Gumbo Strain

Gumbo Strain Ultimate Guide

If you’re in the mood for deep relaxation and a sweet blissful night on the couch, Gumbo is gonna make you swoon. Here’s everything you need to know about Gumbo cannabis, from the quick facts to the more detailed breakdown below.

Genetic lineage


Indica-dominant hybrid

Indica 65%

Sativa 35%

THC 18%-20%

CBD – ≤1%


Round-ish buds

Various shades of light and dark green

Burnt-orange pistils

Above-average trichome coverage






Piney fresh, mildly spicy, and very sweet


Earthy and hashy with distinct sugary sweet undertones


Intense euphoric high

Laughter or arousal

Mood lifting

Deep relaxation


Duration around 2 hours

Potential medicinal benefits

Reduce stress

Calm anxiety

Relieve pain

Decrease inflammation

Relax muscle spasms

Alleviate insomnia

Increase appetite

Potential side effects


Dry mouth


Ideal growing conditions

Greenhouse / warm climate

Flowering type


Flowering period

9 weeks

Height indoor / Height outdoor

<30” / 60-80” Yield indoor/ Yield outdoor 1 - 2 Oz per Ft² / 15 - 20 Oz per plant **Growth difficulty ** Moderate Gumbo strain overview Sometimes a little mystery adds to the pleasures of life. This is definitely true of the Gumbo cannabis strain. Little to nothing is known about the origins of this delicious, Indica-dominant hybrid, but without a doubt, it brings all kinds of good feelings to an evening at home. Just looking at the colorful, frosty nuggets can get us giddy with anticipation. Gumbo buds can be mint or olive green with hues of purple or blue, and they have above average trichome coverage. Some sources say Gumbo was bred in California, but the only thing we really know about its history or lineage is that it was made by crossing two unknown strains, giving it a 65% Indica lean and THC levels hovering around 18%-20%. The Gumbo cannabis strain was not, as some assume, named after the thick meat-and-seafood stew found on restaurant menus in New Orleans. Instead, it’s named for its own mouthwatering signature bubblegum flavor. The terpene Alpha-pinene gives Gumbo a nice piney aroma, but it also has an intense sweetness that will put it on your list of best-smelling weed strains, for sure. That sweetness carries over into the flavor, so what you get is a hashy, delicious, and sugary bubblegum taste. Gumbo is the kind of weed strain that indulges the senses in all the best ways. The Gumbo lineage may be a mystery, but that absence of information certainly won’t keep us from enjoying the pleasures it delivers. The Gumbo high If we had to sum up the Gumbo high in three words, they might be, Netflix and chill. Or maybe, Blissful couch-lock. Whatever words you use, the Gumbo cannabis strain delivers a heavy Indica high that’s deeply relaxing and will have you melting into the couch. Gumbo is one of our favorites for enhancing a night indoors. The high levels of the terpene Myrcene induce a full body sensation of relaxation as well as mental sedation, but the 2-hour Gumbo high also provides a mood-lifting euphoria. Gumbo has been known to cause laughter and sexual arousal, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a fit of giggles or getting frisky with your couch date. On the other hand, if you’re specifically looking for high energy laughter or friskiness, you might want to look elsewhere. Yes, we did say Netflix and chill, but think about it as heavy on the Netflix side, since Gumbo is also known to cause sleepiness. Oh, it’s also an appetite-stimulant. So before you head home for an evening of Gumbo-induced blissful couch-lock, be sure to stock up on your favorite goodies. Trust us, you’ll want them. In a nutshell, the Gumbo cannabis strain is your go-to for nights when you just want to stay home, relax, eat snacks, and sink into your couch. If you do have a date, you never know what might happen, just be sure you’re sharing your Gumbo with someone you don’t mind falling asleep with. Gumbo cannabis medicinal benefits Gumbo contains a combination of terpenes that delivers its sweet taste and sedative effects_ and_ provides a range of potential health benefits. Here’s a little bit more about the terpenes in Gumbo and what they might do for you. Beta-myrcene (or Myrcene or β-Myrcene), a terpene found in the Gumbo strain, is partly responsible for the intensity of the high, as some research suggests that it plays a role in helping the cannabinoids cross the blood-brain barrier. This contributes to the therapeutic deep muscle relaxation and sedative effects of the strain, making it a potentially great treatment for muscle spasms, anxiety, stress relief, and insomnia. You can also thank Myrcene for stimulating your munchies, as it is known to stimulate the appetite. Alpha-Pinene is the most abundant terpene found in nature. You don’t have to go far to find it or partake of its health benefits. All you have to do is inhale fresh forest air during a hike among spruce, juniper, and pine trees to reap some of the rewards that Alpha-Pinene has to offer. Alpha-Pinene doesn’t deliver a high, and Gumbo doesn’t have the highest levels of it, but what’s there is mood uplifting. And that, combined with the higher THC levels in Gumbo, plus the presence of Beta-Myrcene, induces enhanced feelings of happiness and euphoria that may help combat low moods and mild symptoms of depression. Beta-Caryophyllene (or Caryophyllene or β-Caryophyllene) is also a common and abundant terpene found in cannabis. It was discovered as one of the first non-cannabinoids to directly activate cannabinoid receptors. Because it binds to the CB2 receptors, which are found mainly in the organs rather than the brain and central nervous system, Caryophyllene won’t add to your high, but it may provide therapeutic health benefits. These include pain reduction as well as decreased inflammation in the brain and digestive tract. Studies have shown that Caryophyllene can help improve mood disorders and may help prevent cognitive impairment as well. With the intense high Gumbo delivers, combined with the therapeutic benefits, it’s no wonder this cannabis strain is growing in popularity. We love it. And if you’re looking to sweeten up a night indoors, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it, too. The Best Place to Buy Cannabis in San Diego | Hikei Cannabis Dispensary At Hikei, we’re serious about cannabis, and we carry only the best quality products. We offer top name brands, providing a wide selection and variety for recreational and medicinal users. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an old pro, you’re in good hands at Hikei. We’re a trusted supplier of authentic products, and we’re happy to help you find whatever you’re looking for: something perfect for night in, a night out, pain relief, better sleep, or just a fun new experience. Come see us on Home Avenue or give us a call at (619) 517-8605, and we’ll deliver right to your door.