Dispensary Jobs in San Diego

Dispensary Jobs in San Diego

Here at Hikei Modern Cannabis, our greatest asset is our people. Indeed, we understand that a business’s success is ultimately determined by the kind of people it brings on board. Because of this, we’re always looking for top-tier talent to join our team.

We hire veterans as much as folks new to the industry. But irrespective of experience, you have to be a superstar to join our winning team, which means you’re a go-getter, a team player, and have a great attitude.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking for your next opportunity, keep reading to learn about the different jobs at Hikei – and apply today!

The Cannabis Industry and the Hidden Jobs Boom

Sales of legal cannabis in the U.S. were $12.4 billion in 2019.

In California alone, the world’s largest market, sales were $3 billion, which represents nearly a quarter of all legal sales in the U.S. for 2019. As more and more states trend toward legalization, these numbers will continue growing, and very quickly at that.

What does this mean for jobs?

In short, it means that the legal cannabis industry will continue being the biggest jobs creator in the U.S., doubling in size over the past four years and growing at a much faster rate than any other industry.

According to Leafly’s 2019 job report, the U.S. legal cannabis industry added 33,700 jobs last year. Although somewhat of a slowdown for industry standards, this represented a 15% increase from the previous year, bringing the total of full-time positions to 243,700.

California laid claim to 16% of the market with a total of 39,804 jobs. Leafly’s jobs report, which was written before the outbreak of the coronavirus, projected double-digit growth for 2020 in both sales and jobs.

So how will the coronavirus impact the industry?

It’s hard to say exactly what the impact will be, but a few things are certain.

So far, the coronavirus has affected the cannabis industry less than nearly every other facet of the economy.

This is because people need weed in times of crisis, and a global pandemic that requires self isolation in mass certainly qualifies as such a time.

Moving forward, given that marijuana entrepreneurs are some of the most innovative and resilient people in the business world, we can say with certainty that the cannabis industry will emerge from this crisis stronger than before.

Now is the time to get in where you fit in!

Dispensary Jobs and More

There are a number of possible opportunities at Hikei, both on the retail and cultivation sides of the business, with each position requiring a unique skill set.

On the retail side of our business:

Budtenders provide customers with information about our cannabis products. They are a go-to resource for customers looking to make a purchase. To do this job well, you need to be a quick learner, a people person, and have a great attitude since you’ll be regularly interfacing with customers and coworkers.

Delivery Drivers transport cannabis products to customers. To do this job well, you need to be punctual, a people person, and have a great attitude since you’ll be regularly interfacing with customers at their homes. You also need a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Store managers make sure all retail operations are running smoothly, for customers and employees alike. To do this job well, you need to have prior retail experience and people management skills. Since our work culture is very teamwork oriented, a store manager needs to be a player coach as much as a coach of players.

On the cultivation side of our business:

Trimmers cut the flower of the cannabis plant from its stem getting it ready to bring to market. To this job well, you need to be organized, detail oriented, and dexterous. Having a great attitude is a must since you’ll be working alongside other trimmers.

Packers are responsible for packing a wide array of cannabis products. To do this job well, you need to have a similar skillset to that of trimmers, especially being good with your hands and detail oriented.

Master growers are responsible for bringing high-quality cannabis cultivation to scale. To do this job well, in-depth knowledge of the entire life cycle of the cannabis plant and prior cultivation experience are must haves.

Looking for a new opportunity?

In order to continue growing cannabis and growing as a business, we understand that growing our team of stellar performers is a prerequisite. If you’re interested in joining us at Hikei Modern Cannabis, click on the link below and apply today!

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