This strain is ideal for daytime as it produces uplifting, focused, and creative effects. Fans of the Black truffle claim it relieves nausea and fatigue, all the while boosting concentration.

Peanut Butter Gelato (I)

Do you know that smell that hits you when you open a peanut butter jar? Well, that’s what you should expect from this strain, coupled with a heavy kush aroma and a nutty and earthy taste. Expect a hazy high and an afternoon full of giggles. The Peanut Butter Gelato also produces sedative effects if taken in large amounts. Users claim it helps increase appetite, improve mood and relieve chronic pain.

Presidential OG (I)

You better stock up on snacks before trying the Presidential OG strain. The nugs are dark green with a citrusy and pine flavor and aroma. Expect a balanced physical and mental high coupled with severe cravings. Some users might experience dry mouth. Overall the Presidential OG offers a pleasant experience.

Rainbow Kush (I)

You’ll typically find the Rainbow Kush strain at the medicinal strains section. It has a THC level ranging between 17% and 22%, greenish-purple nugs, a skunky aroma, and a pinelike taste. It produces a calming buzz. And, fans of this strain believe it helps manage anxiety and muscle spasms.

Ice Cream Cake (I)

The Ice cream cake strain is yet another that ticks the box in the sweet flavor department. It has a cheesy, creamy, and nutty flavor and gives off a similar aroma. Once lit, this strain produces relaxing effects, leading into a couchlock state. User reports show that it might offer relief from chronic pain and nausea.

Gasolina (I)

You can probably guess the aroma just by reading the name. The Gasolina strain has a distinctly citrusy and diesel aroma and flavor. Its effects are both hazy and relaxing. Therefore it is an ideal nighttime treat. It might offer relief from mild depression, insomnia, and appetite loss.

White Raspberry (I)

White Raspberry is a fantastic choice for lazy days. This strain tastes like raspberries and gives off a vanilla fragrance. It has a THC level of 16%-20%. Expect a euphoric high and couchlock effects. It would help if you considered the White Raspberry to help manage insomnia and anxiety.


The STIIIZY brand greatly appreciates the classics, so you know the OG strain couldn’t miss in their collection. This strain has a THC level ranging between 19% and 24% and has an earthy flavor and an intense pine aroma. It produces euphoria and leaves you in a sedative state.


Inspired by rosé, the Rosay strain has a floral scent and flavor. It also contains a high THC level of 36.01%. For this reason, it is often used by patients struggling with chronic pain.

Grape Sorbet (I)

The Grape Sorbet strain has a sweet berry flavor and vanilla aroma upon exhale. It has an average THC level of 18% and produces a cerebral high that’s not too overwhelming.

Blessed: Animal Face (I)

With an average high of 22%, the Animal face is a delicious strain combining candy-like, earthy, and minty notes. It has a pinelike aroma with hints of diesel. This strain produces a well-balanced cerebral high, so it’s a must-try.

Zkittles (H)

Zkittles is a sweet-smelling and tasting strain that gives off tropical and herbal notes and berry taste. Unlike most of the weed strains mentioned above, its THC level is low at 15%. For this reason, it produces a mellow high that is not overwhelming.

Dolce (H)

The Dolce is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC level ranging from 22% to 28%. It’s got a sweet taste and a pinelike aroma. Expect to be in a couchlock state for hours.

Animal Mints (H)

The animal mints strain is a highly potent hybrid with a THC level of 25% to 32%. It packs a delicious cookie and vanilla flavor. It gives off notes of earthy pine and diesel when lit. This strain produces a long-lasting cerebral high. Therefore, it would be best to save it for after-work hours.

Strawberry Milk (H)

Strawberry milk is perhaps one of the most delicious strains from this collection. It has an average THC level of 17.5%, with a taste and scent similar to a strawberry milkshake. Its cerebral effects build up slowly, often starting with mood uplifts to a sedative state. Fans of this strain claim it’s perfect for getting rid of migraines and fatigue.

Sour Apple (H)

This indica dominant hybrid has an average THC level of 14%-17%. It tastes like sour apples and gives off an aroma of a similar nature. This strain is a creeper. And will initially produce uplifting effects before leaving you in a couchlock state. Sour apple is ideal for managing sleep problems such as sleep apnea and chronic pain.

Juicy Melon (H)

The juicy melon strain, as the name suggests, consists of juicy melon and berries flavors. The fragrance is similar. However, it’s more intense and has spice and herbs overtones. This strain produces a soothing high, making it a fantastic choice for people seeking relief from anxiety and depression.


The STIIIZY cake is an introvert’s bestfriend. It has a dank aroma and hashy diesel taste and has an average THC level of 15%, so it does not overwhelm its users.

STIIIZY Pink Acai (H)

Don’t let the seemingly dainty name fool you! The pink acai strain packs an average THC level of 34%. This strain is ideal for social settings due to its heavy cerebral high that boosts mood and energy.

STIIIZY Cookies (H)

STIIIZY cookies strain is yet another delectable flower in this collection. It packs an average THC level of 24% and produces a long-lasting high. You might experience extreme cravings, so it’s best to have some snacks in the house.

Mochilato (H)

This indica dominant strain is delightful with berry flavor and a spicy herbal aroma. It has a THC level of 17% to 23% and delivers a soothing high that might help relieve fatigue and chronic stress.

China White (H)

China white is a moderate strain with an average THC level of 17%. Its flavor and scent are both cheesy and earthy. It produces a well-balanced high that starts with an uplift that eventually leads you to sleep. For this reason, it would help to incorporate it into your nighttime regimen.

Blue Burst (H)

The blue burst strain is known for its distinct blue-live nugs with blue-tinted trichomes. It tastes and smells like apples and berries combined. While it has a high THC level, its cerebral effect is as delightful as the taste and may relieve insomnia and anxiety.

Gusher (H)

Gusher is a delicious strain that packs a THC level of 15% to 22%. Its flavor and aroma consist of fruits and cookies with hints of spice. It produces relaxing effects. Users claim it helps improve pain and insomnia-related symptoms.

Space Glue (H)

Expect to be glued to your seat when you indulge in space glue. This sweet, pungent strain has an average THC level of 21.55%. Also, it produces soothing effects making it ideal for lazy days.

Circa (S)

This sweet and sour strain has an average THC content of 20%-21%. It produces a combination of cerebral and physical high coupled with a calming feeling. Note that its effects can be overwhelming if taken in large quantities.

Banana Split (S)

This sweet strain packs a THC level of 22% to 25%. It has a delicious flavor and aroma consisting of heavy cream and berries. Expect to feel motivated and happy. For this reason, the banana split might help relieve depression and stress

Orange Cream (S)

The orange cream is a medicinal strain that packs an average THC level of 20%. It has a dank aroma and candy-like taste. Expect to regain your appetite. Plus, due to its moderate effects, you may indulge in it during the day as long as you are not working on a task that requires high focus.

Orange Crush (S)

The final item on our list is the orange crush strain. It has a strong citrus scent and taste, with an average THC level of 22%. It produces a euphoric effect, making it an ideal treat for gloomy days.

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