28 February, 2023


**Ever wondered what it takes to be an expert joint roller? From the latest pre-rolled joints to the best rolling machines, Hikei has the tools and supplies you need to craft the perfect joint. **

**But it doesn't end there- Hikei also has a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you learn the art of rolling joints. Learn about the proper techniques for rolling joints, how to choose the best papers and materials, and how to identify and avoid common mistakes. **

**Take your joint rolling skills to the next level and create perfectly rolled joints every time with this comprehensive guide from Hikei. Let's get rolling. **

1. Best Rolling Machines

**Investing in a joint rolling machine is well worth the cost as it makes the rolling process much easier, faster, and more efficient. The machine eliminates the need to hand-roll each joint, saving time and energy. It ensures that the joints are rolled to a consistent size and shape each time. **

Rolling machines also eliminate the mess and waste associated with hand-rolling, as there’s no need to discard excess material. Some of the top-notch joint rolling machines in the market include:

  • RAW 79mm Roller
  • Powermatic-Joint Rolling Machines
  • Zig Zag King Sized 100mm Joint Roller
  • Nihao Electric Automatic Rolling Machine
  • Top O-Matic Rolling Machine

**Best part, a joint rolling machine can produce pre-rolled joints ready for smoking, which is especially useful for those that would want to be discrete. **

2. Roll a Cone Joint

**A cone joint has a broader tip than the base and is created by rolling a piece of rolling paper into a cone and then filling it with cannabis flower or pre-ground cannabis. Rolling a cone joint requires skill and experience, whereby you first moisten the rolling paper with your tongue and then fold it into a cone shape. **

Next, pinch the edges to seal the joint, and add the ground cannabis. It is crucial to not over-pack the joint, as this can prevent a good burn. A well-rolled cone joint should be evenly filled and have a tight seal. The cannabis should be evenly distributed, and the joint should burn slowly and evenly.

3. How to Roll a Blunt

**Rolling a blunt is a skill many people perfect over time, and it takes some patience and practice. The popularity of blunts comes from the fact that they contain more marijuana than a typical joint and provide a stronger, longer-lasting high. When rolling a blunt, avoiding common mistakes such as over-packing the blunt is important. **

Additionally, it is essential to be gentle when handling the rolling paper. Too much pressure can cause it to tear and make the blunt difficult to roll. Finally, be sure to evenly distribute the finely ground cannabis.

**With Hikei's guide, anyone can learn how to roll a perfect blunt. **

4. Best Rolling Papers

**Several key factors must be considered when selecting the best rolling papers. Firstly, consider the thickness of the paper. It should be thick enough to hold your product but thin enough to burn evenly and not alter the taste of your smoking material. **

**Secondly, consider the size of the paper. Rolling papers come in various sizes, so choose the size that best fits your smoking needs. Lastly, consider the flavor of the paper. Most rolling papers are flavorless, but some offer a variety of flavors to enhance your smoking experience. **

Some of the best rolling papers suitable for novices and experts include:

  • King Palm
  • RAW
  • ZigZag
  • Elements
  • Odet-Cascedec-Bollore (OCB)
  • **Juicy Jay's **

5. Best Pre-Rolls of 2022

**The best pre-rolled joints on the market have unique qualities that make them stand out. Hemp pre-rolls are made from sustainably sourced hemp and are all-natural, making them an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers. CBD pre-rolls come in tubes designed to deliver maximum CBD benefits and relaxation with minimal effort. **

CBD moon rocket pre-rolls are specifically designed to provide users with a more intense experience while still providing all the benefits of CBD. All these cannabis pre-rolls are made with high-quality cannabis and are designed to provide a smooth, enjoyable experience and include:

  • STIIIZY Skywalker OG Blunt Infused 40's
  • Mango Sherbet Pre-rolls
  • **Strawnana Blunt Infused 40's **
  • **Strawberry Cough Blunt Infused 40's **
  • Watermelon Z Blunt Infused 40's

6. STIIIZY Pre-Rolls Guide

**STIIIZY Brand Pre-rolls offer a hassle-free way to enjoy marijuana with minimal effort. These pre-rolls are designed in the classic blunt style, providing a slow smoke and intense flavor. High-quality ground cannabis is used to create a flavorful and smooth hit. **

STIIIZY pre-rolls provide you with unbeatable convenience, allowing you to enjoy marijuana in moments with no need to prepare or roll anything. STIIIZY Brand Pre-rolls provide an enjoyable experience every time, with a rich flavor and smooth smoke that you can enjoy immediately.