21 July, 2022


Established in 2014, Kurvana prides itself on the following values: an ethical foundation, a dedication to transparency, a naturally innovative process, and a commitment to quality. The company provides whole-plant cannabis that is free of additives and fillers. Since its foundation, the company, led by experts, has strived to promote transparency and professionalism in the cannabis industry.

Moreover, Kurvana prides itself in its research-led extraction process that guarantees purity and preservation of cannabis phytochemical properties. On their website, Kurvana adds that they only source from trusted growers to ensure they have the highest quality flower. ASCND, one brand under their product line, is the culmination of innovative extract science. And as a result, it offers unmatched potency and flavor.

Kurvana’s commitment to quality ensures its customer’s safety through properly-tested products. The company has its lab and also adheres to third-party testing. The company claims that its instruments allow them to “test for pesticides down to the parts per trillion,” which is more rigorous than other companies can do. They also add that their products do not contain the following products that can be harmful, e.g., tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate), cutting agents, propylene glycol, additives, and vegetable glycerin.

Examples of test types include:

  • Cannabinoids testing
  • Terpenoids testing
  • Moisture content testing
  • Mycotoxins testing
  • Foreign materials testing

Five categories exist under the Kurvana product line

1. Originals

The Kurvana Originals are a godsend to terpene lovers. These extracts are tasty and true-to-flower featuring elevated flavors and scents. The production process is meticulous, using advanced equipment that retains all of the strain’s naturally present compounds. The products features include:

  • Over 85% of cannabinoids
  • Live whole plant cartridges and all-in-ones in 0.5 mL & 1.0 mL
  • Full-spectrum extracts
  • Features ten terpene-rich flower strains
  • Guaranteed 100% maximum flavors
  • Complete entourage effects
  • Zero additives, cutting agents, or distillate


  • Blackberry Kush- An Indica with sweet, berry, and earthy notes that will give you an uplifting experience
  • Blue Dream- A classic Sativa with sweet, berry, and musky notes ideal for any occasion
  • G.S. Cookies- A hybrid that features sweet, creamy, and earthy notes and produces uplifting and mild physical high effects
  • Grapefruit Kush- A hybrid with citrusy, fruity, and tart notes that produces relaxing effects
  • Headband- An Indica with creamy citrusy, pine, and earthy notes that release full-bodied effects
  • Lemon Haze- A Sativa with sweet, herbal, and lemon notes that produce mellowing effects
  • Master OG- An Indica with diesel, citrus, and earthy notes that offers relaxation effects
  • Pineapple Express- A Sativa with sweet, pine, and tropical notes that boost productivity
  • Sour Diesel- A fan-favorite Sativa with diesel-like, earthy, and citrus notes that will leave you energized
  • True O.G.- An Indica featuring intense citrus and pine notes and produces long-lasting mellow effects


CARBON21 is Kurvana’s vape line featuring exclusive raw concentrates. These products are also uniquely extracted and intentionally come in small batches. Prepare to be amazed by each strain’s terpenoid and cannabinoid complexity.


  • Black Diamond- A hybrid belonging to the Black Domina and Jack Herer parent strains, with sweet, pine, and earthy notes that produces clear-headedness
  • Chocolope Sauce- A Sativa resulting from a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze with decadent chocolate, sweet and earthy notes that produces a well-balanced mood uplift and euphoric effects
  • DO-SI-DOS Sauce- An Indica belonging to the O.G Kush Breath and Face-Off O.G featuring sweet and earthy notes that produce potent yet euphoric effects
  • Gelato Sundae- A hybrid resulting from crossing Gelato #33 and Sundae Driver strains with earthy, citrus, and fruity notes that produce calming effects
  • Lemon Royale- A Sativa belonging to Lemon Tree and GMO parent strains with rich lemon, herbal and earthy notes plus leaves users uplifted
  • Lemon Walker Diamonds- A tasty Indica belonging to the Lemon Skunk and Skywalker O.G. strains, with citrus and pine notes that will have you feeling instant relaxation
  • Mai Tai Badder- A delectable hybrid born from crossing Maui Waui and Tutti Frutti parent strains with tropical-like, berry, and earthy notes that will leave you feeling creative and relaxed
  • Zkittlez Sauce- A tasty Indica belonging to the Grape Ape and Grapefruit parent strains with sweet and sour notes and produces soothing effects


ASCND features portable all-in-one vapes with high-quality cannabis oils and is ideal if you‘re looking for vapes with potent psychoactive effects. Other reasons why you should consider purchasing ASCND vapes are:

  • Ready-to-use
  • True-to-strain flavors
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Pre-filled(0.5ml)
  • Efficient offering fast draws
  • Features ceramic heating element
  • 380 mAh battery hence long-lasting with about 100 draws


  • Amnesia Haze- A Sativa with citrus and earthy notes that boosts your vitality
  • C. Jack- A Sativa featuring sweet, pine, and citrus notes that produce classic Sativa effects
  • Cactus Cooler- A Sativa with earthy and citrus notes that evoke a heady Kush effect
  • Cosmic Glue- A pungent hybrid with diesel-like and lemon notes that leaves you levitated and relaxed
  • Dutch Treat- A sweet Indica with pine and citrus notes and evokes instant relaxation
  • Earth O.G- A spicy Indica with hints of earth and herbal notes that will leave you fully relaxed
  • High Fashion- A decadent Sativa with sweet, berry and pink champagne notes that evoke euphoria
  • Jet Fuel- A crowd-pleasing Indica with diesel and lemon notes that produce calming effects
  • Key Lime- A Sativa featuring lime and sweet notes and offers an energy boost
  • Lunar O.G- An Indica with pine, lemon and earthy notes that’s the perfect choice to unwind
  • Mimosa- A sweet and sour hybrid ideal for social settings
  • Pink Sherbet- A sweet hybrid with fruity and herbal notes that reduces mental fogginess

4. CBD

Like the other products in the Kurvana product line, CBD products are a perfect blend of live whole-plant extracts, CBN, CBG and other organic ingredients. You can also expect:

  • Three cannabis-infused options
  • About 80% of cannabinoids
  • Effective ratios
  • No MCT oil, cutting agents or artificial flavors


  • Banana Smoothie 5:1:5 All-In-One- an infused hybrid with tropical, sweet and fruity notes
  • Mint Chip 5:1:10 All-In-One- an infused Sativa with sweet, cookie and minty notes
  • Sunset Tea 10:1:5 All-In-One- an infused Indica with earthy, floral and herbal notes

5. Botanicals

Kurvana’s botanicals are a collection of fully organic, cannabis-infused, and whole spectrum tinctures. These products blend essential oils, THC and flavonoids


  • Balance 1:1:1- a perfect everyday choice for mind and body wellness
  • Calm 20:1:1- a go-to tincture for days when you are in desperate need of calmness
  • Dream 1:1:4:2- a fantastic choice for improved sleep quality
  • Paradise 1:1:6- a creamy product that leaves you in euphoric bliss and energized
  • Recovery 2:1:3- the ideal pick-me-up product
  • Sensual 1:1:6- ideal for intimate settings as it stimulates passion and excitement
  • Sunshine 1:1:10- a THC-heavy product that promotes focus and creativity

There you have it! The ultimate Kurvana guide! Kurvana’s all-organic and terpene-rich products will offer a rich experience, whether you want CBD, vapes or tinctures. Hikei is a licensed dispensary offering authentic Kurvana products. To order your favorite strains, click here.