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Cheech and Chong

Stoner comedy films are the perfect way to enjoy a sesh with friends on a lazy afternoon. And for the youngins, it’s hard to imagine a time when weed was illegal. But ask anyone from the older generation about pot culture and the legends that helped decriminalize marijuana. In all likelihood, Cheech and Chong will come up.

Now who are these people, you might ask? These two marijuana enthusiasts loved showing their interest through improv shows and films. So a little backstory, Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong met up in the late 1960s and discovered they both shared the same interests in comedy. The pair began doing stand-up and musical skits on different themes, including political satire and the Latino and stoner culture. The success in this underground scene motivated them to move to the cinematic world.

Their first motion picture, Up In Smoke, came out in 1978 and was a box office success leading to worldwide recognition. The positive reception resulted in sequels like _Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, Still Smokin’, _and Nice Dreams. It was through these movies that they sparked a cult following around marijuana. With so many classic marijuana scenes, here are the top 10 every stoner should know about and check out.