Do Si Do Strain Guide

20 June, 2023


Do-Si-Dos is an excellent performer. Not only is it easy to cultivate and maintain, but it’s also great tasting. And we can confidently say that this weed strain will dazzle casual and heavy users alike.

Do-Si-Dos Genetics

Do-Si-Dos is a unique strain that goes by several names, including Raspberry Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos, and Cookie Face. It is an Indica-heavy hybrid that came to be thanks to the genius crossing of Girl Scout Cookies(GSC) with Face Off OG.

You don’t need to be a seasoned user to know about GSC. For good reasons, this Indica-dominant hybrid never stays too long on the dispensary shelves, particularly on the West Coast. First, it boasts THC levels of about 28%. And thanks to these potency levels, users get to enjoy a long-lasting high that brings euphoria, and other times couch-lock, which is welcome on a lazy day. Its aroma and flavor profile is hard to miss as it is both sweet and minty with back notes of mint and chocolate. The nuggets are striking, spear-shaped, and resinous with bright amber pistils and snowlike trichomes. GSC fans say it may help with insomnia, depression, and appetite loss.

Face Off OG is also Indica-leaning, with an average THC level of 20%. Expect a heady buzz followed by calming and relaxation effects that eventually end in a couch-lock state. A dank yet sweet and spicy scent wil hit you once you open a jar of Face Off OG. You might also catch hints of pine and earthy notes if you’re a seasoned user. The taste is similar but also has citrusy notes upon inhaling. As for its appearance, Face Off OG has dense lime green buds with red hairs and frosty trichomes. It also has medicinal properties that may help manage chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and migraines.

Terpene Profile

The three dominant terpenes present in Do-Si-Dos are:

  • Limonene- is known for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress properties
  • Linalool- is present in lavenders and is known for its stress-relieving, anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety properties
  • Humulene- is known for its anti-bacterial, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

Do-Si-Dos, like other Indica varieties, produces short, dense buds. These lime green nuggets have purple hues, snowy trichomes, and rust-colored hairs.

You will immediately catch pine, citrus, earthy, and lime notes when you open a ziplock of Do-Si-Dos. And upon breaking apart the buds, you’ll detect a refreshing combination of pepper, lavender, and dominant citrus notes. The buds also have trace amounts of berries that give them delicate floral notes.

The flavor is even bolder, and thanks to its OG parent strain, it is reminiscent of Kush varieties. It has an overall sweetness immediately balanced with lime flavors on the inhale. The smoke also releases pine, skunky, earth, and bold peppery notes that balance this sweet flavor.


Do-Si-Dos is intoxicating, which is no surprise considering its average THC composition ranges between 28% and 30%. You will experience euphoria and an energy boost after the first few hits. These effects will slowly switch to heavy relaxation that eventually tapers off to a soothing couch-lock state.

Medicinal Benefits

Medical marijuana users can benefit from the strain’s anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties. Some have reported pain relief for headaches, muscle tension, and arthritis. Its calming effects may help those with anxiety and depression. Additionally, some users have successfully managed insomnia, and others have stated that Do-Si-Dos has helped manage eating disorders such as nausea and appetite loss.

Potential Side Effects

The high THC composition can lead to unfavorable aftereffects, especially among rookie users. Some may experience paranoia and wobbliness. If this occurs, we recommend taking cold showers or warm beverages. Also, you may counter dry eyes and cottonmouth by hydrating and using eye drops.

Growing and Flowering Information

Growing Do-Si-Dos is moderately challenging, but that is not to say that a beginner can’t cultivate this Indica-dominant strain. The primary considerations are the grow lights systems, nutrients, humidity, and training.

Do-Si-Dos thrives indoors and outdoors and can produce over twenty ounces if cultivated properly. The plant can grow tall. However, due to space limitations, you will probably limit its height. Also, you can opt to grow it in hydroponic or soil. Remember that Do-Si-Dos behaves like GSC, so previous growing experience with GSC will be helpful. If cultivating the strain outdoors, it’s best to keep the temps in the high 70s up to 82 Fahrenheit. Additionally, ensure you expose your plants to the breezy nighttime temps for bright colors.

Training Do-Si-Dos can occur in up to four phases. The first training should occur about two weeks into the vegetation stage. You may begin by cutting off the top of each cannabis plant and improving airflow by spacing the leaves. You may also want to snip off growth on the bottom. Doing so will result in quicker plant growth.

Remember to set the humidity to 65% and water every few days while setting temperatures from 75 to 80 Fahrenheit. The next training will involve cutting off the new bottom growth to allow bud sites on the top to become bushier and increase in number and width—nutrients until this phase should be at moderate levels.

You may then increase the nutrients once your cannabis plant becomes stalky. It’s also the perfect time to defoliate before undertaking the next training phase. Training at this stage will involve supporting the branches with wire or even plastic.

We recommend defoliation once your Do-Si-Dos enters the flowering phase. Additionally, it would help to flush your plants before maturity for a clean product.

Cultivating Do-Si-Dos indoors may require investing in odor control systems such as carbon filters and fans due to the potent aroma. Also, you might want to keep grow lights far from the plants and monitor the percentage for each phase. Flowering takes up to nine weeks indoors, and the harvest period for outdoor cultivation falls in early October.

Final Thoughts

Do-Si-Dos is the ideal strain for users looking to expand their collection of dank and potent cannabis. Even better are the potential medical benefits that make it an excellent hybrid strain for people seeking chronic pain relief and a break from life’s worries.