26 April, 2021

There's nothing better than a beautifully crafted joint.

_Simple and easy. _

Pull it out of your pocket wherever you are, spark up and enjoy. They are portable, discrete, and give you an untainted flavor of the cannabis terpenes. Arguably the best way to smoke cannabis. At Hikei we have a wide range of joints ready to smoke. Shop Pre Rolls here

In this article we will walk you through everything you'll need to roll an amazing joint. Whether it's your first joint or your 1000th, this ultimate guide will give you a great foundation to help you improve your skills to the Jedi master level that you've always dreamed of reaching.

Well begin this article by exploring the different joints commonly rolled. We feel this will give you a solid base on what is out there and what creative joints people roll. We’ll then touch on ingredients you'll need . Lastly we present the step by step instructions to rolling a perfect joint.

Followed by frequently asked questions and our conclusion of the article.

Joints 101 : The most common types of Joints:

What kind of joints can you roll?

There's so many ways to roll a great joint. With many rolling styles out there, they dont always look the same & they also don't hit the same. The construction does affect the breathability of the joint and how it hits, so there is a never ending debate on which one is best.

In the end….. they all take you the same place.

Regardless of the look , a good joint will need to have quality construction and craftsmanship. So be sure that no matter what type of joint you roll, it's made with love that way it doesn't fall apart or burn uneven. Before we go into our step by step guide on rolling a doobie, let's take a look at popular styles that are out there.

  • The Basic –The Basic Joint is your classic 1.25 rolling paper masterpiece. In this ultimate guide we'll show you step by step how to roll it yourself
  • Dutch Tulip – The Duth Tulip is a European favorite and can be found in popular places like Amsterdam . It gets its name from a strange paper flap on the front that looks like a tulip. This joint is reserved for experience rollers . It uses other ingredients like string to execute correctly . Take a look at this video from Vice on how to roll this joint.
  • Tipped – The tipped joint is a Classic Basic joint with a roach inside the front or back tip of the roll.
  • The Cone – The cone has been a fan fav for many years . Made famous by weed pics of bob markey , and Wiz Khalifa. The cone has a narrow mouth opening that widens toward the tip to fit maximum weed in the joint. To roll this joint just angle the rolling paper to create a cone vs a cylinder shape. Many pre rolls are considered “the cone”
  • Backrolled – If you don't want to smoke excess paper a great way to do that is by rolling a back rolled joint.
  • Nosecone – The nose cone is a cone joint just larger in size. You'll need some kingsize papers for this one . Bring more weed too. Your common nose cone has a sharp tip that resembles a spaceship rocket.
  • Pinner – aka “the persie” is a small tightly rolled joint meant for personal use.
  • Cross Joint – Made famous in seth Rogen's movie “Pineapple Express” the cross joint is an advanced rolled joint only suitable for advanced rollers.
  • Diamond – The diamond joint is a difficult joint to roll. It's basically two joints that burn together to create some heavy hits.
  • The secret Agent - The secret agent is made by emptying out a cigarette and packing it with grinded cannabis shake. The idea for this joint is to appear like you are smoking a cigarette . Even though the smell may give you away.
  • Crossroads - The crossroads joint is another advanced joint to roll and resembles an ‘X’. This joint is very difficult to roll
  • King Sized – For any King sized joint you'll need a lot of weed, and a lot of papers. Either by pasting together many papers or buying extra large joint papers.
  • The Generation Joint - Looking to do something with your collection of roaches? The generation is made by breaking apart roaches and rolling a new joint with the caramelized resin covered cannabis shake.

Although there are many different ways to roll a joint , for the purpose of this article we will be focusing on how to roll the classic roll : The Basic.

Once you master the construction of this timeless roll, you can experiment with many of the more advanced methods listed at the end of the article. We even encourage you to invent your own! Let's get into it.


Before you embark on rolling the perfect joint make sure you've got all your ingredients prepared. We recommend rolling joints on a sturdy surface or rolling tray so everything is organized and easy to access.

  • Grinder
  • Cannabis of choice
  • Papers ( hemp or rice paper )
  • Filter
  • Pen or packing device
  • Rolling tray or table
  • Love and patience


  1. Grind cannabis
  2. Create the crutch or filter
  3. Fill rolling paper with cannabis
  4. Twist joint into cylinder
  5. Lick edge and seal
  6. Pack the joint
  7. Make repairs if needed
  8. Enjoy

Step 1: Grinding your cannabis

The first step to rolling a perfect doobie is grinding your cannabis. You can purchase shake that is prepared for rolling or break down the nugs yourself in a grinder. You can shop cannabis shake below.

Pro tip-

Something to consider when breaking down nugs into shake is to watch for fine powder at the bottom of your grinder. This is the kief and can be added into your joint or coated on your finished joint as this material has a lot of thc. Don't let it go to waste.

Step 2: Create the crutch or filter

The second step to rolling a perfect doobie is creating your crutch. This is your filter and will give your joint much needed structure. It serves as a base of your joint and will block cannabis shake from entering your mouth when you smoke.

The crutch can be made out of any thin cardboard like a business card . You can also buy premade filters that are ready to use.

Once your filter is ready place it into the back end of your rolling paper and create a cone shaped reservoir that is ready for your cannabis.

Step 3: Fill rolling paper with cannabis

After you have successfully prepared the rolling paper with the filter at the end , it's time to fill that baby with cannabis shake. A standard 1.25 inch paper can fit anywhere from 0.5g to 1 grams of shake. Fill the cylinder and disperse the weed evenly using your thumbs.

Step 4: Twist Joint into Cylinder

Once you are confident that you have put in the correct amount of weed for your joint, begin to twist into its finished shape. This is the most vital part of the joint rolling process. Gently roll the cannabis shake back and forth to tighten the shake into the correct shape.

Pro tip-

Don't roll shake too tight as that will make the joint have no room to breath and will not hit correctly. To roll a good hitting joint you'll need finesse of the thumbs as you roll it into place.

Step 5: Lick edge and seal

After you have twisted the joint into the correct cylinder shape, lick the adhesive on your rolling paper and roll it together to seal the edge. Roll over the adhesive until it is dry and your joint should be sealed so that it stays together.

Step 6: Pack the tip and twist close

After you seal the paper edge by licking the adhesive , use a pen or other device to pack your weed into the cylinder from the top. In this step you can fill up the joint with more weed . Just make sure you don't pack your joint too tight as it may not be able to breath.

Step 7: Fix repairs

The last step in rolling your perfect joint is to analyze for imperfections and holes. You want to feel the joint to make sure it has not been packed too tight. Also search the joint for punctures of leaks around the paper edge to insure there are no holes. Holes will cause your joint to not hit correctly.

Step 8: Enjoy

If you've made it this far in your rolling journey , congratulations! It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can spark it up right away or save it safety in a joint case of choice to be enjoyed at a later time.


There are many wants to roll a joint. Whichever style you choose , it will take practice to master the artform. The good news is that once you learn you can share your skills with your friends and let the good times roll. Below you will find Frequently asked questions regarding the topic.


How much weed is needed to roll a joint?

Usually a half to a full gram. This is about as much will fit in your standard rolling 1.25 rolling paper.

What are the best papers to use for rolling joints?

Most joints are rolled with rice paper and hemp paper. We sell a wide range at Hikei Cannabis

Do you need to use a crutch when rolling a joint?

A filter or crutch is not mandatory however it can give your joint more structure and decrease cannabis from entering your mouth. A crutch can also help your joint from getting soggy at the end.

Why doesn't my joint hit ?

There are many reasons why your joint may not hit correctly. It can be from the cannabis not being broken down enough, the joint being too tightly packed, or perhaps a leak or hole in the joint.