27 November, 2021

Best Pre-rolls Ultimate Guide

Affordable and instantaneous, THC and CBD pre-rolls make it easier to get into an afternoon sesh with your friends or even alone. Here is a comprehensive guide to the 2021 best pre-rolls.

What Is a Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is a THC, hemp CBD or cannabis CBD joint that has already been prepared by your local dispensary or a cannabis brand. They are a go-to product for users who wish to skip the grind and roll process before smoking their favorite weed strains. Moreover, they come in different varieties and are easy to tweak, e.g., by adding hash.

Types of Pre-Rolls

The following are the primary pre-roll types available at local dispensaries.

1. Classic cone

These pre-rolls are the most common and are available in .5g up to 1.5g. These come in organic rolling papers such as rice and hemp. You can easily spot them as they are sealed and twisted into a cone shape.

2. King-sized cones

The primary differences between these pre-rolls and the classic ones are the size and shape. The king-sized pre-rolls can hold up to 1.75g. In addition, they come in different filter diameter sizes. For instance, the longer diameter ones provide more pull but a minor hit.

3. Gold-leaf

Well, you guessed correctly. These pre-rolls use gold-leaf wrapping paper to secure the weed contents. They often come in .25g and .5g. It’s worth keeping in mind that the effects of inhaling gold-leaf wrapping are unknown.

4. Blunts

Typically a blunt uses tobacco leaf as rolling paper. However, most pre-rolled blunts use hemp as they provide an added boost to the contents inside.

5. Cannabis cigarettes

These pre-rolls are ideal for users who wish to be discreet about lighting up in social settings. They usually come in .5g max and in a pack of 12 like standard cigarettes.

6. Kief joints

Not for the weak, kief joints are potent pre-rolls consisting of sorely THC-concentrated trichomes. They are available in multiple sizes and typically contain up to .75grams.

7. Oil dips

These pre-rolls are another way to increase the potency of your joint. They involve adding cannabis oil to a joint either by injecting it or lining it before rolling.

8. Caviar joints

Also referred to as caviar gold or moon rocks, these pre-rolls are standard joints that have been modified. For instance, they may contain distillate or hash oil and an additional layer containing kief.

**The Best Pre-Roll Brands **

CBD Pre-Rolls

1. Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals delivers everything from quality to variety. With sixteen strains available, getting a pack that meets your needs is trouble-free.

Plus, their products are GMO-free and use locally-grown hemp. Notably, they offer both high and low concentrated joints, with each pack containing 7.5grams.

Their best-selling strains include:

  • Skywalker OG. This strain contains 20.94% CBD and consists of citrus, spicy, and fruity notes.
  • Sour Lifter. These pre-rolls have 10.94% CBD content and are perfect for daytime use.
  • Super-silver Haze. This strain offers an energy boost, therefore, it’s an ideal morning joint. It contains 18.91% CBD and has an earthy flavor.
  • Special Sauce. These pre-rolls are a fan-favorite. They have a rich terpene profile and are flavorful. They also contain a CBD content level of 17.85%.

2. CBD American Shaman

Count on the CBD American Shaman for potent, safe, and quality pre-rolls. This brand also sources their products locally and are 100% organic.

Besides pre-rolls, you can also get something for your furry friend as they also stock CBD pet products.

Here are some of their top-tier strains.

  • Moon rocket. This pre-roll contains 1gram hemp dipped in kief. It’s highly potent, therefore, ideal for experienced users.
  • Cherry wine. It also comes in 1gram; this hemp pre-roll is ideal for nighttime. Users also say it helps relieve anxiety symptoms.
  • Pineapple. This delectable strain contains top-tier CBD and offers relaxing effects.
  • Bubba Kush. If you are looking for a mood uplift, then the Bubba Kush has got you covered. With a CBD content level of 15.7%, these pre-rolls come in different flavors, including sweet earth and cocoa.

3. Cannaflower

Cannaflower is yet another brand that sells premium CBD pre-rolls. The strains come in various strengths allowing you to select one that fits your tolerance.

Their flowers are hand-trimmed and full-spectrum, guaranteeing you top-tier products. Besides offering high-quality and organic pre-rolls, their packaging is innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some of their best-selling strains.

  • Hawaiian Haze. With 150mg, these pre-rolls offer calming effects minus the sedative effects. They are therefore ideal for both daytime and nighttime use.
  • Lifter. Fans of potent CBD strains love this pre-roll due to its high content level of 19.2%. It’s a delectable strain with sweet and spicy overtones.
  • Sour Space Candy. These pre-rolls contain 13.3% CBD. And users claim it has strong sedative effects hence ideal for managing insomnia.

THC Pre-Rolls

1. Lume

This Michigan-based cannabis brand offers curated and top-tier pre-rolls. They sell different strains such as Snowball and Jawa Valley. Their cultivated strains are fan-favorite, and they include Orange Cream 0.7g and the Bloodstar 0.7g pre-rolls.

2. Lake-Grade

Lake Grade prides itself in growing premium, outdoor-grown and full-spectrum products. Currently, they sell three pre-roll strains: Whitezilla, Budzilla, and the Lemon Sour Diesel. With 23.8% THC, the Lemon Sour Diesel pre-rolled joints are a crowdpleaser. Expect a cerebral high coupled with euphoric effects.


CLSICS is the go-to for full-spectrum rosin-infused pre-rolls. This California-based company locally cultivates its products using ice, heat, cannabis, water, and pressure. Expect lots of flavors and euphoric effects from these hand-crafted pre-rolls.

4. Golani

When it comes to balancing quality and quantity, Golani Farms have got you covered. Their indica-dominant hybrid strains are hand-crafted and come in RAW king-sized cone joints. They come in various flavors, including coconut and tute roll, all dipped in hash oil and covered with kief.

5. Grizzlers

The Grizzlers’ pre-rolls are the ideal option for fans of the classic cannabis joints. These indica-dominant pre-rolls have no additive flavors, are hand-crafted, and deliver a smooth smoke.

6. Higgs

The Higgs pre-rolls are perhaps the trendiest brand on this list. They come in two packaging forms; the black indicating indica-dominant while the white is sativa. Their Lady Liberty strain offers a memorable smoking experience.

This hybrid is ideal for both daytime and nighttime use. It’s got citrus and sweet notes. And, when in low doses, it offers calming effects and boosts concentration.

7. Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms sells a blend of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. These pre-rolls come in standard joint sizes and have an average THC level of 18.5%. Expect a cerebral buzz that doesn’t leave you in couch lock. Plus, you may want to stock up on snacks, as the indica-dominant ones will leave you with serious cravings.

Pre-rolls are a fantastic option for when you don’t have your rolling tools with you or need to smoke one on the spot. With so many brands available, it’s easy to feel confused. So, if this is your first time trying pre-rolls, we recommend starting with modest amounts

It’s also best to go for recognizable brands because you’ll be sure you’re not getting trim or shake. Instead, you will be copping some A-grade pre-rolls.