29 March, 2022

Crown Jewels Strain

Have you recently been to our Flagship store or read our newsletter? If not, here’s a PSA; the Hikei cannabis is now available! Our customers know how passionate we are about cannabis.

The Hikei flower drop is our line of weed products that include exotic strains that undergo strict testing, production, and packaging. Our product lineup comes in three sizes, the “eightr,” “zip,” and “baller bag.”

The best way to introduce you to our unique lineup is with the Crown Jewelz strain. This strain comes in a zip, meaning it comes in a 1.0 oz size inside an adequately sealed mylar bag. The zip is perfect for tokers who enjoy group sessions. Expect to pay about $225.

About the Crown Jewelz Strain

Crown Jewelz strain is an indica-heavy weed that belongs to Jealousy and the London pound cake strain. This exotic strain contains 26.5% THC in a 28g zip. Crown Jewelz’s heavy-hitting effects are all thanks to the ingenious crossing.

Parent strain #1 -Jealousy

Jealousy cannabis is a fan-favorite for tokers with a sweet tooth. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is a delicious mix of the Sherbet backcross and Gelato #41 and dense buds with vibrant purple-green color and bulging trichomes.

The aroma consists of rich grapefruit and creamy, candy-like notes with citrus and pine on the background. The flavor is similar with sweet taste upon inhale and sour one upon exhale. While its appearance is enough to scare a novice user, Jealousy rarely puts you in couch-lock. Expect immediate heavy-hitting effects followed by an energy and mood boost and cravings.

Parent strain #2- London Pound Cake

London Pound Cake is also a delectable strain with an average THC level between 27.5 and 29 percent. It’s also indica-dominant and a result of crossing Sunset Sherbet with an unknown cannabis strain.

Expect a sweet and citrus aroma. The flavor is rich with fruity notes of grapes and berries and hints of lemon upon the first inhale. London Pound Cake then reveals vanilla, earthy and nutty flavors upon exhale.

Like the Jealousy strain, this potent cannabis does not send you to sleep. Instead, users report feeling energetic, happy, and creative. London Pound Cake is a top choice for social settings or afternoons when you need a boost to finish your art assignment. Ensure to have your snacks on standby because this strain results in serious cravings. Also, while it doesn’t produce sedating effects, we recommend consuming in small doses if you aren’t an experienced user.

Crown Jewelz Aroma and Flavor

Thanks to its delicious parent strains, Crown Jewlz strain has fruity notes of berry and cherries. Expect a sweet taste upon exhale coupled with creamy pine notes. The fragrance is quite different, consisting of humulene, ocimene, phellandrene, and limonene terpene profiles. Humulene gives it a spicy and earthy aroma. On the other hand, Limonene produces citrusy notes, while ocimene is responsible for its fruity notes. Expect hints of herbal, pine, and vanilla as well.

Crown Jewelz Effects

The strain’s THC level of 26.5 means that Crown Jewelz isn’t a beginner’s strain. You’ll undoubtedly love this weed’s physical and cerebral high. It produces relaxing and mentally calming effects. It’s also uplifting, therefore a fantastic evening choice for when you’ve had a busy day. Its euphoric effects make it ideal for movie nights or a chill meet-up with friends.

Crown Jewelz’s Potential Health Benefits

Like other cannabis strains, Crown Jewelz may offer medical benefits. It may provide relief from the following conditions.

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swings
  • Stress
  • Appetite Loss

Possible Side Effects

Adverse reactions are rare with this exotic strain. However, we recommend taking it slow if unfamiliar with heavy-hitting cannabis strains. Also, you might want to light up Crown Jewelz after-hours or during weekends. It’s possible to experience sedative effects. The good thing is that while you may become unproductive, the couch-lock feeling will continue to produce relaxing aftereffects.

If you are looking for high-quality, heavy-hitting, and flavorful cannabis, the Hikei Crown Jewelz strain ticks all the boxes. And as mentioned earlier, its high THC content rarely produces couch-lock. Instead, it leaves you feeling calm, creative, happy, and uplifted.

Crown Jewelz is a taste of what’s to come from Hikei’s flower drop. Established by “da fireman,” this product lineup results from thousands of hours of labor and dedication to breeding excellence. Our team works continuously at our Home Ave Cultivation center. We hand-trim all the nugs, which preserves all of the THC. We intend to set high global standards by creating potent and dense strains. And with over two decades of experience cultivating cannabis, you can bet that our products will be fire! What’s more, you can rest assured you will buy them at a good deal.

Whether you wish to try Crown Jewelz or stock up on your favorite flower strains, the Hikei dispensary has what you need. Visit our store at 3940 Home Ave, San Diego, or Shop here: https://wehikei.com/shop/hikei-exotics/crown-jewelz-zip/61c6700e519a2422ee71728c