09 February, 2022


CLSICS is a recognized San Diego-based Cannabis brand known for pioneering live resin in the industry. Their products are all handcrafted using a solventless extraction technique. The company believes rosin is a gamechanger in the world of cannabis extraction due to its unmatched “entourage effect.” Currently, the company manufactures four kinds of cannabis products: vape, pre-rolls, extracts, and edibles.

Their goal is to improve social connections through cannabis, and their products do just that. CLSICS also believes that the process of rosin creation is like art. Therefore, they strive to make their products easily adaptable to users’ everyday lifestyles.

What Is Live Rosin?

It is essential to understand what rosin is to understand live rosin better. Rosin is a concentrate derived from cannabis flowers, kief, or hash. Rosin extraction is relatively straightforward, and some users make it at home using a hair straightener. On the other hand, commercial extraction of rosin utilizes an industrial press.

Live rosin undergoes a similar extraction process to rosin. One primary difference exists, i.e., live rosin production uses freshly frozen flowers rather than cured and dried ones. The immediate cryogenic freezing after harvesting helps preserve the majority of the cannabis plant terpenes.

In comparison, rosin undergoes drying and curing, which lowers the moisture and results in terpene loss.

What Is the Difference Between Live Resin and Live Rosin Used by CLSICS?

Factors Live Resin Live Rosin
Appearance Live resin is malleable, amber-colored, and has a sugar-like texture. Live rosin has a light golden color that differs by bud. It has a buttery texture similar to ‘badder’ concentrate.
Extraction Live resin undergoes an intricate extraction process. It first undergoes cryogenic freezing before extraction using a hydrocarbon solvent like propane.

Manufacturers use a specific equipment type due to the flammability of the solvents.

Live rosin extraction uses ice pressure, water, and heat. Manufacturers use an industrial press on hash/flower to release the rosin. They also convert frozen buds into ice wax.

Typically, this process occurs inside filter bubble bags. Afterward, the rosin collected goes through a heat press to create the final product.

Taste Live resin taste almost similar to the cured cannabis plant flavor. Live rosin has a true-to-flower flavor.
Costs Live resin is easily scalable compared to live rosin. It is also mass-produced, therefore more affordable. Live rosin is more expensive due to the labor involved in solventless extraction. Also, there are currently few producers of high-quality live rosin-infused products.

What Is the Difference Between CLSICS’ Solventless Concentrates and Distillate?

By now, you can probably tell that not every concentrate is made the same. This rule applies to the CLSICS’ solventless live hash rosin and distillate. Is there a difference?

Differences Distillate CLSICS live hash rosin
Initial step The distillation process begins with leftover dried cannabis flowers.

This choice of base plant material is because the idea is to extract pure THC. Therefore, no concern about the terpene profile.

And although you lose most of the terpenes, this process allows you to add more flavors to your concentrate.

This process begins after the selection of top-notch trichome heads. Remember, the goal is to protect all of the plant’s terpenes to create an otherworldly end product.

The trichome heads undergo the ‘Whole Plant fresh Frozen,’ hence live rosin.

Middle stage Distillates require crude extraction, whereby a solvent like butane or CO2 breaks down cannabinoids.

This chemical process destroys original terpenes leaving high THC levels.

This end material allows for the reintroduction of various terpenes like pine and hemp.

The freshly frozen trichome heads undergo an ice cleaning process either in a machine or manually.

Afterward, these trichomes go into a filter to create a ‘bubble hash.’

Final process Two processes occur in this stage: winterization and decarboxylation.

During winterization, the production team combines ethanol with the oil then leaves this mixture for upto 48 hours in a cold environment.

This process separates the THC and oil from the impurities. The oil will then undergo filtration to eliminate the ethanol.

The final step is decarboxylation. This heating process converts the distillate THCa into a smokable THC product.

The bubble hash goes under a rosin press which converts it to live hash rosin.

This end product is solventless, additive-free, and contains the plant’s original terpenes.

The CLSICS Rosin Extraction Process

The CLSICS live rosin extraction involves the following steps.

  • Harvesting of high-quality cannabis plants
  • Plants undergo cryogenic freezing, which protects the terpenes
  • The team then transfers the frozen buds into an ice bath to disconnect the plant from the trichomes
  • The trichomes undergo a freezing and drying process to get to the desired humidity standards
  • Afterward, these trichomes go into filter bags and parchment paper.
  • The production team then uses heat, pressure, and a press to convert the trichomes to oil. This oil passes through the filter onto the parchment.
  • Finally, the CLSICS team collects the rosin and cures it to the desired consistency.

CLSICS Pre-Rolls

The CLSICS infused pre-rolls are available in three packaging types.

  • Single 0.7 g. This pre-roll contains 0.5g top-notch flower and 0.2g of resin.
  • Single 1.3g. This item consists of 1g ground cannabis and 0.3g of resin.
  • Four-pack. This pre-roll pack contains four 0.77g joints


The CLSICS vapes are available in .5g in varied flavors, including strains like Purple Punch, Wedding Cake, and Forbidden Fruit. Expect durable carts with exceptional aroma and taste. Each cart also contains full spectrum and solventless live rosin vape oil, producing an entourage effect.

How To Store CLSICS Cannabis Products

We recommend that you seal your rosin-infused product after every use. As for the solventless extracts, it’s always best to refrigerate them to prevent terpene loss. Remember, this is only for the short term, ideally a week. If you wish to purchase in bulk, we recommend storing the product in airtight mason jars then freezing them.

Why CLSICS Live Rosin Products Are Superior

The CLSICS entire range of products is solventless. And as a result, the quality is unmatched. Users can sample the strain’s aromatic and flavor profile and psychoactive effects by preserving all of the plant’s original terpenes. Moreover, there’s no fear of consuming solvents like butane from any CLSICS products that can be harmful.

The CLSICS vape carts are a work of art. No need to worry about leaks. Also, the products are durable and yield long-lasting effects. For instance, the Sour Double Mango flavor is excellent for productive days. And on the days you need to crash on the couch, Purple Punch flavor has got you covered.

Let’s not forget the CLSICS pre-rolls. If you didn’t know, the company updated their original Gen 1 pre-rolls to Gen-2 pre-rolls. The latter now includes the rosin inside the joint rather than rolling paper. As a result, the current Gen-2 pre-rolls ensure even redistribution—guaranteeing you get rosin in every puff. Expect a consistent terpene profile in all of CLSICs pre-rolls.

Final Thoughts

CLSICS live rosin products are the ideal products for group sessions. With their true-to-flower terpene profile, you are guaranteed the maximum flavor and cerebral effects with every puff puff pass. If you’re looking for products that offer value for money, look no further than the CLSICS brand. Where can you get them? Right here at the HIKEI dispensary. Walk into our San Diego store at 3940 Home Ave, San Diego, or buy them online by clicking here.