Alien Labs

Don’t let the name fool you; the AlienLabs brand is anything but foreign to the cannabis industry. The company creates an assemblage of cutting-edge cannabis that every toker must try.

Origin Story

The AlienLabs story began when founder Ted Lidie moved from California to San Fransisco in 2008. He noticed that while there was a presence of several cannabis growing companies, the potential for brand growth also existed. He felt motivated to participate in this growth by establishing his cannabis brand.

He established Alienlabs in 2013 and four years later partnered with Connected Cannabis. The partnership has since allowed Ted Lidie and his team to focus on bringing creativity. In 2017, AlienLabs created the memorable Zkittlez, which cannabis enthusiasts love for its terpenes. The other beloved strains, namely Melonade, Area 41, and Baklava, came out in 2018-2019. The team released Biskanté in May 2021. Their most recent products are the Galactic Gummies which feature unique flavor steroids.

Product Guide
Atomic Apple

This explosive hybrid is the perfect blend of the Triangle Mints and Apple fritter parent strains. It tastes like a dessert, with apple, citrus, and earthy tones. The scent is similar to sweet and sour apple and musky berry notes and hints of menthol, spice, and earth notes in the background.

The buds are fluffy and light green with blue streaks. Its amber-colored hairs, crystal-like trichomes, and overall meteor-like structure are also hard to miss. Expect heavy-hitting effects thanks to its average THC level of 20 and 26 percent. You’ll notice a burst of energy, happiness, and clarity after the first toke.

What follows are feelings of relaxation and creativity which is why Atomic Apple makes an ideal strain for days spent indoors. Its non-sedative effects will allow you to complete chores, knit, or read. Atomic Apple’s euphoric effects make it a fantastic de-stressor. You may also get relief from anxiety, headaches, and chronic fatigue.


Take a trip into space with this gaslike hybrid made from a cross between the iconic Zkittlez and Kush Mints weed strains. After opening the jar, you’ll notice funky, minty, and candy-like notes and creaminess in the background. The flavor is richer with fruity, floral, pine, and sweet and savory notes reminiscent of clam chowder or Trix cereal.

The nugs are like Christmas trees with cinnamon orange hairs and thick, yellow trichomes. The inhale is smooth, and you may experience an aftertaste of mint and pine. The average THC content is 22 percent, so you might want to take it in small doses if you’re a beginner.

Expect an instant headrush coupled with energetic feelings. Don’t expect to get any work done, as it’ll leave you feeling spacey. You may experience body tingling as if someone just placed a heavy item on your shoulders. For some, Xeno might have a couch crashing effect due to its extreme relaxation. Medicinally, Xeno might help relieve stress and help you catch some Zs.


Biskanté is a Sativa-leaning hybrid made from crossing Melonade and Biscotti #6 weed strains. This celebrity child won the 2021 Emerald cup, so you know it’s a must-have. Purposely grown in small batches, Biskanté features triangles, rich-green buds with purple hues, orange pistils, and a heavy film of purplish-white trichomes.

This delectable strain has sweet, cookie, and lemon flavors- Alienlabs points out that the lemon isn’t overpowering like in other lemon-crossed cannabis, making it a unique creation. The scent is similar to trace amounts of earth.

Besides its breathtaking aroma and flavor profile, Biskanté is potent, with an average THC of 30 percent. Surprisingly, this weed strain rarely knocks users out. Instead, it will leave you in high spirits and levitated. Biskanté also inspires feelings of carefree and euphoria and have you giggling a lot. You may become sociable but will find it challenging to keep track of the conversation. Medically, you may experience relief from headaches, nausea, migraines, and mild depression.


Kryptochronic is a sight to behold thanks to its crowd-pleasing parent strains, the Alien Cookies, and Fruity Pebbles OG. The aroma is wild-like with overtones of musk and diesel that develop into vanilla creaminess and grape. It produces a smooth smoke with a nutty, floral, creamy, and grape flavor profile.

The structure is nigh on perfect, featuring rich green nugs with hints of purple, orange pistils, and frost-like trichomes. The average THC level is 30 percent, producing an instant head change that leaves you in a sedative state. Kryptochronic may be a fantastic after-hours choice if you hope to get some quality sleep or de-stress. Just make sure to stock the fridge for when you wake up in the middle of the night with some alien-like cravings.

Area 41

The Alienlabs team was keen on “bringing gas back” when they crossed Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41 to create this weed strain. The aroma consists of earthy pine, lemon, and wood notes. And the flavor leans more on the citrus side. The nugs appear like arrows, are green with orange pistils, and have a thick coating of blue-white trichomes.

Expect long-lasting effects thanks to its high THC content of 22 percent. The cerebral effects are immediate, leading you into a calm and euphoric state. What follows is body tingles and a slight energy boost. Such pleasant aftereffects have made this weed strain a go-to for people looking to manage conditions like appetite loss, depression, and chronic pain.


If the name Baklava sounds familiar, this strain was a way to pay homage to Action Bronson ( Mr. Baklava), an American rapper. This hybrid crosses Kosher Kush and Gelato 41 and features fuzzy dark green nugs. The strain has a rich aroma and flavor profile consisting of berries, citrus, diesel, and creamy notes with hints of spice.

Baklava is potent, with an average THC of 24%. Expect an energy boost and feelings of euphoria. You might experience bouts of focus that eventually lead to couch-lock. With these aftereffects, it’s no surprise that users consume Baklava to manage conditions like chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and appetite loss.

Galactic Gummies

The galactic gummies are a recent entrant made using hash and are 100 percent organic. These products are also gluten-free and use whole cane sugar for flavoring. Currently, these gummies are available in four delectable flavors:

Cotton Cluster: Cotton Candy with Cotton Candy flavor asteroids
Lunar Orange: Orange with Vanilla flavor asteroids
Blue Moon: Blue Raspberry Coconut with Blue Raspberry flavor asteroids
Cherry Eclipse: Cherry Vanilla with Vanilla flavor asteroids
Melonade AIO

The Melonade cart contains cured resin and is available in 1g. The strain won the 2018 cannabis cup, so you know you are in for a treat. The packaging is sleek and discreet, and the oil is terpene-rich. Expect a mood and creativity boost from this delectable cart

Alien Cane Live Rosin

The Alien Cane “blasphemy” live rosin is a product born from the collaboration between Alienlabs and Suprize Suprize. This product contains a blend of solventless and hydrocarbon live rosin at a 90:10 ratio. Expect a flavorful and potent vapor coupled with a powerful headrush. The product also has trace amounts of OG Kush, which add to its detailed profile.

Alien Mints Sauce

This top-shelf hybrid contains frozen flower that is terpene-rich and solventless. Expect strong gaslike and vanilla notes, evocative of the Wedding cake strain but amplified.

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