apple cake strain guide

18 August, 2022

Apple Cake Strain

Apple Cake is a hybrid strain that’s evenly balanced with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, thus providing you with the most and best of both worlds. It is prepared through a three-way crossing of Animal Cookies with Sour Apple, and Sunset Sherbet.

Apple Cake is so named for its delicious flavor and extraordinary parentage of spicy apples with a kushy aroma that reminds you of the Jolly Ranchers candies. It is the perfect hybrid strain for a toker who’s after a super-well-balanced high. Apple Cake packs a moderate THC content of 21% and CBD OF 0.5%; therefore, it is guaranteed to boost your energy levels when you consume it at any time of the day, whether in the morning, afternoon, or night.

Apple Cake Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

For a toker who enjoys sweet, fruity, and fuel-like aromas in a single strain, then Apple Cake is an excellent choice. It packs a fruity sour apple flavor, with hints of spicy black pepper to add to this aroma. Apple Cake is reminiscent of fresh candy combined with a creamy vanilla cake undertone. Its accented pungent scent of diesel further makes the strain's overall aroma quite complex, with its high hitting you after you exhale, starting from the brain and working its way to the rest of the body.

Apple Cake's sweet scent of lavender and fruity notes of apple makes its overall high pleasant and euphoric leaving you wanting to take extra hits. The strain's buds have pretty large, fluffy nugs with a dark olive green appearance emanating dark purple hues. The nugs are covered with numerous thin orange hairs with tiny golden amber crystal trichomes coatings.

Apple Cake contains myrcene terpene, responsible for denoting fruity apple flavor, and humulene, responsible for the robust and intense diesel notes. Its terpene profile further boasts limonene and carene, so you're guaranteed an exhilarating high when you consume this strain.

What Should You Expect After Consuming Apple Cake

Aside from the earthy, spicy, apple, candy-like flavors, you will experience a calming cerebral relaxing high. Consuming the Apple Cake strain will leave you with an uplifting feeling that soothes your body, lulling you into a nirvana-like state of calmness free of undesirable or restless thoughts.

Apple Cake will leave you with an energy boost, increased focus, a sense of happiness, and increased creativity as you go through your activities.

Thanks to these effects, the Apple Cake strain is suitable for consumption anytime if you are an experienced cannabis connoisseur. However, if you are a novice, ensure that you have a glass of water nearby and some snacks since it will leave some dryness in your mouth and induce munchies on a whole new level.

Benefits of the Apple Cake Strain

Apart from being used recreationally as you go about your normal daily life, Apple Cake has some potential medical benefits when consumed under the right conditions and in the correct dosage. Due to its soothing and lulling effects, Apple Cake is great option for individuals dealing with sleep issues like insomnia as it will help you get a full night's sleep. That said, be sure to light it up before bedtime. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Thanks to its calming and euphoric high, the strain can help individuals suffering from mild pains. The relaxation that follows after consuming Apple Cake relieves chronic pains, enabling you to carry on your activities pain-free. It also helps individuals suffering from conditions such as inflammation by providing relief.

Since it induces the munchies effect, the Apple Cake strain boosts your appetite, thus benefiting people with eating disorders. It can help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Moreover, the Apple Cake high evokes waves of relaxation that have stress-reducing effects, so it is suitable for individuals with depression, ADD, or ADHD. With its energy boosts and uplifting sensations, it allows you to feel positive without the occasional mood dips.

Final Thoughts on Apple Cake

Since it brings about a buzzy euphoria that unlocks your creative insights, the Apple Cake strain is ideal for any time, and moment. Its potential medical benefits, such as helping you cope with headaches, migraines, mood disorders, and mild pains, are also a plus that should make you want to try it.

Apple Cake, after-effects leave you with a dry mouth and hunger cravings, so you should find ways to sort these out before lighting it. Overall, this is one of the best strains out there for a consumer or a grower.

Need a pick-me-up in the afternoon? Try out the Apple Cake strain when you want to get through your day like a champ and sleep like a boss once it’s over. Due to its fruity-tart flavor and welcome balanced high with a slight bias towards the Indica side, you can expect it to taste light... but it’s LIT! Shop here!