05 April, 2021

CANNABIS 101 : Discovering the terminology

The green wave is here and with that comes many newbies to the game interested in discovering what the cannabis craze is all about. If you feel confused on what products may be right for you then you have come to the right place . Were glad to have you!

Whether you are new to cannabis or a seasoned pro, there's alot to understand about this special plant. Many people (including long time users) don't quite understand many important aspects and terms used in the industry.

It can get confusing.

This guide aims to give clarity to that confusion. At the end of this 5 minute read you'll have all the info you need to talk the talk with our budtenders and cannabis connoisseurs as well. So grab a beverage of choice and enjoy this helpful article on the common terms you'll need to know to get the most out of your cannabis journey.

In this article we will pinpoint 3 main topics that will give you a solid base of understanding on cannabis. We will go over the common user types of cannabis, the most popular ways to ingest, and finish with important terms and info you should be familiar with. This way when you explore the wide range of products at our store, you will be able to better find the products that may serve you and your individual needs.



So which one are you?

At Hikei we have found that there are typically 3 different customer types for cannabis. The recreational user, the medical user , & the curious non-user. In this section we look at each type of consumer and the different needs they have. This may help you decide what your needs will be.

  • **The recreational user **: Those who use cannabis for recreational use are typically interested in the “high” effects of the drug. THC content of each product will determine how much psychoactive effects they may experience. Recreational use is anything from the person trying to relieve stress to those using cannabis to increase their inspiration for art. Cannabis has been used for hundreds of years recreationally and will continue for years to come.

  • **The medicinal user: **Marijuana can be a great way to treat a wide range of ailments naturally. Many people who seek alternative treatments to ailments have found success with cannabis vs over the counter medicines . From depression to cancer , there are many patients who use cannabis to treat some form of ailment. The medicinal user may find products with and without THC , some ailments can be relieved with CBD only and will not give the user much psychoactive effects. At Hikei we have a large selection of THC and CBD based products in a wide range of ratios. Everything the medicinal user will need to treat their ailment.

  • The Curious Non-user: As marijauana becomes fully legalized around the United States more and more individuals who were not interested in using cannabis are now becoming interested. The taboos associated with cannabis are being lifted and more people are willing to give it a whirl. There are many benefits to health and well being that can benefit all people. We recommend that any non-user educate themselves on the benefits that interest them. Here at Hikei we have many professionals on staff that can answer any questions that you may have. Stop by our San Diego location and we can walk you through all we have to offer!

Now that you have honed in what category of cannabis use may you fall into, let's look over common ways to ingest cannabis.


There are a lot of ways to ingest cannabis . If you are at the non user stage and looking for an in depth tutorial on how to begin , you may want to read this article first BEGINNERS GUIDE

Below is a list of most common ways to ingest.

  • PIPES AND BONGS : If you prefer to smoke cannabis, a pipe or bong is a great way to do that. In short it is done so by packing the pipe with cannabis flower , lighting it and enhaling the smoke. Many recreational users prefer to smoke the cannabis vs topical or tincure methods.

  • PREROLLED JOINTS : A pre roll is basically is marijauna cigarette. You can buy them in higher THC and CBD . Pre Rolls are great for all users , they are a simple and easy way to consume cannabis without the need for a pipe or other device. Just fire it up!

  • VAPORIZERS & PENS: A vaporizer is a battery and cartridge that can deliver a light vapor of cannabis directly into the lungs. Many customers who prefer being discrete with their ingesting use carts. See our full article here on THC Pens. PEN ULTIMATE GUIDE

  • PILLS: There are a wide range of pills found in our store that have different CBD and THC ratios. These are another great way to ingest if your don't want to smoke it.

  • EDIBLES: Edibles are another very popular way to ingest cannabis. You can keep a pack of gummies in your purse or pocket for easy access.

  • TOPICAL CREMES: You can buy topical creams that will absorb into the skin.

  • TINCTURES: Droppers and other devices that let your ingest cannabis via dropping into mouth or into a tea or other beverage.


Beginner Cannabis Glossary

Aside from the common ways to ingest cannabis are other terms and topics that you should also understand. Below we have listed the most common terms that you should know when exploring cannabis.


  • TERPENES : So what is a terpene? Terpenes are the aromatic flavors that come naturally from the plant. There are over 100 different profiles that cannabis plants can produce. For those who ingest cannabis via smoking you can really taste the essence of each plant . These flavors are the terpenes. Now you know.

  • TRICHOMES : Trichomes are what give the plants that frost appearance. Almost as if they were dipped in sugar. When you look at the trichomes under a microscope , you'll notice each one looks like a mushroom. The bulk of the resin and THC is in the trichomes. We love our trichome pics.

  • CANNABINOID: A cannabinoid is a compound related to cannabis. These are the active ingredients in mariuana. There are 113 identified cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC is a cannabinoid.

  • CANNABIS STRAINS ( INDICA , SATIVA , & HYBRID ) There are 2 main strains of the cannabis plant, INDICA & SATIVA. Each strain will give you different effects when ingested. Hybrid plants are also cultivated . The combination of Indica & Sativa can make some unique and interesting effects when ingested.

  • THC : This is the compound found in cannabis that gets you “high” . This compound is responsible for all the intoxicating effects of cannabis.

  • CBD : The second most prevalent compound from the cannabis plant. There are many health benefits you can experience from ingesting CBD.

  • CBN : A non intoxicating ingredient of cannabis that has many health benefits. It has been known to help with Glaucoma and appetite stimulation as well as be a good anti inflammatory. CBN is also paired with CBD products to support a healthy sleep cycle.

  • HEMP: Hemp products are a brance of the cannabis plant that does not produce a measurable amount of thc.

  • INDOOR GROWN CANNABIS FLOWER : When a package says “indoor grown” it was grown indoor in a controlled environment. This flower is usually more potent due to the fact it is nurtured in a controlled space.

  • OUTDOOR GROWN CANNABIS FLOWER : Outdoor flowers are grown outside and are seasonal. The quality is not always as high as indoor due to the elements which can be harsh on the plant.

  • CANNABIS PENS ( DISTILLETE & LIVE RESIN) : When buying cannabis pens, youll notice they come in 2 varieties typically , live resin & distellite . Live resin is a plant derived process where distillate is a different process . You can learn more about each type from our vape pen article.


Regardless of where you are in your cannabis journey, we hope that you have learned something from this article. At Hikei cannabis we proudly serve the entire San Diego County with cannabis delivery as well as our flagship store on home ave. Keep in mind that all products at Hikei are AUTHENTIC and Lab tested from the manufacturer. There are many black market products on the market that have inaccurate information on their packaging. Make sure you purchase carts from an authorized dealer that is legal, licensed, & lab tested , like Hikei Modern Cannabis.