16 August, 2022

Mango OG Effects

As a fan favorite, the Mango OG strain has left its mark as a mouth-watering cannabis strain. Its tropical fruity flavor has all users seeking to experiment delighted. As the name suggests, the Mango Kush strain derives its aromatic flavor likeness to the mango fruit. Tokers get distinct hints of sweet pine as they inhale and spicy, earthy kush overtones as you exhale. Mango Kush buds are uniquely denoted by dense orange pistils covering its buds.

With its pacifying fruity mango high, this strain relieves stress and relieves your overactive mind by soothing its slow pace effects. Mango OG's relaxing nature helps manage debilitating pain, quell aches, and curbs the symptoms of depression.

What is the Mango Strain

To begin with, Mango Kush is a bright and euphoric strain that inspires, imbues, and awakens your creativity and imagination with its unique colorful simulation. Originally created in the 1960s, the Mango strain weed is an overtly Indica-dominant hybrid, although its exact origin still remains a topic of discussion.

Today, the strain we use was actually a combination first tried in 1991, which is a cross of the novel Mango strain with KC33 and the Afghani strain. In the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup, the strain ranked third in the indica category owing to its large buds and enchanting tropical fragrance. In 2009, the Mango strain was named one of the year's best seeds by the same publication.

As a plant, the Mango OG strain is short, averaging a height of five feet, with thick light green nugs that possess a lush orange pistil coating.

**Benefits of Mango OG **

Mango Kush gives you one of the best recreational highs due to its psychoactive properties, and to top that, it has several health benefits for medicinal marijuana users.

Thanks to its high CBD content, Mango OG is a stress antidote—it brings about calmness and relief. It is a welcome remedy for tokers who struggle with chronic stress, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety, as it induces an uplifting impact.

Mango kush helps with mood disorders with its giggly mood-boosting attributes. It lends energy and positivity to the mind and alleviates terrible moods, lethargy, and any other obstructions to your peace of mind, thereby unlocking the highest potential of your senses.

Mango OG's other medical benefits include its sedative effects seeing that the strain is a potent analgesic. It leaves you relaxed and provides relief when dealing with chronic pain, joint pains, headaches, and muscle spasms.

Mango OG can also be used to combat PTSD, depression, and insomnia. It has relaxing properties that help you feel optimistic, plus its soporific effects elucidate a euphoric buzz. It is recommended during the evening or before bedtime if you suffer from such ailments. As a result, you won't struggle to catch some much-needed sleep. After a long day, lighting up the Mango kush strain will definitely help you relax and unwind while also alleviating all the feelings of tiredness.

Mango Kush induces the classic munchies effects on a whole new level and has been known to enhance the user's appetite. Thus, if you experience a lack of appetite or in the event you want to combat nausea, Mango OG should be your go-to strain due to its antiemetic effects.

What Effects Will I Experience After Using Mango OG

Mango OG guarantees you one of the most pleasant highs you will ever experience due to its high CBD levels, which fortunately will not get you overwhelmed. It gives you a calm, euphoric, and relaxing feeling with a mellow, even-keel high enabling your mind to be flexible and in control.

Mango Kush gives you a feel-good sensation alleviating your worries and boosting your energy. It leaves you with a balanced high, melting away feelings of anxiety or anger even after a rough day. If you are creative, Mango OG is recommended as it enables you to stretch your creative muscles to the fullest.

That said, be sure to have some snacks within reach since it has a munchies after-effect.

Final Thoughts on Mango OG

Say you’re a seasoned marijuana consumer, Mango OG is the 'it' strain for you since it is a potent hybrid that gives you an intense euphoria. Moreover, as a creative, it boosts your creativity by emboldening your senses and summoning new thought pathways to illuminate concepts that may be locked deep down in your mind.

Mango Kush is by far one of the best strains out there, with its wonderful mango aroma and taste bound to give you energy boosts while unlocking your mind and casting a new light on your conscious thought.

As a grower, Mango OG isn't a problematic strain even for beginners, although yields are relatively reduced when grown indoors as opposed to outdoors.

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