05 April, 2022


If you’re fond of minty strains, the Animal Mintz strain is undoubtedly right up your alley. This cannabis strain is popular due to its considerable THC load and is an exotic type every OG toker should sample during their lifetime.

About Animal Mintz Strain

Animal Mintz is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica,50% Sativa). Not to be confused with the “Animal Mints” strain, a product of Seed Junky genetics, this cannabis strain is a cross of Fire OG X Animal Cookies X Thin Mint Cookies strains. While the THC levels do not match its namesake, which typically ranges between 25 and 32 percent, its THC load is still high, ranging between 22 and 24 percent.

The first parent strain, Fire OG, is an Indica-heavy hybrid that tokers say is the most potent of all the OG kush strains. Its THC load can reach up to 25%, and as a result, it leaves users feeling uplifted, focused, and motivated upon onset. What follows next is serious cravings, couch-lock that ends in sleep. Potential medical benefits include relief from pain, sleep disorders, and stress.

The other parent strain, Animal Cookies, is yet another Indica-dominant hybrid. Dubbed as a celebrity child cannabis, it is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG strains. The aroma and flavor are distinct, featuring earthy, sweet and sour, and nutty notes. Its THC levels range between 20 and 27 percent, so expect a fast and heavy-hitting high. Initial effects are euphoria and a mood boost. Next is an unfocused state, a giggly feeling, deep relaxation that slips into sedation. For this reason, it is a go-to for users struggling with insomnia, appetite, loss, chronic pain, and nausea.

The third parent strain, Thin Mint Cookies, is an evenly balanced hybrid that results from crossing infamous strains, OG Kush X Girl Scout Cookies X F1 Durban Poison. This parent strain is potent with a high THC load of 24%, delivering a tremendous cerebral and physical high. Users can expect serious cravings, a sense of calmness, and sedation. Some claim it induces creativity and psychoactive sensations. For this reason, Thin Mint Cookies is ideal for users seeking relief from insomnia, anxiety, appetite loss, and depression. Unlike other heavy hitters, this strain is both a daytime and nighttime psychoactive. Also, aside from its effects, you’ll love its minty and cookie-like flavor.


Typically, when someone mentions an exotic strain, you immediately picture a candy-colored cannabis strain. The Animal Mintz strain fits the bill with spade-shaped, neon green nuggets, amber-orange-colored hairs, and a frosty, crystal-like trichome coating.

Aroma, Taste, and Effects

Animal Mintz has a perfect balance between taste and potency levels. Expect earthy and spicy notes on the nose, with bottomless dark coffee and dough cookie sweetness in the background. The buds have a similar yet richer flavor consisting of sweet and creamy notes. Expect a nutty, minty, cookie-like, and spicy coffee taste upon exhale.

You’ll instantly love its effects which are potent and long-lasting. Some users claim to feel the weed’s effects within five minutes of puffing, which lasts for about ninety minutes. Expect mental stimulation during the onset.

Relaxation effects come next, coupled with euphoric and a tingly sensation. Finally, you’ll experience a physical high that creeps into your muscles, leaving you in a couch-lock that leads you into a deep slumber. For this reason, you should consider taking Animal Mintz as a finishing strain to make the most out of its intense aftereffects.


Growing the Animal Mintz strain is moderately complex. Therefore, we recommend starting with a clone if you are a beginner. And since this cannabis plant displays both Sativa and Indica characteristics, expect tall stalks and broad leaves.

We also recommend proper space management, constant training, and trimming to make indoor growing manageable. Lastly, ensure appropriate humidity levels when flowering for a successful yield.

Potential Medical Uses

Animal Mintz is beneficial in managing several conditions thanks to its high THC load, cerebral and physical effects. Its body aftereffects make it a fantastic choice for users struggling with inflammation, menstrual cramps, long-term pain, and muscle spasms. Due to its cerebral effects, you may experience relief from stress and depression. Plus, its sedative aftereffects can be helpful to users who have insomnia.

Final Thoughts

The Animal Mintz strain is a sweet minty strain with a moderately high THC load that hits hard and for long. Therefore, beginners should go slow as it only takes a few puffs to feel the herbal, coffee, and sweet notes. It’s a perfect companion during evening hours after a busy day. Also, if you suffer from stress, chronic pain, or depression, Animal Mintz can offer relief. Now it’s not enough to read about the strain’s positive traits. Instead, get a jar or two to share with friends. And where else but the Hikei store! Shop the Animal Mintz strain and other potent, exotic flowers here.