05 April, 2022


Founded in 2015, the Raw Garden cannabis brand has over 700 dispensaries in California. The company ranks highly as one of the best live resin distributors, whose products come from single-sourced whole plant fresh-frozen raw flowers. Their consistency in production and testing is responsible for their pure, all-natural cannabis that is additive and cutting agent-free.

What Makes Raw Garden Superior

Raw Garden’s extraction process involves cryogenically flash-freezing. As a result, the company production team leaves the total cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpene profiles undisturbed. Also, the company uses an innovative process that begins with live resin during production. The team eliminates impurities such as waxes, tannins, and fats during the process, resulting in the iconic Refined Live Resin™.

What’s more, the cannabis brand shares results for every lab-tested product, including new product releases. With the Raw Garden vape carts, expect:

  • 100% Cannabis Oil
  • Total Cannabis Terpenes
  • Zero fillers
  • 510 Carts which are available in 0.3g, 0.5g, and 1.0g
  • Ready-to-use available in 0.3g
  • Zero artificial flavors
  • Zero additives

Raw Garden Vape Carts

Raw Garden vape carts contain pure refined live resin with an elegant design that features a ceramic mouthpiece that offers quick puffs. Their cartridges are also portable and come with a 350 mAh battery. While these carts lack temperature control settings, their preheat feature is sufficient to give you a pleasant smoking experience.

Here’s a list of the Raw Garden’s most popular vape cart flavors.

1. 3 Bears

3 Bears OG, also called 3 Bears Kush, is an Indica-heavy hybrid born from crossing Bear OG X Karma’s OG Cut X Triangle Kush strains. The bud has sweet, flowery, earthy, and spicy notes, And thanks to its strong calming effects, this strain is the perfect choice after a busy day. Expect an initial uplifting impact. What follows next is a feeling of euphoric bliss and a body tingle. Finally, the calmness kicks in, and for some, this might result in couch-lock. Owing to its average THC level ranging between 10 and 20 percent, you might find relief from conditions like muscle spasms and insomnia.

2. Chem Haze

Chem Haze is a Sativa-heavy strain born from crossing Chemdawg and Haze parent strains. Its buds have forest green nugs, amber-colored trichomes, a solid earthy and sweet flavor, and an aroma with skunky earthy pepper and citrus overtones. The THC levels are high ranging between 18 and 20 percent. Expect a euphoric lift and creativity boost that may last for hours. Fans of Chem Haze say it can offer relief from chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.

3. Dulce Fuego

Dulce Fuego is an Indica-dominant strain resulting from a cross between Sweet Fire OG and Tringle Punch strains. Its flavor profile consists of pine, woody kush, and citrus notes. Its high THC levels will leave you feeling calm. Fans of this strain say it helps tame anxiety and stress disorders.

4. Fire OG

Fire OG is an Indica-heavy strain made from crossing OG Kush X San Fernando Valley OG Kush strains. The buds have neon green nugs, purple undertones, and snow-like trichomes; the aroma is sweet pine, whereas the flavor consists of woody kush and earthy notes. It boasts THC levels ranging between 20 and 25 percent, and expert tokers say this strain is the most potent OG strain. Expect an initial effect of focus and mood uplift. Next is an energy boost and euphoria that eventually fades into couch-lock, unimaginable cravings, and sedation. Fire OG may offer relief from mild depression and chronic pain.

5. Lime Mojito

Lime Mojito is a Sativa-dominant strain resulting from a cross between Slymer and Gorilla Glue #4 strains. As you may have pictured, the strain’s flavor consists of spice-mint, lime and sugary notes. The aroma is slightly similar but with richer lime overtones and hints of sour herbs. Expect an instant head rush thanks to its high THC ranging between 19 and 23 percent. You may experience mental stimulation and an energy boost. The body tingle that follows makes it an ideal strain for home cleaning or dancing the night away. Potential medical benefits include the management of ADD, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

6. Lychee Blossom

Lychee Blossom is a three-way hybrid made from crossing Bisti Badlands x Triangle Punch x Slymextreme. It’s a tasty strain with earth and pine notes and an aroma consisting of citrus and lime overtones. It evokes calming effects hence ideal if you struggle with chronic stress, pain, and muscle spasms.

7. Surf Beast

Surf beast is another three-way strain made from crossing Bisti Badlands x Skywalker x Citrus Sap. You’ll love this Sativa’s diesel pine, citrus, and kush funk notes. Thanks to its energy-boosting and uplifting effect, it’s an ideal wake-up and daytime strain. You may also benefit if you struggle with depression and chronic fatigue.

8. Sweet Diesel

Sweet Diesel is a Sativa born from the crossing of Sour Diesel and O.G Kush parent strains. Its nugs feature syrup-like resin and frosty trichomes with orange hairs. The strain’s aroma and flavor are hard to miss consisting of sweet and diesel-like notes. The average THC levels range between 10 and 18 percent and are responsible for the instant head-heavy effects. Expect relaxation, laziness, or an energy boost, but overall a perfectly-balanced high. These strong aftereffects make Sweet Diesel ideal for users looking to manage glaucoma, chronic stress, and depression.

9. Kosher Kush #10

Kosher Kush is an Indica strain that, believe it or not, is Rabbi-approved. It has average THC levels ranging between 22 and 25 percent and, as a result, leaves users relaxed and stress-free. Beginners should take it in small doses as it may lead to headaches and dizziness.

10. RudeBoi O.G

RudeBoi O.G is an Indica-heavy hybrid made from crossing Face-Off OG and Irene O.G strains. This dank bud has coffee, earthy, herbal and spice overtones and a flavor profile of citrus, sage and mint notes. Thanks to its high THC of at least 19%, this strain brings about a long-lasting high of relaxation and euphoria. RudeBoi O.G can help tame chronic fatigue, insomnia, and fibromyalgia for some users.

How To Avoid Counterfeit Cartridges

The best way to avoid counterfeit Raw Garden carts is by shopping at a licensed store. Let’s look at several things you need to examine to ensure what you bought is authentic.

The packaging

Raw Garden is constantly switching up its packaging due to the rise of counterfeit carts. Most changes involve the placement of information on its box. Start by locating the batch number, manufacturing date and UID. Go to raw Garden’s site https://rawgarden.squarespace.com/labresults to confirm that the product is in the database. This approach is sufficient to verify authenticity.

However, if you require more proof, check the placement of the “warning” section. See if there’s any specific spacing, then compare this packaging to the picture on the company’s website.

The cartridge

An authentic Raw Garden cart will have the “CA!” symbol as a sticker and not an engraving. Also, check the cannabis oil. It should be a light yellow color. A darker yellow should worry you. The presence of a mouthpiece cover is another tell-tale sign of authenticity. Finally, check the CCELL cart. This feature is the hardest to counterfeit. Therefore you can tell in an instant whether it’s fake. Pay attention to the rod size.

Get Authentic Raw Garden Carts at Hikei

Raw Garden carts are only available in California. You can rest assured that your ready-to-use pens and vape carts are authentic when you buy them from us. Ready to order, visit our physical store or shop here.