How Cannabis can help you kick alcohol


The Start of a New Year is always a great time to reflect. We can look back on the time we spent, and based on what happened, decide where we should go in the future.

The New year is a clean slate, and is the perfect time to make resolutions to enhance your life for the better.

A common New Year’s resolution is to_ cut out alcohol. _

According to a survey by YouGov, about 20% of people in the US made a resolution to drink less alcohol in 2021. There can be many benefits to cutting out alcohol from your diet.

Cutting out alcohol can:

Improve Relationships
Improve Physical fitness
Improve Mental health

It’s a great goal to have and here at HIKEI we would love to see you achieve your goal.

In this short read we will go over how cannabis can help & some products we recommend if you are considering cutting out alcohol in the new year.


Many people have used cannabis the help them “wean off” of alcohol.

Cannabis has many benefits that can help you replace alcohol:

Relaxation and Stress Relief: Cannabis is very effective in helping you relax. There are a wide range of THC and CBD products with various strengths to help you unwind and gain relief from stress and anxiety.
Pain Relief: Many people turn to alcohol to ease chronic pain and discomfort. Cannabis is a great way to manage this pain and is another great alternative to alcohol.
Sleep: If you are accustomed to having a drink before bed, you will have a hard time getting into a good sleep cycle once you go dry, for this reason taking a cbn gummy or using another cannabis product may help you kick the habit of drinking before bed.
Socializing: Having a drink with friends or family members is an enjoyable experience that is hard to kick for those who enjoy being social. A cannabis beverage can substitute an alcoholic beverage very easily and you can still share a great moment with your friends and family.
Recreational Use: If you enjoy the effects of alcohol for recreational use, you may find that cannabis can deliver similar results for having a good time.
BEVERAGES: The easiest transition of one beverage is with another. Cannabis beverages come in a wide range of strengths. We have some that may simulate the buzz of a beer or seltzer, or others that pack more punch like a glass of wine or mixed drink.


EDIBLES: Edibles can be another great alternative to alcohol. They can be carried with you in your pocket or purse and can enjoyed with your favorite non alcoholic beverage when your out with friends.


CARTS: Just like edibles, Carts are small and discreet and can be ingested very easily. What’s great about carts is you can control your dose by taking a puff and waiting to feel the effects before taking another. They may be just what you need to give you a lift without going back to alcohol.



If your trying to “go dry” in the New Year, Cannabis can be a great way to achieve that goal. Using cannabis can be a healthier alternative to alcohol in many ways. If you have any questions about how to use cannabis to help you kick alcohol , the team of professionals at HIKEI can help you find your way . Stop in today!!