03 March, 2022

London Pound Cake Strain

One thing we love about the cannabis flower is its broad-spectrum nature. Now and then, a heavy-hitting strain crops up and takes weed lovers by storm. Over the recent years, the London Pound Cake strain has become a fan-favorite among our clients. Here’s all you need to know about this dope hybrid strain.

About the London Pound Cake Strain

London Pound Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid (70:30) strain whose complete lineage remains unknown. This delectable strain is all thanks to Cookie Fam Genetics. Many believe London Pound Cake to be a cross of Sunset Sherbet (Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies) and an unknown indica. With a THC content level ranging between 26% and a whopping 29%, this cannabis strain is more than a pastry-like flower that’s bound to offer an otherworldly experience.

Genetics Sunset Sherbet x unknown indica strain
Effects Relaxing, calming, uplifting
Potential medical benefits Stress relief, mood boost, manage ADD and depression, appetite increase, chronic pain management
Possible side effects Cottonmouth
Aroma Berry, lemon, earthy, spicy, nutty
Taste Fruity, sweet, citrusy
Indoor flowering period Eight weeks
Outdoor flowering period October
Height Average
THC level 26-29 percent
Indica/sativa ratio 70:30
Yield Average for both indoor and outdoor


Like other indicas, London Pound Cake has outward branches with emerald green nuggets. Sometimes, the nugs appear purple because of the temperatures present during the growth stage. It’s hard to miss the dense colas and their coating of resinous, amber-colored trichomes and spade-shaped flowers.

Aroma and Flavor

London Pound Cake has a terpene profile consisting of Phellandrene, Limonene, Humulene, and Ocimene.

  • Phellandrene has minty, citrusy, and wood notes and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Limonene has citrus notes and can offer a mood boost
  • Humulene has spicy and earthy tones and may produce relaxing effects
  • Ocimene is fruity and can produce energy-boosting effects

Thanks to this terpene profile and parent strains, London Pound Cake has a sweet grape, lemon flavor that is creamy, resulting in a well-balanced tartness upon inhaling. Expect a nutty, berry, and earthy taste upon exhale.

London Pound Cake’s aroma is so distinct that growers begin noticing it within four weeks of flowering. This cannabis strain has a sweet and lemony aroma upon inhaling. The exhale produces berry and wood overtones with a background citrus scent.


Now, even before we highlight the London Pound Cake effects, you need to know that this weed strain is a heavy hitter. So, if you are a rookie, it’s best to save this one for when you’ve built high tolerance.

Surprisingly, the strain’s high THC doesn’t usually produce couchlock effects. Instead, the initial reaction will be a sense of clarity. After a while, a feeling of relaxation will creep up, relieving mild stress and leading to a feeling of bliss. This perfect mix of soothing and mood-boosting effects makes it an ideal afternoon choice for watching a movie or vegging out.

Potential Side Effects

As mentioned before, London Pound Cake is not for beginners. And although adverse reactions are rare for OG tokers, they can still occur. For some, the sedative effects might be more potent than usual. Also, you might experience cottonmouth.

Medical Benefits

We love the London Pound Cake strain because it produces a balanced cerebral and physical high. Users claim that the body high helps reduce chronic pain and fatigue. Also, if you are experiencing appetite loss, for instance due to chemo or medications, this strain may help manage such issues.

The strain’s cerebral high induces relaxation. And as a result, this strain may help users with mild depression, ADD, and chronic stress.

Growing and Yield

First off, the London Pound Cake seeds are not the easiest to find. Secondly, there’s not much growing information available. Moreover, expert growers say it’s not beginner-friendly, and seeds can put a dent in your wallet.

The seeds require close to three months to grow. And you can opt to put them outdoors or indoors. Also, you will hardly find feminized plants. Therefore, be ready to take out the males. The plant grows outwards and dense, meaning it might take up lots of space.

Managing the plant’s growth will require bending and stem training during the early stages. Trimming during the vegetative and flower stage is crucial. Doing so during the flowering cycle boosts flower production over the foliage. Finally, check the humidity levels regularly to prevent mold and mildew growth due to its high density.

The plant’s yield is dependent on the environment and may reach up to 7.5 feet in height. The grower’s experience, as well as the seed quality, also impacts the outputs. Expect about two to three ounces sq ft if grown outdoors. Otherwise, you will get 1-2 ounces if you planted it indoors.

Flowering Time

Most expert growers recommend growing London Pound Cake indoors due to its intricate nature. Flowering takes around eight weeks. Expect to see dense buds, orange pistils, and resinous trichomes.

If you decide to gow this strain outdoors, you must remember its parent weed strain, Sunset Sherbet, flourishes in a Mediterranean climate. Flowering occurs gradually. Also, you’ll likely harvest in October if growing London Pound Cake in the northern hemisphere.

Final Thoughts

London Pound Cake is the pastry-esque cannabis strain you need to add to your cannabis collection. Not only is it delectable, but it is also a heavy hitter with THC of up to 29 percent. Plus, unlike most OG strains, London Pound Cake rarely produces couchlock, meaning you can still finish some tasks after a session, well, as long as it doesn’t involve calculus.

Its mysterious lineage makes growing it a bit challenging for novice growers. Even so, HIKEI budtenders can offer valuable growing tips to help you harvest a substantial yield. If you’re ready to sample the London Pound Cake strain, visit our website to make an order. Feel free to check out other cannabis products, including edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and tinctures. Not sure where to start? Click on our blog for brand guides. Register an account with us today to stay updated on new strains, discounts, and offers.