29 March, 2022

Jealousy Strain

Jealousy cannabis strain is an equal-balanced hybrid that every OG cannabis toker should get their hands on. A product of Seed Junky Genetics, this cannabis strain has a lot going for it, from effects and flavor to its easy growing requirements.

About Jealousy Strain

Jealousy cannabis is a product crossing of Gelato 41 and the Sherbet Bx1 weed strains. The Gelato 41 parent strain offers potent effects thanks to its average THC levels of 20% and a rich flavor and aroma consisting of citrusy, mint, and pine notes. It has purple-green leaves. Also, unlike other trains with high THC levels, Gelato leaves only have hints of crystalline glimmer and are not frosty. Gelato mainly produces a cerebral high. Users describe feeling euphoria, relaxation and a mood boost, and relief from conditions like stress, chronic pain, and anxiety.

The other parent strain is the Sherbet Bx1. This Indica-heavy hybrid also offers a solid cerebral and physical high due to its THC levels of 18 percent. Sherbet Bx1 is a delectable strain with a rich aroma of tree-like berries and earthy notes. The flavor is similar, consisting of citrusy and sweet berry overtones.

Its appearance is sunset-like with yellow and rusty-brown colored leaves and deep orange pistils. The height is that of a classic Indica with medium yet dense buds with a thick coating of trichomes. Its psychoactive effects include imagination, creativity, and focus, making it an ideal afternoon strain. Users say it offers stress relief, improves appetite, reduces nausea, and pain relief.

Aroma and Flavor

Upon the first whiff, you’ll notice a rich mix of creamy, sweet, candy-like, citrusy, and lavender notes. The taste is similarly sweet, having a perfect blend of its parent strains. Flavors consist of a potent kush spice, tangy orange, black pepper, and ice cream overtones. Tokers believe the Jealousy strain’s terpene profile consists of caryophyllene, linalool, limonene and alpha-pinene.

Strain Effects

Jealousy cannabis has 50% Indica 50% Sativa giving users psychoactive effects of bliss and mental stimulation. These aftereffects come as no surprise considering the strain’s high THC levels that can get to the 30% mark.

Expect a heady rush thanks to its Sativa components. For this reason, we recommend small doses for novice users. Sedation is rare. However, you may experience mind race, i.e., paranoia and confusion, especially if you suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Potential Medical Benefits

Jealousy’s stimulating effects can be helpful to users who experience chronic fatigue. It’s also a fantastic choice if you feel creatively drained. This cannabis strain works by invigorating lethargic muscles. Some users suffering from cerebral and physical pain have claimed it offers relief. And if you suffer regular migraines, menstrual cramps, tense muscles, and headaches, you may want to try the Jealousy strain.

Growing Information

Don’t let the Jealousy strain’s heady effects scare you from cultivating this delicious strain. Fortunately, this plant is beginner-friendly due to the strain’s relatively simple maintenance and ability to grow in various environments.

You could opt to grow the seeds indoors either in a pot or via hydroponic technique or outdoors in the ground. They flourish in warmer climates, specifically outdoors. Moreover, if you are an experienced grower, you should consider super cropping as they develop dense and short buds if you utilize internodal spacing

The flowering period is about eight to nine weeks, so expect to harvest your healthy cannabis plants around October if planted outdoors. Note that the plant’s aroma can be potent during the flowering stage. Therefore, you should consider employing odor control measures.

For instance, an extractor fan fitted with a carbon filter works perfectly. This device directs the cannabis air towards the air vent instead of other entryways. The carbon filter grips the terpene molecules. You may also want to grow companion plants like lavender and chamomile. These plants have a distinct smell that would mask the cannabis growing in your apartment. Alternatively, you could plant your Jealousy cannabis plant in an enclosed room to prevent the smell from leaking into other rooms and outside.

Experts also recommend the FIM or LST growing method to improve terpene profiles. LST refers to low-stress training, changing your plant’s shape to allow other buds to develop. Typically, your cannabis plants form one tall cola if left to grow undisturbed. Using LST removes the central stalk, allowing your plant to create multiple, evenly-balanced colas, hence more buds and ultimately a better yield. What’s more, LST improves the bud quality and is helpful when you have a small growing area.

FIM, a.k.a., ‘fimming’ is a training method that involves snipping the vegetative material instead of the cola/ top-most part of the plant alone. The result is multiple shoots from the central and nascent tips of the plant. It also promotes dense buds per plant by promoting lateral branching.

Jealousy has a decent yield. Expect vibrant-coloured popcorn-like buds with deep orange pistils and snow-like trichomes.

Final Thoughts

Jealousy is a tasty strain with positive aftereffects and rare adverse reactions. So if you have a sweet tooth, you undoubtedly need the Jealousy strain in your collection. Visit the Hikei store or online shop to buy Jealousy cannabis and other delectable strains.