Purple Punch Strain Guide

20 June, 2023


Ever tried weed strains in the purple family? These strains are a hit among cannabis users. One example is Purple Kush, which was described as one of the most potent strains in 2016. Other notable strains include Purple Trainwreck and Purple Lemon Haze. Well, Purple Punch is no different. It boasts great parentage, and its effects are similarly pleasant.

Purple Punch Background Information

It’s always exciting to hear how strains came to be, and with Purple Punch, the origins aren’t fully known. Experts believe that Hawaiian breeders at Supernova Gardens created this strain. However, the commercialization of Purple Punch, according to Cannabis Now, was thanks to the breeder from The Village, who obtained a plant cut from a friend in 2013. Fast forward to 2017 when the Village and his friend the Budologist released Purple Punch after joining together to form a company called Symbiotic Genetics.

Purple Punch Strain Parentage

Purple Punch is an Indica-heavy hybrid and a unique cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG strains. These two are responsible for Purple Punch’s flavor, aroma, and potency richness.

Grandaddy Purple, a.k.a. Granddaddy Purps of GDP, is a potent Indica leaning strain whose THC levels range between 20 and 27 percent. People consider it the grandfather of all cannabis strains, and we fully agree, thanks to its high cerebral and body flavor profile. If you have sampled GDP, you know it is sweet and tastes like grapes. Its aroma is similar and also features berries and intense, spicy notes. As for its effects, you can expect psychedelic, relaxation, and euphoric aftereffects. And as for its medical benefits, users say it helps with muscle spasms and appetite loss.

The other parent strain Larry OG is also an Indica hybrid whose THC levels are at 26% hence something rookie users should keep in mind. Bred in Orange County, Larry OG features a sweet and lemony aroma and a similar taste with tangy undertones. It provides a whole-body high that is calming. Users say it helps to increase one’s appetite and relieve pain.

Purple Punch Strain Terpene Profile

Purple Punch strain has a rich terpene profile. The most dominant one is caryophyllene which many believe possesses pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties and can help with anxiety disorders and depression. The other terpenes in the Purple Punch strain are myrcene, D-Limonene geraniol, and β-Pinene.

Aroma, Taste, and Appearance

Purple Punch features an abundance of anthocyanins, pigments responsible for the strain’s striking appearance. Purple Punch nuggets feature purple and blue hues with a heavy coating of snowy sticky trichomes. The buds also have vibrant orange pistils that add to the buds’ exquisite appearance.

Purple Punch falls on the sweet-tasting list of weed strains. It has a distinct grape and berry-like aroma reminiscent of the grape Kool-Aid or blueberry cupcakes. Its flavor is similarly sweet with vanilla, grape, and berry undertones.


Purple Punch packs THC levels between 18 and 20 percent. The immediate effects feel like a knockout punch. You will feel a cerebral buzz that will lift you into a euphoric state. With more hits, you may start to feel tingly and relaxed. Finally, its soothing effects will make you feel like you are drifting, and before you know it, you are asleep on the couch, and it will probably be one of the best naps you’ll have that day.

Potential Medical Benefits

Purple Punch can help manage various conditions. Users say that its head rush and relaxation effects are valuable for people with OCD and anxiety as it helps let go for a while. Its couch-lock aftereffects may help manage insomnia. Also, Purple Punch may offer relief from chronic stress. And thanks to the dominant terpene, caryophyllene, Purple Punch can relieve headaches and chronic pain.

Adverse Reactions

Thanks to its genetics, Purple Punch packs quite a punch. While aftereffects are typically pleasant, you might experience unexpected adverse reactions. For instance, if someone consumes more of the strain than they can handle, they may experience paranoia. Also, you might experience a cotton mouth and dry eyes. Therefore, it’s best to remain hydrated and to indulge cautiously.

Growing Information

Cannabis growers say that Purple Punch poses medium growth difficulty. Therefore it is ideal if you have some growing experience. Your main enemies are mold and pests. So you must try as hard as possible to mitigate the two, specifically caterpillars that love chowing down this cannabis plant.

It’s best to cultivate Purple Punch in a sunny, humid climate. Providing these conditions indoors is only possible through high-powered lights and a robust heating system. Its Indica dominant nature means it has a considerably shorter flowering time. Anticipate flowering to occur after 7 to 8 weeks. Expect to harvest about 6 ounces per square foot.

However, if you decide to grow Purple Punch outdoors, it’s best to do it in a Mediterranean climate. You can expect to harvest your frosty and vibrant purple buds around mid-late October. The strain performs best outdoors. The yields rely on your growing skill. It is possible to harvest 1000-2000 grams per plant.


Purple Punch is among the many flavorful weed strains in the purple cannabis family. It boasts good parentage, which is why it provides a heady high. It is perfect for days you want to be worry-free or when you need a good night’s sleep or pain management. If so, we recommend adding Purple Punch to your next purchase. Find award winning strains at Hikei’s online store. Shop now!