03 March, 2022


Founded in 2010, Kiva, a family business, came to life when Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich Palmer decided to give consumers a better edible experience. They had visited a local chocolatier before and had begun producing the first Kiva edibles in their home kitchen.

Today, the company is famous for its premium cannabis edibles, consisting of five brands: Kiva, Lost Farm, Terra, Camino, and Petra. The company has grown and employs over 200 staff. Their food safety and consistency principles influence their rigorous production, testing, potency, and packaging standards.

The company also prides itself in producing organic products that are locally grown and sustainably sourced with a wide range of flavors. They also believe in precise dosing. As a result, their edibles contain up to 10mg THC per serving. Their participation in local events advocacy evidences their strong community commitment. Kiva also funds organizations to promote educational outreach.

Kiva’s Extraction Process

Have you ever wondered how Kiva gets their final product, whether chews or gummies? It is an intricate process. The team begins by extracting the desired cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Afterward, Kiva employs three techniques to ensure every product is potent, consistent, and flavorful.

  1. Coldwater hash

This method involves cleaning cannabis repeatedly in ice water to separate trichomes from the cola. It’s labor-intensive, however, this process is necessary to create a pure concentrate. The trichomes are essential as they contain terpenes and cannabinoids. Once filtrated, the team collects a final extract that becomes a critical ingredient in Terra bites and Kiva chocolate.

  1. Live resin

For this method, the team flash-freezes cannabis within two hours of picking. Doing so preserves all of its terpenes and flavors. Afterward, the flower undergoes extraction to produce a true-to-flower extract called live resin.

And if you are a cannabis enthusiast, you understand why live resin is superior. Its preservation of all critical components gives users a full-spectrum high. Kiva uses live resin in all of their Lost Farm products. The result is a full-sensory cannabis experience.

  1. Distillate

The Kiva team uses controlled pressure levels and temperatures to purify cannabis oil. The final product is fat-free, terpene-free, and lacks waxes consisting of a neutral flavor. This process allows Kiva to infuse different flavors, which is how Petra Mints and Camino edibles come to be.

Kiva’s practice of tapping into cannabis terpenes is unsurprising. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give plants their unique benefits and flavors. Moreover, infusing terpenes with different cannabinoids helps to enhance the effects.

Cannabis Brands Under Kiva Confections

  1. Kiva

The Kiva brand consists of sustainably-sourced chocolate bars. They undergo the coldwater hash extraction process resulting in decadent edibles, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark blackberry chocolate, dark espresso chocolate, and churro milk chocolate.

  1. Lost Farm

Launched in 2020, Lost Farm consists of live resin and true-to-strain edibles. The inspiration behind this brand was the mission to create edibles whose effects are similar to those felt when smoking cannabis. The company deliberately infused 10mg, higher than the dose available for the other brands. These edibles come in various flavors, such as lemonade, sour cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and watermelon.

  1. Petra

The Petra Mints might be the perfect edibles if you are a beginner. Kiva’s mission for this brand was to create the ideal introductory edible with a modest dose of 2.5mg. The concept is known as microdosing.

Microdosing allows users with low tolerance to enjoy the benefits of edibles through small doses. Such amounts are excellent because they will ensure you stay productive while still enjoying their medicinal effects. The Petra mints have decadent flavors, which include citrus, pineapple, tart cherry, and Moroccan Mint.

  1. Camino

Camino comes from “El Camino,” which means the Royal road- a historic route that meanders through the Golden State. These indica, sativa, and hybrid gummies are rich in flavor and have the perfect tailored mix of THC, CBN, and CBD. Their fan-favorites include wild berry, sparkling pear, pineapple habanero, watermelon lemonade, and holiday punch.

  1. Terra bites

Terra bites are another product from Kiva confections whose goal is to promote microdosing. There have been many scenarios where users unintentionally munch on too many edibles. It’s after the high kicks in, that many realize their mistake.

Terra bites are Kiva’s solution to this common problem. The line consists of sustainably sourced delectable, chocolate-coated edibles, including sea salt, caramel, espresso bean, almond, and NASHA-infused peppermint pattie.

Where to Get Original Kiva Confections

If you live in California and plan to try Kiva confections, it is crucial to select the right dispensary. Here are a few pointers.

First, check out their products menu to view their selections. Generally, a legit dispensary will list the item and include essential information such as the dose, weed strain description, and image of the item. It also matters if a dispensary stocks various products, from concentrates to gummies and nugs.

Secondly, the product prices are another consideration when selecting a dispensary. Remember, some shops will have minimum purchase requirements, and others may charge delivery. Ultimately, the final cost of Kiva products will depend on the potency and tax laws.

Location is perhaps the top concern for most users. You’ll want a dispensary that either delivers to your area or is nearby for walk-ins. Proximity offers easier access. Moreover, like selecting a barbershop, you’ll want to develop a long-term relationship with the dispensary, hence why location matters.

The knowledgeability of the budtenders is yet another crucial factor. You want a team that understands which Kiva confections suit you based on your tolerance levels and the desired medicinal benefits. This team can also explain to you about terpenes and cannabinoids and how they work. Also, they can gauge the CBD amount that will get the job done. This factor is vital if you are a novice user because you’ll need to rely on the budtenders’ knowledge when buying cannabis products.

Licensing is another top consideration. Black market sellers are everywhere. And it’s always wise to ensure that your weed products are safe for consumption. Check whether they are licensed sellers. Don’t be afraid to ask where the dispensary gets its supply. Usually, they get them from local farms or grow the cannabis onsite.

Check reviews to see users’ experiences. Start by checking the Google reviews. Alternatively, you could search the specific Kiva edible you wish to buy and click the comment section under that product.


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