07 September, 2022

Froot Brand Edibles

All the Froot Brand Edibles, including gummies and chews, are made using only the best strains to cater to your Indica, Sativa, or CBD needs. With so many cannabis products available today, it can be challenging to know which one is best for you.

Froot Brand gummies and chews are available in the form of different varieties. From sour to sweet and everything in between, the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavors and themes in your gummies and chews. New to cannabis and looking for an introduction? We recommend starting with a gummy. They're easy to consume, discreet, affordable, and have a wide array of flavors to choose from.

You can consume all these edibles for recreation purposes as you chill and relax. Additionally, you can use the various Froot Brand edibles for medical purposes to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions, including chronic pain, nausea, and muscle tension. Likewise, they help with stress, relaxation, sleep, and cognitive performance.

On that medical note, all the Froot Brand edibles are made using extracts from ideal cannabis strains and packed in well-labeled doses to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect choice. They are a suitable way of consuming marijuana without the risks associated with smoking or vaping.

Here’s the complete Froot Brand Edible gummies and chews catalog.

1. Peach Froot Chews (1:1 CBD: THC)

Peach Froot Chews are infused with a well-balanced cannabis extract with a sweet peach flavor. The cannabis oil gives the chews a whole spectrum to yield long-lasting therapeutic effects. To top it all, the Peach Froot Chews are vegan, gluten- and dairy-free. Certainly, every measure is taken into account to ensure you enjoy only the premium best-tasting infused edibles.

Ideal for use anytime, whether day or night, these chews leave you with an uplifting, cerebral high. Peach Froot Chews come in a ten pack, with each piece containing 10mg CBD and 10mg THC.

2. Blue Razz Dream Froot Chews

Blue Razz Dream Froot Chews are infused with cannabis oil extract from high-quality hybrid cannabis strains to see to it you experience the best of the Indica-Sativa high. These products are created to have this unique pull-and-dose effect using a proprietary emulsion of all-natural ingredients. This strategy eliminates the bitter after-taste of other emulsifiers.

Ideal for use at any time, the great-tasting Blue Razz Dream Froot Chews will help you relax with a euphoric high each time you consume them.

3. Blue Razz Sour Froot Chews

With an electrifying flavor, the Blue Razz Sour Froot Chews are made with high-quality cannabis extract from hybrid strains. These chews are 100% vegan and natural and have a sour taste that will make your lips pucker and taste buds come alive as they are full of flavor.

Blue Razz Sour Froot Chews give you an uplifting high and are ideal for use whenever you want a chill sesh. They are sugar-speckled and come perforated for easy cutting to pieces for consumption whenever.

4. Cherry Pie Froot Chews

Cherry Pie Froot Chews are infused with cannabis oil extract from high-quality Indica Strains to give you the perfect relaxing and sedating high. As a result of their high potency, these chews are ideal for use at night before bed to ensure you get a good night's sleep and wake up fresh to tackle your tasks feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

5. Grape Ape Froot Chews

Grape Ape Froot Chews are made with extracts from Indica Strains that pack quite a punch and are incredibly tasty with a distinct grape flavor. They are ideal for use at night or after a long day when you just want to chill and wind down.

Grape Ape Froot Chews give you a calm relaxing high that will help you catch some sleep and alleviate any mild pains and muscle pains you might be experiencing. These chews produce a spacy calmness with each dose and ease any rapid thoughts you might be having.

6. Lemon Sour Froot Chews

Lemon Sour Froot Chews contain cannabis extract from Sativa strains and have a natural, tasty, juicy flavor that delivers one of the most uplifting highs you'll ever experience. These gummies give you a relaxed mood lifting and mind-easing high. They’re suitable for use during the day as you go about your tasks.

Lemon Sour Froot Chews come in perforated easy-to-cut pieces for convenience and discreetness.

7. Froot m.y.sleep THC/CBN Gummies

Froot m.y.sleep THC/CBN Gummies are made using a rare cannabinoid cannabigerol extracted from unique Indica strains to deliver only the best of relaxing highs. Due to the potency of these gummies, they’re recommended for use at night to ensure you get some much-needed sleep if you struggle with insomnia.

Specially formulated with 5mg of THC, 2mg CBN, and 2mg Melatonin per gummy, Froot m.y.sleep THC/CBN with their mixed berry flavors will give you that signature ultra-Indica experience.

8. Orange Bang Froot Chews

Orange Bang Froot Chews are made using cannabis oil extracted from high-quality Sativa strains and all-natural plant products, giving them a perfectly balanced sweet flavor. These chews leave you feeling relaxed and cheerful, and you can use them anytime during the day or night.

9. Pineapple Express Froot Chews

Pineapple Express Froot Chews, with their zesty citrus aroma and a juicy pineapple punch to the palate, these chews feature Sativa-dominant strains and natural compounds. Due to the strains' terpene profile, these gummies deliver a potent hard-hitting yet relaxing high.

Ideal for use anytime, you’d want to kick back as the gummies give you an energetic, uplifting, yet euphoric high accompanied by a soothing sensation.

10. Watermelon Froot Chews

Watermelon Froot Chews are all-vegan made with cannabis oils from hybrid strains and have a spectacular taste and texture. These gummies have a burst of flavor that will uplift your spirits, thus ideal when you are going about your tasks or feeling creative.

Watermelon Froot Chews are perfect for chill sessions as they allow you to go with the flow and are suitable even for novice cannabis consumers for their slow hitting relaxing high.

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