How to Roll a Cone Joint

These days, you can get your cannabis just about any way you want it. You can eat it, smoke it, vape it, drink it, blend it with your smoothie, wear it on your skin, or pop it like a pill. Every method has its benefits. Some are more discreet, some have a quicker onset, and some just…give good ritual. Take joints, for instance. Smoking a good joint is one of life’s great pleasures, and when you roll it yourself, it’s downright therapeutic. Settling into the ritual of rolling a joint gives you a chance to slow down, smell the flower, and get maximum satisfaction from a job well done. When you’ve mastered the cone joint in particular, you get even more satisfaction because…well, because it’s impressive when done well. Also, it holds more weed than a straight joint. And when you’re sharing, that’s a major advantage.

What is a cone joint?

A cone joint looks similar to a straight joint except that it’s wider at the tip than the base. It’s not as dramatic as, say, a traffic cone or an ice cream cone. It’s more subtle and gradual, and oh so beautiful. So yeah, cone joints are very pretty, but they’re notoriously difficult to roll. Just because a cone joint looks good doesn’t automatically mean it’s gonna be great to smoke. A poorly rolled cone joint can be deeply disappointing, embarrassing, and a sad waste of good weed. If you’re new to rolling cone joints, you may want to practice a bit on your own before trying to impress at a party.

Benefits of smoking a cone joint

So why roll a cone joint if straight joints are easier? Because when rolled right:

Cone joints look cool
Cone joints hold more cannabis than straight joints
Cone joints are sturdy
Cone joints burn better
Cone are fun to share
Cone joints leave less waste

As we mentioned earlier, it must be done right if you want your cone joint to be beautiful, sturdy, and fun to smoke.

Qualities of a well-rolled cone joint

So how do you know it’s a well-rolled cone joint? Some people have very specific preferences, such as that the tip end should be twice the diameter of the filter end or whatnot. But in general, you know you’ve rolled a good cone joint if the following are true:

It has good structure (not floppy or too rigid)
It’s easy to light
It burns evenly
The smoke is smooth going in
It stays lit

Cone joints may not be the easiest to roll, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. And the more you smoke your practice joints, the more you’ll notice the difference small adjustments can make. With a few simple tricks and a little practice, you’ll be on your way to rolling the perfect cone joint every time.

How to roll a cone joint

What you’ll need:

Rolling papers

High quality herb

A filter (optional)

Pen or packing device

A rolling tray (optional)

A grinder (optional)

A lighter

Step One: Prep your space Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. If you love the ritual of joint rolling as much as we do, we recommend using a rolling tray to keep everything neat and organized and to give yourself the perfect surface for rolling your joints. This is not necessary, of course, but it does make the whole process that much more enjoyable.

Step Two: Grind You’ll need to break up your weed a bit before it’s ready to roll. You can do this with scissors, pick it apart with your fingers, or use a weed grinder. We recommend opting for a mixed particle size, none too big, none too small. The larger pieces will give some structure to the joint and allow good airflow. The smaller pieces will help ensure a slower, smoother burn. This mixed particle size is most easily achieved by hand.

Step Three: Prepare the paper If your paper is not creased, then you’ll need to crease it yourself by folding it the long way. Using an angled crease can help guide you during the rolling. The glue side of the paper should be facing up.

Step Four: Place your filter If you creased your paper at an angle, place the filter at the end where the crease is closest to the edge of the paper. Otherwise, just pick an end. You don’t need a filter to enjoy a good cone joint, but filters help to add structure, keep the mouth end from getting soggy, and prevent weed bits from getting into your mouth. If you decide to use a filter, you have the option of creating your own using a small piece of cardstock or using a premade filter.

Step Five: Fill your paper with cannabis Spread the cannabis down the crease with less at the filter end and more at the opposite end. Depending on your preferences, you can use anywhere from a half gram to a full eighth. Just don’t fill it so full that you can’t wrap the paper all the way around.

Step Six: Roll it up Roll the paper back and forth between your index finger and thumb to get the weed slightly compressed into the crease. Then use both hands to hold the gummy side of the paper between your middle and forefinger, one at each end. Starting at the filter end, use your thumb to tuck the other side of the paper in and roll it around the weed so that it makes a cone shape. Go nice and slow, using gentle pressure. Adjust the compression along the way so that it’s slightly tighter near the filter end and slightly looser at the tip. The difference should be slight. You want your cone joint rolled tight enough to hold together and close all gaps between the weed and the paper, but not so tight that it affects the burn quality.

Step Seven: Lick it. Pack it. Twist it. Once you’ve rolled the herb up in a pretty cone shape, lick the gummy strip of the paper, not too wet, and seal it. Use a pen or packing device to pack weed from the tip down. If doing so creates too large a space, add more herb. But be sure to leave a little room for twisting the end closed, especially if you’re saving your cone joint for later.

Step Eight: Smoke it. Share it. Enjoy it.

Lighting the twisted end is a great way to get your joint fired up, but be sure not to inhale until the excess paper has burned off. Cone joints are fun to show off, fun to smoke, and fun to share. But no one says you can’t keep the whole thing for yourself. You rolled it. It’s yours to do with as you wish.

Practice makes perfect, and good weed makes practice fun. So get your papers out and start rolling.

Another option: Pre-made cones

If you’re itching for a cone joint but you’re not quite ready to roll your own, you have the option of buying pre-made cones that allow you to skip most of the above steps. You still need to grind your weed, but then all you have to do is create a funnel using a sheet of paper that you can use to fill your cone. One pinch at a time, drop your ground herb down through the funnel and into the cone. You’ll pack it the same way you would a hand rolled joint. Then twist it up and smoke it.

Quality cannabis makes all the difference

Your cone joint is only as good as the weed that’s in it. Whether you’re rolling cone joints from scratch or packing pre-made cones, Hikei is here for you. We offer the highest quality cannabis products, all of which are authentic and lab tested. Our friendly, knowledgeable budtenders are committed to helping you get exactly what you want, even if you’re not quite sure what that is. Come see us today. Or give us a call and we’ll deliver our fine products right to your door.