09 June, 2022

Best Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

If you plan to visit San Diego or are soon moving here, one of the first things you’ll probably do as a toker is, search for dispensaries near you, and choosing the right plug matters. Lucky for you, your search ends here. Hikei is a San Diego-based dispensary located in perhaps the most laid-back part of the city. We thought it would be great to let you know what to expect when you visit us, the city’s marijuana laws, and cool places to check out during your stay.

At Hikei, You Know You Are Getting Legal Weed

As a tourist, local searches for nearby dispensaries can be overwhelming because you don’t know where to start. At Hikei, we assure you that all our products are legal and top-quality. Feel free to look us up on the Bureau of Cannabis Control database to view our license number. All our receipts include the cannabis excise tax.

Plus, when you visit Hikei, you can tell our products are legit because:

  • We include the sales and correct state tax
  • All our licenses are on display
  • Our budtenders are professionals
  • All products contain the necessary information, including the THC, TAC, and CBD content and the strain names

Do I Need Identification To Buy Weed at Hikei?

Yes, to prove that you are 21, you must provide any of the following:

  • ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license, whether from California or a different state

You may pay via cash or a third-party site. Not to worry, our staff will guide you on the best payment method.

Quick Facts About San Diego Cannabis Laws

As of November 6, 1996, medical users can purchase up to eight ounces of weed. The law on recreational use states that as of November 2016, users must be at least 21 years and can only purchase up to 28.5g of cannabis flower and 8g of concentrate.

It’s illegal to smoke weed in public places. Also, not all private property allow cannabis use. It would be wise to check with the Landlord. Additionally, you can’t consume cannabis within 1000ft of a daycare or school, specifically when kids are within these spaces. Let’s not forget that an employer may have a policy that bans cannabis use.

Weed growing is legal; however, you must not cultivate more than six plants. Moreover, while you might think it’s good to leave your plants out on your balcony for their eight hours of growing light, it’s against the law. It must remain out of public view.

The laws on traveling with weed exist. And you cannot carry it across state lines. Additionally, it’s against the law to enter federally owned spaces with cannabis. The rules on DUI apply to weed as well. You must not drive while high. And if you have weed in your car, it must always be in a sealed jar or the trunk

Places To Visit in San Diego

Now that you know where to get top-shelf weed, it’s only fitting that we share other amazing things San Diego offers, from museums to beaches.

  1. Balboa Park

Balboa Park is perhaps the most popular attraction. The 1200-acre park has enough activities to keep you engaged for an entire day. You could take your kids for a carousel ride and then visit the glassblowers afterward.

Enjoy a delicious meal at the award-winning restaurant, Prado, then head to the zoo to see Flamingoes and Pandas. Your exploration is incomplete unless you’ve visited some of the seventeen museums in this park. A few must-see museums include the Air and Space Museum, the Art Institute, and the Natural History and Comic-Con Museum.

  1. Old Globe Theater

The Old Globe Theater offers a peek into California culture. Enjoy multiple original productions, including the award-winning “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” based on the beloved Dr Seuss book.

  1. Tide Pooling

San Diego has excellent tide pooling spots thanks to the seventy miles coastline. We recommend going anytime between November and February because there’s a negative side. Dike Rock and the Cabrillo National Monument offer an unforgettable tide pooling experience.

  1. Belmont Park

Opened in 1925, Belmont Park is another must-see attraction in San Diego. Activities include bumper car rides, arcade games, and the exhilarating Giant Dipper Roller Coaster experience.

  1. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

This reserve has the best hiking trails both for beginners and pro hikers. Enjoy the scent of the Torrey Pines and end your visit by trekking through the bluffs to the beach.

  1. Cycle through the Old Town

Learn about San Diego’s history by visiting the Old Town, home to the haunted Whaley House and Adobe Chapel. Take an e-bike tour and explore museums, restaurants, and the Gaslamp Quarter.

  1. Visit the iconic Coronado Island

Coronado Island is famous for its iconic resort, the Hotel Del Coronado, once the largest hotel worldwide. You may also recognize it from the movie starring Marilyn Monroe, “Some Like It Hot.” Enjoy an evening stroll at the Coronado Silver Strand beach, stretching seven miles. Don’t leave before trying the tasty fish tacos at the Del café.

  1. Try Stand-up paddleboarding

If you’re looking to add new fun activities, a Stand-up paddleboard could be what you need. As the name suggests, it’s where you either stand/kneel as you paddle. We recommend going to spots with fewer waves for first-timers.

  1. Embarcardero

The Embarcardero is one of the best destinations to enjoy a cruise or whale watching. That’s not all, you could try out the restaurants or take a stroll and watch as ships dock. One place you can’t afford to pass over is the USS Midway Museum.

This Museum holds the longest-serving aircraft carrier from 1945 to 1992. The area also has sixty attractions and over twenty aircraft. It’s a nautical lover’s dream come true.

  1. Visit Little Italy

Get a taste of Italy by visiting Little Italy, a neighborhood with everything from Italian boutiques, farmer’s markets, and Italian restaurants.

420-Friendly Places To Visit

Since legalization, several cannabis-friendly places have cropped up, including Airbnbs. Other than these properties, a few public places allow cannabis smoking. These include:

  • Ocean Beach Pier. This Pier is only a few minutes away from Ocean Beach. The tide pools offer the perfect secluded area for vaping.
  • Sunset Cliffs. Also, along the Ocean Beach, the sunset cliffs are an inconspicuous spot that allows you to smoke one as you take in the ocean views.

After your session, a few nearby areas could help fulfill your cravings. Hodad’s at Ocean Beach offers delicious burgers. Alternatively, you can get Mexican food at Nico’s still on Ocean’s beach. And if you are experiencing severe pizza cravings, visit any of the restaurants located downtown.

Shop the Best Strains at Hikei Dispensary

Thanks to the legalization, tourists and residents can pop in at Hikei and shop for several cannabis products. If you’re new to San Diego and looking for a trusted dispensary, Hikei can meet your smoking and vaping needs. We stock brands like Stiiizy, Kiva, AlienLabs, and our exotics brand, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get top-shelf cannabis flowers and concentrates, all sustainably sourced and well-priced. No need to keep searching for local dispensaries near you. Instead, walk or drive to 3940 Home Ave San Diego, and our knowledgeable budtenders will help you select the best strains for you.