Cannabis for pain relief

15 March, 2021


Dealing with pain is a part of life. As humans, we are bound to feel some degree of pain. Each day comes with its challenges and with that comes the million different ways to take a beating. Yikes! Some pain emanates from our jobs, while others come from illnesses & accidents. Whatever the pain source may be, it's vital to get relief…..The good news is that Cannabis can help. Many people are turning to cannabis as a natural remedy to cope with pain , So they can get back to enjoying their life.

In this article we go over many common ailments , & how cannabis can be used for those seeking natural remedies. We will also highlight recommended products that are popular here at Hikei Cannabis. The 3 sections we will touch on are : Cannabis 101 , Common Pain treated with Cannabis , as well as some ways to ingest cannabis for pain relief. Keep in mind that you should always consult a medical professional prior to treating any pain relief.

Article breakdown:

  • CANNABIS 101 : Introduction to cannabis as it relates to pain relief
  • THE MANY WAYS TO INGEST : A brief overview

CANNABIS 101 Why choose Cannabis?

Today more than ever people are treating their pain with Cannabis products. They can provide an alternative to Prescription drugs that come with side effects , cause addiction and also cost a fortune.

For those looking to treat pain alternatively with natural products, Cannabis may be your best option. Blessed with two powerful components THC and CBD, this plant has, is, and continues to serve as an ideal panacea for many common ailments plaguing humans.

Since its legalization in some states in the United States for medicinal uses, cannabis has and is still gaining grounds as a must-have for persons suffering from a wide array of ailments, and pain relief of all kinds. Void of some of the side effects of prescription drugs for pain, opioids have experienced a considerable fall in demand thanks to their many side effects. Cannabis, on the other hand, continues to gain popularity and is today an ideal panacea for cannabis becoming a potent treatment for pain.

**The THC and CBD in Cannabis **

Considered as two of the most potent components of the cannabis plant, the THC is responsible for the high feeling (psychoactive effects) associated with the consumption of the cannabis plant. The CBD, on the other hand, provides a more calming effect and also relates with pain receptors in the brain to utilize pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Research shows that each component has many more healing effects & everyday more benefits are discovered.

*The Science Behind Cannabis for Pain *

Thanks to years of extensive research on cannabis as a panacea for pain, there are many studies that have yielded great results. A few notable studies listed below . Links at bottom of page. A 2015 study on the use of cannabis for pain surveyed that patients who medicated with cannabis or cannabinoids felt some relief from some types of chronic pain (nerve pain). Another research conducted in 2016 suggested that the use of cannabis for pains suffered by cancer patients meant a steep decline in their use of opioids sandwiched by fewer side effects associated with the said prescription drug (opioids). A group of Australian researchers surveyed in 2018 and concluded that cannabis is ideal for reducing pain and the need to use opioid medications.


Interested in trying cannabis for pain relief? For many years cannabis has been used to treat a wide range of conditions to minimize pain. In this section we bullet point popular uses & common ailments that are treated with cannabis.

- Chronic Pain:

According to the Alternative and Complementary Medicine Journal: Chronic pain affects millions of people worldwide. Surprisingly enough, it affects more people than diabetes, heart disease as well as cancer combined. With that said, it should be worthy to note that the most common cause associated with long-term disability in the United States alone is chronic pain. Ingesting cannabis has been known to minimize the effects of chronic pain and help those living with it to have a better quality of life as they heal.

- Anxiety:

Many people find cannabis use helps them to relax and worry less. Ingesting cannabis can help you slow down and relax and relieve any symptoms of being anxious. The therapeutic effects of THC can help combat anxiety. Read more https://wehikei.com/blog/best-weed-for-anxiety

**- Depression: **

Depression affects over 300 million people a year across the globe. By relieving feelings of anxiety and having a stable mood, cannabis can be a great option for those suffering from anxiety. A great read on the topic is available from healthline here

**- Cancer-related symptoms : **

Cannabis has in recent times proven effective as a way to cope with cancer pain and the adverse effects associated with cancer treatments. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting , lack of appetite and weight loss have shown to decrease from cannabis use. Cannabis can help minimize issues from chemotherapy treatment.

**- Post-traumatic stress disorder **

PTSD is another ailment that cannabis has been known to help with. This condition causes problems like nightmares , panic attacks & other overwhelming emotions. In some cases the emotions can lead to suicide. The therapeutic effects of cannabis can help those suffering.See link for more information

**- Arthritis ** **- Inflammation ** - Reduce acne - Post-workout soreness - Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis an ailment of the spinal cord. Its effects are muscle spasms and loss of muscle control. While some opt for prescription drugs, others (up to 66 percent) now medicate with medical marijuana, and the results have been beneficial. This can work along size other medical treatments.

- Peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain from diabetes) - Spinal cord injury


Cannabis is consumed in many ways. Each method may give you slightly different results . The 3 most common ways to ingest cannabis are top apply to skin via topical creams , inhale via smoking , eating via edible products.

1. Topical creams

2. Smoking Cannabis

3. Edibles


There are many topical creams on the market infused with CBD and THC. You may find different ratios of THC/CBD that will give you different results. At Hikei we have all of the most popular brand. Below you can find a link to our top selling topical creams. Click each link to shop


Smoking cannabis is the most popular way to consume cannabis. There are many ways to inhale the smoke or vapor and receive instant relief from pain. Of all the ways to smoke cannabis, the most popular are pipes, bongs, joints, and vaporizers. Vaporizers are popular for those trying to be discreet with their cannabis use. See below to shop our top flower products and vape products.


Edibles are products infused with cannabis. Edibles, cannabis edibles, or cannabis-infused edibles come in cookies, coffee, biscuits, chocolates and are very rich in THC and CBD. When consumed, unlike smoking, the high feeling hits full gear only after digestion, and researchers believe its psychoactive effects are far higher than when smoked or vaped. See below for our top edible products.

Final Note

Considering the immense health-related benefits associated with the use of cannabis for pain, your ability to take all precautions necessary is of prime importance. Always ask a physician or medical professional before medicating with cannabis for pain.

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