03 February, 2022

Best Ways to Store Cannabis

Have you recently bought a sizeable stash of your favorite STIIIZY flower from our shop? Knowing how to keep the nugs and any other cannabis product fresh matters. Let’s say you’d want to find simple ways to ensure your cannabis stays potent till your next session. Here’s how.

Why Is It Important To Store Your Weed Properly?

Other than the fact that you probably spent a couple of hundreds getting that top-tier weed, proper cannabis storage ensures your weed stays moist and that it retains its potency, color, and flavor.

Studies have found that cannabis degrades by about 17% annually. Therefore, maintaining its original quality requires effort and some extra TLC.

Let’s not forget that weed is harmful to pets and children. Therefore, proper storage helps protect your loved ones and furry friends.

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Factors To Consider When Storing Weed

Long-term cannabis storage is dependent on the following factors.

1. Light

Sunlight is perhaps the key element that contributes most to the degradation of cannabis. Think of how hair dye fades from repeated exposure to sunlight. The same happens to THC, as the UV protons destabilize the THC molecules, leading to potency loss. In 2018, Orange Photonics, a company specializing in spectroscopy, investigated the effect of UV exposure on cured cannabis. They found that the flower would experience a 0.5% decline for every hour of exposure.

2. Air

Air also affects the long-term storage of cannabis. It breaks down THC to CBN gradually, reducing the cannabis potency. While too much air is bad, too little could increase the humidity levels promoting mold growth.

A vacuum sealer is the best way to prevent air exposure. However, it’s not accessible to most tokers. Therefore the next best thing is an air-tight container

3. Moisture

Moisture doesn’t affect the terpenes in your bud; However, it creates the right environment for mold and mildew. Therefore, it’s best to store your stash at a relative humidity range between 59 and 63 percent.

4. Temperatures

High temperatures dry out terpenes. In comparison, low temperatures, such as storing weed in a fridge or freezer, affects decarboxylation. What’s more, it might lead to condensation resulting in mold. The ideal temperature lies in the 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit range.

Best Ways To Store Cannabis

The type of container you use will determine how long your cannabis will stay fresh. Here are the best storage methods that will ensure your weed remains potent and flavorful.

Short-Term Storage

A small mason jar will do for half a joint that you intend to finish the following day. Alternatively, if you’ve got an old cigar tube lying around, you could use that to keep your rolled weed fresh overnight. Since it’s short-term, an old pill container could also work. The main thing is to use an air-tight container, and a glass one is the best choice. However, if it isn’t available, the other items mentioned are acceptable only for a short timeframe.

Long-Term Storage

Mason jars

Mason jars are air-tight glass containers that expert tokers recommend for short and long-term cannabis storage. They maintain optimal humidity levels and temperature. You must, however, store them in dark areas because they are clear.

Cannabis Humidor

A humidor is a wooden box that features humidity controls to keep your stash at the correct humidity levels. Some humidors come with glass containers to protect the four elements mentioned above.

Traditionally, humidors are the go-to storage containers for cigars and tobacco. And while you may think they will perform in a similar manner, do not use these humidors for cannabis storage. Cigar humidors are typically made from cedar wood, impacting your strain’s flavor. It would be wise to purchase a cannabis humidor. And while it may be costlier than a glass jar plus smaller, it offers maximum protection.

The next best option is a humidity pack. These sachets can fit into any weed storage container and are relatively affordable.

Titanium containers

Titanium containers are the only metal containers we recommend for storing your stash. This material does not affect the weed’s flavor, so there’s no need to worry about your Zaza having a metallic taste.

What About Plastic Bags?

There are several reasons why plastic bags are a no-no for weed storage.

  • The chemical breakdown of the plastic is harmful
  • Plastic is neither air-tight nor humidity-proof
  • Plastic affects the flavor of cannabi

Best Way To Store Cannabis When Traveling

Light, temperature, humidity, and moisture are the most critical factors affecting storage. Even so, one other element comes to play when traveling, which is odor control. Traveling with weed in a legalized state is acceptable.

Nevertheless, not everyone is okay with cannabis use. You, therefore, want to be discreet when traveling with cannabis. And even though glass jars tick all the boxes for home storage, they are not the best when traveling.

They do provide some level of odor control. However, if it’s a hot day, the cannabis particles may release the aroma through the rubber seals. For this reason, we recommend storing weed in smell-proof pouches.

Smell-proof cannabis bags offer a much higher degree of discretion. They consist of padding that protects the contents from any substantial impact. Moreover, they are opaque, unlike glass jars.

How To Properly Store Cannabis Products

The storage methods mentioned above were primarily for cannabis flowers. Here’s how to store other cannabis products properly.

1. Edibles

The edible type determines which storage option is best. For instance, baked goods contain other ingredients like dairy. As a result, these edibles should go in the fridge to keep them fresh. Other edible like gummies and chocolates have a longer shelflife.

Check the exterior for the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, you could ask the budtender for advice on the product’s perishability.

2. Cannabutter

Like regular butter, it’s wise to store cannabutter in the fridge. Check the instructions if it’s store-bought. As for homemade cannabutter, it’s best to hold it in an opaque mason jar. Also, ensure to use a clean spoon every time you are scooping.

3. Oils

Cannabis-infused oils must always remain in the fridge when not in use. It’s best to keep them in their original packaging unless DIY. In that case, use an opaque glass container.

4. Tinctures

Like cannabis oils, you should store them in the fridge. They often come in an amber-color dripper. These products last longer than others in this list due to the alcohol ingredient, which degrades slowly.

5. Concentrates

Short-term storage

Two storage methods are ideal for short-term storage.

  • Silicone jars. Silicone jars are excellent storage items for concentrates because of the ease in scooping the sticky contents. Ensure you get the medical-grade ones, as they are sanitary. Note that silicone jars aren’t air-tight hence why they are only ideal for short timeframes.
  • Parchment paper. This storage option is especially ideal for shatter. All you need to do is fold up the parchment paper with the concentrate and place it away from direct sunlight. Parchment paper also offers medium storage. For this reason, you must place it in a glass jar.

Long-term storage

Freezing is the only practical option if you want your concentrates to last up to a year. First, you’ll need to break the concentrates down into smaller pieces to avoid constant thawing of the entire stash. Next, place the product in parchment paper, then inside an air-tight container before placing it in a freezer.

Now you know the best ways to keep your bud and dabs fresh and potent. Whether you need cannabis to last you a week or six months, HIKEI has what you need from dabs to carts. To view and shop our products, click here.