18 May, 2022


Did someone say dessert? The banana cream cake is right up your alley if you are a sweet tooth. Read on to learn why you should hit up Hikei for your supply of this delectable cannabis strain.

Banana Cream Cake Background

Banana Cream Cake is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain, grown initially by Vagrant farms, an Oregon-based brand. Its delicious properties are thanks to its two parent strains, the Banana OG and Cookies & Cream.

About parent strain #1

Banana OG is an indica-leaning hybrid with overpowering effects, which is no surprise considering it belongs to the OG weed family. It’s a fruity strain with an aroma consisting of banana, citrus, spicy and grass-like notes.

Expect a tangy and earthy taste upon the first puff reminiscent of a tropical-flavored beverage. What follows is a sweet, diesel-like, and kush-like taste. Expect lemon and oak flavors in the background.

Its appearance is similar to other indica strains, featuring dense, pale green buds, amber-colored flowers, and orange pistils.

Expect short but bushy plants with flowering taking place after eight weeks. Successful outdoor growth requires a warm setting and regular trimming.

Banana OG has high THC content ranging between 22 and 25 percent, responsible for the cannabis’ creeping effects. The strain’s initial effects are euphoria and knock-out. As time passes, you may experience the relaxation that eventually ends in couch-lock.

It’s also not uncommon to fall into a light trance. For this reason, Banana Og is a fantastic choice for users in distress, suffering from mild depression and insomnia.

People predisposed to paranoia should consume in small doses. It’s best to have water close by in case of dry mouth.

About parent strain #2

Cookies&Cream is a product or Erotic Genetix that won the 2014 Denver Cannabis cup. This well-balanced hybrid has an ice cream-like aroma. Its flavor is similar and has creamy, vanilla, and earthy tones.

Its appearance is surprisingly dark, considering its delectable flavor. The buds are fluffy and dark green with a cloudy film of trichomes. Production is better suited to expert cannabis growers due to the plant’s unique needs. For one, you must continuously monitor the temperature and nutrient content.

Additionally, you must maintain proper moisture levels and prune to ensure each part receives sunlight.

Cookies&Cream has an average THC content of 26 percent. It produces pleasant relaxation and gleeful effects and doesn’t end in couch-lock, making it an ideal daytime weed strain. It also has medicinal benefits. Fans of Cookies&Cream say it relieves stress, chronic pain, and depressive symptoms.

Adverse reactions are rare but possible. They include dry mouth and anxiety. You might want to take it slow if you are a novice consumer.

Banana Cream Cake Effects

Expect a euphoric high coupled with extreme relaxation similar to a full body massage. It might also make you giggly. For this reason, Banana Cream Cake can recharge your social battery making night outs more eventful. It’s also common to experience a pleasant body buzz. Novice users might experience slight sedation. However, it won’t feel overpowering, so you can still get up and get some work done, as long as it doesn’t involve calculus.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Banana Cream Cake has neon green buds, orange pistils, a snow-like film of trichomes, gold undertones, and a sticky resin coating. This strain also has a sweet, creamy, earthy, and fruity aroma and flavor.

Its terpene profile consists of Valencene, Pinene, and Humulene.


This terpene falls under the sesquiterpene class and releases a wide range of citrus notes, including grapefruit and orange. Existing research shows that valencene has the following benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory. A 2011 study found that induction of valencene on mice would elicit anti-inflammation.
  • Skin protectant. Researchers conducting a study on the effects of valencene on UV-induced photoaging-related ion channels found that it might offer skin protection.
  • Anti-allergy. A 2011 study found that valence emitted anti-allergy effects upon oral administration.


Humulene occurs in many cannabis varieties and has an aromatic profile consisting of spicy, earthy, herbal, and woody notes. While common, it is hardly noticeable. Instead, it acts as an undertone.

It’s also one of the most studied terpenes. Some of its potential benefits include:

  • Anti-tumor activity. According to a 2003 and 2016 study, humulene stimulated the production of reactive oxygen species and could potentially kill cancer cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory. A 2008 study on mice showed that absorption of humulene offered anti-inflammation benefits.
  • Antibacterial. A recent study found that humulene offered protection against the bacterium S. aureus.
  • Weight loss. A 2019 study on humulene’s effect on carcinoma cells found that this terpene inhibited the multiplication of cancer cells and also promoted weight loss.


Pinene exists in beta-pinene and alpha-pinene and has a pine-like aroma and flavor. Some of the potential medical benefits of pinene include:

  • Anti-inflammatory. A 2014 study found that alpha-pinene induced anti-inflammation.
  • Antimicrobial. A study on the impact of pinene on microbial cultures found antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans.
  • Therapeutic. A 2019 study found that pinene had antioxidant, cytogenetic, and gastroprotective properties.

Growing Information

The banana Cream Cake strain is beginner friendly and can grow indoors and outdoors. You’ll need to ensure the outdoor setting is slightly humid and warm for a successful harvest. And about seventy degrees Fahrenheit for indoor growth.

Flowering takes anywhere from forty-nine to seventy days with an indoor output of one ounce per sqft and fifteen ounces if you grow it outdoors. Increasing the standard yield would require expertise and the proper nutrient types. The amount of nutrients also matters, so avoid adding too much to prevent burning your cannabis plant.

THC and CBD Content

Banana Cream Cake has a high THC content ranging from 22 to 26 percent. The CBD levels are almost non-existent, accounting for less than 1 percent.


Like other cannabis strains, the price differs per state precisely due to taxes. For instance, Banana Cream Cake is more expensive in California due to heavy taxation. In comparison, users in Oregon enjoy this weed strain at a more favorable price. An eighth can cost about forty or forty-five dollars and at least two hundred and sixty dollars for an ounce.

Medical Benefits

Banana Cream Cake shows promise in the medical world. Its mood-lifting effects can temporarily mitigate depressive symptoms and stress. Also, users with attention deficit disorders may experience a productivity boost thanks to its cerebral buzz. The strain’s body effects can offer relief from chronic pain, precisely related to arthritis. Users also claim it can alleviate tremors and muscle cramps.

Potential Adverse Reactions

Banana Cream Cake has high THC. Therefore, beginners shouldn’t overindulge to avoid heavy sedation. Moreover, you might want to slow down if you are prone to panic attacks. Other potential side effects include cottonmouth and eye redness. Fortunately, you can combat these reactions by drinking lots of water.


Thanks to its infamous parent strains, banana Cream Cake is a decadent and creamy strain. Despite its high THC, this strain isn’t exclusive to ‘cannasseurs;’ however, beginners should take it in small doses. Its uplifting properties make it ideal for social settings when you need that confidence boost. Plus, it rarely leads to couch-lock, which means you can accomplish light tasks after indulging. Banana Cream Cake strain is, therefore, a must-try! Visit the Hikei store in San Diego or our website and make your order today.